Oregairu Zoku Episode 1

1 (36)Nobody knows why they came to the Service Club.

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We start off with a reanimated segment of the concert Yukino and company perform in in season 1 to stall time for Hachiman so he can find Sagami. This is also the scene where we get a taste of Hachiman’s twisted “way” of handling problems. Unfortunately, season 1 cuts out the one-on-one conversation between Yukino and Hachiman after the fact, a shame really.

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Beginning segment. Introduces us back into the world of Oregairu right after season 1 which is the Cultural Festival and the rushed Sports Festival in episode 13. The idea of this part was to get across the fact that Hachiman still had a pretty bad reputation throughout the school. It also explains why he gets made fun of in caste #1. A good detail Feel put in was Miura’s nonchalant look at Hachiman after Yui greets him. Hayama and Ebina’s unusual entrance together in the classroom unfortunately didn’t get any mention here since it does indicate what’s to come in the next episode.

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The Service Club all gathered again, this time with a more comfortable and intimate mood. Yukino goes out of her to way pour tea for him which he didn’t realize was for him. His little “can’t handle hot stuff” was actually an excuse for his “oops” moment. The mutual smile when they listen to Yukino eagerly describe how she wants to visit Kyoto shows how close much closer they’ve gotten after volume 6.

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Requests and stuff that got jammed in a few minutes. Pretty much the focus of next episode. Also, Yukino defending Hachiman is a nice touch and how she’s gradually becoming weaker to Yui’s demands.

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Lobby encounter between Yukino and Hachiman. MAX COFFEE is important. This scene’s a good indicator of their relationship. She’s still a little cold, but she doesn’t ignore him at all and is perfectly fine with talking with him now. They also made sure to include a shot of the Pan-san the Panda toys, too. In season 1, they kind of skipped out on her little rant about the history of Pan-san the Panda and also the reason why she came to like it. Ties in with her past, which probably won’t get covered in season 2. Also, she looks super comfy.

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Probably the biggest scene I wanted adapted fully, the ramen triple date. While they did get the important lines from the scene, the interactions between Yukino and Shizuka is probably the big appeal to me since we don’t get to see how they act all that often, at least in the anime. Shizuka’s actually very attentive to Yukino, so not seeing them interact is a real bummer. Also, the line about how it’s not a bad thing to be scolded, they omitted Yukino’s line about how she hasn’t ever done anything that she could be scolded for. It’s a nice detail that digs a bit into her character given her position in the family. Could also be considered foreshadowing to her position in regards to Haruno as well which comes up in volume 9. And their walk home is another indicator of how close they’ve gotten compared to how they were in season 1. Yukino being afraid of being seen together with him late at night refers to the scene when they met in the lobby about how the girls started talking to her about stuff (likely love stories). I think this is either referring to the trolley incident that got omitted or the microphone banter during  the opening ceremony. One of  them. Either way, just goes to show she’s more or less conscious of him now, if only a little. And her gratitude to him for walking her back reminds me of the date they had in volume 3 which was omitted in season 1 where they go shopping for Yui’s birthday present and where Hachiman “won” her a Pan-san toy. They also omitted her gratitude in that part too where she says she had fun.

Maybe I’ll write more, this takes too long.

Overall Impressions:

Designs are good, though I saw some QUALITY moments in there, so clearly there are some budget issues here and there. Hopefully the OP gets changed next week, because the current one has to be a placeholder.

This first episode covers 6 chapters worth of material. They cut a lot of material, Yui interactions, Hachiman sleeping on the train, Hachiman taking photos, and so forth. And judging by the preview, volume 7 will be finished in the next episode.  I’m guessing they want to jump right into volume 8 and 9 since they’re pretty much the heart of the series, 9 especially. I’m going to bet episode 3 will be when Haruno comes back with Orimoto and Iroha’s introduction.

I like that they’re keeping some of Hachiman’s snarky monologues. And they’re being very attentive to gestures, eye contact, and Hachiman’s reaction to subtle things like Hayama’s various moments in the episode. Miura looking at Hachiman at the beginning was one and Yukino looking over at Hachiman before pouring him tea is another. Though with the episode going so fast, it’s hard to take it all in if you’re not paying any attention.

Anyway I don’t think I’ll do this every week (I probably will, but they’ll get less and less), though it wouldn’t hurt to list out what scenes got omitted. I’m praying that volume 9 gets half of the season’s episodes. Must-adapt scenes are Yukino’s ultimatum, Shizuka talk, thr request for “something genuine”, Destinyland, and the rollercoaster scene.

Yukino a qt3.14.


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  1. Aside from op/ed, two new compositions so far. And Yukino freaking out seemed kind of out of place, though, perhaps it’s my own fault in imagining the whole scene as something overly intimate.

  2. Yeah I also saw the episode…and I have mixed feelings about it. They breezed through so much content and it felt weird getting to the ramen scene so fast and having scenes transition awkwardly. I’m assuming the director and staff want to attract the audience by getting right into the story right away which is why they skimmed so many details, but its kind of disappointing how they’re skipping over all the funny and interesting bits which make Oregairu great. The animation looks good so far, especially with Hachiman’s facial expressions and the background. I would say in overall it was a decent episode to start the new season, but I hope they slow down for the next episodes, because the scenes seemed to go by really fast that it was hard to enjoy the episode.

  3. well, I’ve got to admit I’m really disappointed because of all these cuts, also I believe they made Yukino too much ‘dere’. Oh well, maybe I’m being hypercritical, will see

    • Well, she’s got dere through the story, I think she’s dere level is ok for the moment…

  4. Ugh… why!? why!? Studio feels don’t copy the pacing of season 1. Well even Oregairu is plagued with “LN-adapted-to-anime-for-marketing” disease….

  5. At this rushed pace, the drama that ensues after the fake confession would feel kinda forced for the viewers.

  6. Being rushed… it should be normal… That’s what happened in the first season as well…

    It’s just that this time, there are lots of people who’ve already read the novel and so more’d realize faster what’s been rushed or not…

    • wow fantastice i never expected it to be like this well i did not read volum 7 so i do not know the the hole story but this Episode was grate !!!!!!!! i wish they will make the anime for voulme 10

    • True, but with season one, they did a good job on setting up the characters and setting. For season two, the first episode already breezed through a lot of the arc, and a very important one since it confronts Hachiman’s way of solving problems. Also since its rushing through the content it makes Tobe’s request feels less important since we barely see the Service club’s plan in action, we just get small scenes that transition too quickly. In a way, although both seasons appear to rushing the content (for now), its the way that this episode is rushing through the content which makes the story feel awkward.

  7. What a weird episode…the way it jumps from one scene to another felt like it was some sort of a recap. And I was looking forward to it for months… sigh

    • after reading the comments here i kinda don’t feel like watching it, i don’t want to be dissapointed like you,i’ve been waiting for it for months as well.

  8. Many of you may feel like rushed but this is how the first season went. Compared to that they are little detailed than the first season if you watch closely

    And what is it that made Yukino uncomfortable with her classmate conversation and how does it involves Hachiman?

  9. I think, i saw Minami sagami in the background and post credits. Why is the bitch still there

    And also does Iroshau also knows about Hachiman’s roof top incident since she is first year and must also in the cultural festival event?

  10. I still haven’t actually seen the episode yet. I will say this though: the sheer amount of prose in Oregairu can’t possibly be adapted in full. Just reading the volume about the festival compared to the anime shows plenty of interesting scenes not even hinted at. This doesn’t bother me though, I am a believer in the adaptation shouldn’t be a 1:1 transfer of the source material.

    • Well not all adaptations are going to follow the source material verbatim so that is true; the director and staff all have to consider how much material they’re covering as well as time constraints and whether it’ll attract the audience. However considering the adaptations that detour a lot from the source material, they’re either going to be train wrecks or successful hits. For the first season of Oregairu, it was okay because they made the story concise and engaging. But for season two, the first episode doesn’t feel right. Granted that they don’t have to be “word for word”, the pacing is sort of extreme when considering that they went through almost a whole volume in one episode when it usually takes three episodes to four episodes for other anime shows (I’ve seen some that do two, but its a very risky gamble that could derail the story). The episode was not bad, but watching the episode, it feels overwhelming to find out about Tobe’s crush on Ebina and then “BAM!” you’re already pushed into their trip and you barely get to see what the Service Club is doing before we see Hachiman back at the hotel then going through a taxi after “having ramen with Yukino and Hiratsuka-sensei”, barely seeing one ramen scene before Hachiman and Yukino go back to their rooms. Without much time we’re already propelled through so much it feels numbing. As you said not all adaptations are one to one, but regardless, they didn’t do a very good job spreading out the events so that it flows naturally (which is why in my first comment I said I had mixed feelings about the episode).

  11. The Ending Song “Eburideiwārudo” mean Everyday World right? Excorsism sorry for asking but my japanese is lowest level than you so please tell if i’m right or please correct my mistake. Thank You

  12. I kinda liked it. Yeah, they rushed a lot and the ramen scene disappeared, but I think it’s still ok.( They also did that at the first season, but the first 6 volumes seem to be shorter than the others, and less dramatic… Well, I don’t know.)
    I loved the new art and animation,and the expressions got better : 8man little smile at the club room was even… cute. The roof scene got a bit more violent, too.

  13. I would rated this episode 7.5/10 for all the cuts and rush. They did rush and skip more than ss1 though.
    Aside from that being rush is okay… at least I think… if they can covering all the details and feels.
    But I think they should put more effort in making OP I really like this song but the animation is so lame.
    I bet this MAD is better than the OP http://goo.gl/CvrFYV LOL
    Well, can’t judge it just by 1 episode yet.

  14. If it is that rushed then how are they going to scrap out 12/13 episodes from 3 vols??!

    Or is it going to be a 10 episodes affair??

  15. They skipped it spyro, our fears became true.

    But at least yukino is gorgeous as always, and they didn’t skip the walkback scene.

  16. So it means many of all has seen the episode……So where did u all see it??? I m kind of lost here so help me!!!😣😣😣😡😡

  17. 1The introduction with roof scene just made me unpleasant, in this season it is shown to be more vigorous than previous version of roof scene.
    2.all characters are more decent looking in comparison to previous one
    3.like the PV might just covered first two or three episodes
    4.Yukino is more cute than cold and cool
    5.Lot of scenes from LN is cut but this may be seen like that because we all read the LN in beforehand and evaluating the anime based on it, Remember there were cuts in previous season like pan san toy scene.

    Hachiman and YUkino walking scene, shows Yukino to be more cute when she was shy.

    • The rooftop incident had to be remade and its outcome stressed as a lead to the next near-social suicide antic of his, done in the upcoming event and how it pisses Yukinoshita off. I Gues s it was also done so as to deliver the message to the non-LN reading viewers at how 8man way of doing things are actually dead wrong and how it affect his close ones .

  18. So a lot people feel the episode was a bit rushed, huh? I guess the true test will be the next episode when Volume 7 is wrapped up, and I’m especially looking forward to how they handle 8man’s convos with Miura, Hayama, and Ebina. If Studio Feel doesn’t grasp what those scenes were meant to accomplish and mishandles their tone, this continuation might as well be dead to me.

    How’s the direction so far and how closely does it hew to Watari’s descriptions?

  19. As u said, Excorsism….. Its kind of sad to see that ramen scene got a mega jump…..as for Hina and Tobe, that sure was a shock…..and Yui waking Hikki up gave a bad taste……So depressing… even though my heart lightened after the walk of Hikki and Yukino…….

  20. Uhh. Atleast it has a scene of Hikkigaya walking Yukino. Anyway.. Still waiting for the subs to come up. Good work!

  21. Hypothetically speaking, if Exo were decide to dive into subbing I would much rather he work on the blu-rays to give those “perfect version” vibes rather than losing a piece of his soul every week…. That’s just theory talk, though; thinking about a single person translating every LN published, drama CD, manga and then anime is kinda too unrealistic; that sounds like a long life mission rather than something to be done over a summer break or ten.

    About the episode, I could probably write 80 lines between what I like and didn’t, but this is definitely not a place to do that. Things worth mentioning :

    +Hachiman keeping his punchline machine monologue self is very much welcome (monologue of bathing with Totsuka x 10, heh).
    +Since they are rushing through the material, subtleties are too easy to miss unless you knew about them from the start.
    +If they follow the same format as the previous series (anime = novels, ovas = ,5 volumes), that would mean that it won’t be necessary to rush every episode like they are doing with episode 1 and will do with 2.

  22. I’m pretty sad with the outcome from episode 1. I thought it would be along the same speed as the first season however (even as excited I was for Zoku) I’m extremely worried about the outcome of Zoku as a whole. I think that Zoku is really not leaving room for character development, the nice slow character development that has made us (the readers of the LN) all love Hachiman, Yukino, and Yui.

    • If it is the same average speed as Season 1 it would cover all 4 volumes in 8 episodes.

    • I mean I see where you’re coming from when you say that the speed covered 4 novels in 8 episodes but the first several LN’s were very short compared to volumes 6 and on.

    • Shorter or not, for instance, they’ve dropped more than a half of volume 5. Whole chapters are missing that tell more about Saki, Totsuka, Shizuka and Komachi and after dealing with them all those point out to Yukino in Hachiman’s thoughts in ch. 7 (how others see her and how he does). It could be easily made into two episodes – there was enough material for it. Why they cut it? So, they can have the last volume spread into 3 episodes. Volume 5, word count wise is a bit less than 2/3 of volume 6. So, a two episode rendition of the 5th would be similarly paced as 3 ep for the 6th volume. Still, drama wise they’ve thought that the Cultural Festival arc is more important (and it is), and with a limited time budget that got prioritized.
      Don’t get me wrong I’m not some apologist I would like at least a steady pace of 3 ep/book, but also season one had it shares of speed ups/slow downs.

  23. Well…Honestly, I never think 8man not pretty…just nornal with fish eyes…In first season, still that he have a character design original in comparison with others animes, but there he is really weird and not pretty (poor animation no help too)…and in LN I never had this impression, being many times used your eyes to the critical your appearance…and well, Yukinon, Yui and Iroha are fall in love for him, then he can not be really ugly ; )

  24. well i watch the episode already and……damn it is rush, it just make me sad because i now many people will try to take a look at this episode and maybe jump to the season 1, but man this episode gives a off vibe and make it look to generic, i dont feel the hachiman monologues at all, and the dialoges where way too fast, and the cuts damn, lets hope they step up with episode 2 and from there make a good run, but i am way too skeptical now

  25. Perhaps volume 8 and 9 will get more episode time then? I mean sure it now takes at least half a volume for an episode (est.), at least it probably won’t be as compressed as season 1 (having one volume fit one episode; episode 6, episode 9 I think) so let’s wait for at least watch a couple more before jumping the gun. No need to get mix FEELings right away right?

    • That pun made me think. It’s Brain’s Base vs Feel.
      It’s basically the Shizuka’s talk from volume 9. The mind vs emotions and to understand what’s going on, one has to consider both.

  26. Well I can understand why there rushing for this arc (volume 7). im predicting that they want to concentrate more on volume 8 and 9, roughly around 3 – 4 episodes each volume. volume 8 and 9 are very long compare to volume 7 and i think it right to cut some part of volume 7 because it doesnt affect the afterward for volume 8 and 9. Just by watching the first episode, it tells that the animation it going to be around 12 or 13 episodes, so it right to make the volume 7 fast. I strongly think there’s going to be volume 10 in animation because there going to finish volume 7 in next episode so there roughly around 10 more episodes left. volume 8 and 9 should be around 4 episodes each so there’s slight episode left for volume 10. If there planning to make season 3 than there’s left over for volume 11-13 and for volume 10.5 they can just make another ova to it.

  27. Everyone feels like rushing but this season is same as season1 . Not many read LN at the time of season 1 but that is not the case now. hence many expectations are let down. Like Hachiman says don’t expect than you won’t be disjointed

    • I kind of disagree, with expectations, when you’re wrong you learn from those misplaced expectations and the next time, you can make accurate ones based on experience; its a part of life, inherently making assumptions and creating illusions, getting them broken, and making new ones after reflecting on them.

      Though the show is rushing volume seven, they did have a lot of Hachiman’s asides and monologues in the episode, which are always great. And the opening and ending songs sound wonderful, they fit so well into the anime.

  28. I like concert scene because everone in band are lively playing music more than ss1 so i give score for this.

    I laugh like crazy when ebina burst joke in clubroom & make yui paralyse like concrete & yukino got headache.

    I dont mind they rush in episode 1-2 because they should concentrate lN vol 8-9.

    • But volume seven is equally as important since its when Yukino and Yui see first hand Hachiman’s methods and it shows foreshadowing into the tension that’s going to form in volume eight and nine, which helps develop that relationship between Hachiman, Yukino and Yuigahama.(Plus there are some great jokes in volume seven, which is always a plus!)

    • @Dualash, I agree with you that about importance scenes (such as after Hachiman’s confession) should not be skip at all. I just think that scenes in LN vol 7 can be cut, that’s all.

      but I don’t want they cut scenes in LN vol 8-9(or maybe vol 10 too if there is).

  29. What if they’re going to do a flashback for the part they omitted, you know maybe like in future eps they’re going to show you the Ramen scene.

    • Something like “Why was it Hikki who was standing up for yukinon time and time again during cultural festival?”
      and “Does he like you?” OR “Maybe you liiiiike him. Do you?”
      And of course she can’t tell anyone that she was bombarded with these questions.

  30. Agree with your review. The Episode felt rather rushed but considering the season supposed to be just 12 episode long and no one is going to be happy if the volume 8/9 scenes where the relationship takes a bad turn is not done properly, the decision by Feels seems the right one.

  31. It may be about the roof top incident and How cool was Hayama while they ill treated Hachiman verbally which she cannot stand

  32. Guyz the only rushed here is the ramrn scene… Why are you complaining so much…. They follow the pace of the manga not light novel… Read the manga and its exactly the same except for ramen scene.. Smh

  33. If they adapt at exactly the same 2 episodes per volume of the first season, we’re definitely going to have to see a lot of content from the .5 volumes.I hope they ease the pace down for volumes 8 and 9. They simply cannot rush Hachiman’s slow realization of the things he’s done and their consequences.

    While they did an ok job with the art, i think it really felt cheap at some points. Look for example at their feet when they’re in the Club. Painfully bad art. And while normally I’m a fan of women/girls having realistic anatomies, I think the way they ‘shrunk’ Yui wasn’t a good idea. I mean her genenrous proportions are one of her few advantages vis a vis Yukinoshita.

  34. I’ve read vol 7, well pretty much i skimmed and scanned the whole vol 7 but I would like to know whether the part where hachiman,yui,saki and the others went to the haunted house and hachiman’s and miura’s conversation is after the ramen triple date or before the ramen triple date

  35. its too rush seriously 6 chapter in 1 eps, they’re doing it again :v and theres only 4 volumes to adapt D: im thinking theyre doing the last 2 eps as original stoy or theyll insert the extra volumes D:

  36. I’m praying that episode 9 gets half of the season’s episodes.

    Volume? Got stuck with that line for the wlole ten minutes. Being nonnative sucks.

  37. Just watched the episode, they sure cut off a lot. I was hopping to see more of Saki scene, she was not with Hachiman and Yui in the dark tunnel. Right?

    • In the dark tunnel as in the haunted house? If you’re talking about the haunted house I think saki was with yui and hachiman.

    • Yeah the haunted house. In the LN she was (clings on Hachiman’s sleeve), in the anime she wasn’t. That was the cute moment of her when she was scared.

  38. Rushed. Good scenes cut.
    Bad animation sometimes.
    Designs with not great solutions.
    Yukino too dere, less cool.
    I’m disappointed. Hope next episode take slowdown.

  39. Yanaginagi’s harumodoki in the OP is too good. Can’t say I like the ED though. So far, except the pace, so good. Keep up the good part, feel.

  40. There is no sighns of Hayama defending hachiman in the episode while in Ln he atleast sign when tobe insults Hachiman

  41. i totally agree with everything Exorcism said… actually im quite suprised he still remembers the banters, i even forgot the part that hachiman was the designated photographer… also the triple ramen date i remember the whole affair i just cant for the life of me remember what they talked about… in conclusion ill probably reread the volumes again…. But all in all id say that was a good first episode and I can see that the producers are trying to prepare for volumes 8-9 which i would say are the most plot advancing and character defining in this series.

    PS. i really wish they dont skip the shizuka talk beside her car and disneyland(destinyland?) parts

  42. Well thinking about it., at least the climax of the volume wouldn’t be as rushed because there’s only 3 chapters left in the volume soo big improvement!

  43. Where can i watch the series? because its not crunchyroll, or hulu, and according to the airing date on anichart, its supposed to come today (APR 3). i really want to watch this license but looks like the world wants to be a d**k!!! (excuse my language)

  44. i also want these scenes to be adapted when hachiman took the groceries bag from iroha and both yui and yukinon were just looking at the both of them, hachixsaki’s interaction at the nursery+when she went for some career talk or something, oh and when he bumped into yukino at the shopping mall after he bought kfc(not sure if this is from vol 9,hehe) and all of those scenes mentioned above. i think they limit hachiman & kawasaki’s interaction because they just want the two main female characters and including iroha as well now to be the lead female characters i guess but i ship hachiman and sakisaki but i still want the yukinoxhachi ship to sailllll

  45. i hated yukino’s design before this but i like it now. but wtf happened to yui man? i like yui’s 1st season design better 😥 not only yui, miura’s and kawasaki’s 1st season design are waayyyyy better.

  46. You guys are high; the episode was great. They even showed scenes from the next episode from some scenes they skipped from the first day of the trip. The pacing of this first episode was just to catch people up with the characters. Zaimokozu was ignored as he should be. As for Kawa-something, they never showed Hachiman’s “confession” to her in the first season during the culture festival, so as far as the anime audience is concerned, she hasn’t fallen in love with him yet!

  47. I thought it was pretty rushed in my first viewing, but I feel like it was way better upon the second viewing as I had time to notice the smaller details and digest the story more readily. Also, Hayato’s VA is doing a really good job so far. He sounds exactly like he did in s1.

  48. Being honest… I didn’t like it. They rushed too much along the LN. The episode looked more like a trailer (maybe teaser would be a better word). Anyway… Why the need of all this running?

  49. Well, why not, ha? From the position of the ranobe reader, I feel like they’ve shown the main moment and got right into the action. It won’t be any good if they use more than one episode for the volume. It looks like some kind of pilot. Like “Previously on OreGairu…”. But all this rush gives me the hope that they will show the 10th volume.


    Chardis is pretty good, I feel comfortable with it. And OP and ED are weak, really.

  50. I really don’t want them to show the 10th volume in Zoku b/c I feel like everything else, including the 10th volume will be rushed, squeezed and just not given the respect that Oregairu deserves. I agree with Exorcism that volume 8 and 9 should be given lots of love, especially 9 as it had so so much in it.

  51. What did Yukinoshita mean that in Cultural Fest it was Hikki’s fault?? That part was sumthing i cudnt understand….so someone please enlighten me here….. And Yukino recommends Hikki right to go to a shrine for Komachi’s succeess…The shrine was Kitano Tenman-gu…. will they mention that??

  52. Putting aside the pacing and cut content I do appreciate the “show, don’t tell” method the adaptation is taking. Some directors/studios just seem to not know how to adopt the blocks of text in LN’s to a visual medium, and tend to throw everything into the dialogue. Granted Oregairu isn’t a series with huge paragraphs of exposition the studio does have scenes where things happen on screen without Hachiman having to tell the audience what is going on. The amount of subtlety in the movements tells a lot (if only they gave you the time to actually take it in) which is something I appreciate as someone who scrutinizes over the visual aspect of filmmaking. They also keep some of Hachiman’s snarky monologue which is always a plus.

  53. Personally, I don’t mind that Chunni and Kawasaki aren’t in it as much, since so far, they don’t really have as much importance to the series really…. they just fill it out and allow us to know more about 8man’s life. Our (un)loved chunni has his importance in some of the stuff in vol.8 and all, but he could be dropped from a huge chunk of the series and wouldn’t be missed. Same with Kawasaki (though I love her as a character). She was a bit important earlier in the story, but was unneeded until vol.8

    I didn’t like the commie translations as much, and I felt that this episode was way too fast paced (they should make this be a 24 episode anime instead of 12)…. but if you think of it, the events of Vol.7 in relation to Hachiman just reinforce what was already done in Vol.6….. except it hurt Yui more and helped him get closer to Tobe….

  54. okay, the story looks rushed, and the characters feels weird (the infamous dead-fish eyes is missing).

    if my guess right, i think this season will more focused on the Yukino’s and Yui’s problem with Hachiman after the confession. Well anyway, i enjoyed it 🙂 (sorry if i spoil or spill something)

  55. I think the episode is pretty good. Great character design. Sometimes rushing isn’t a bad thing. (I still don’t like it though)

  56. So glad I reread through all of yahari a few weeks back. Now everything that happened before is fresh in my mind

    • They haven’t even been released yet, usually you’ll usually need to wait at least a month for these kind of things. If you want a specific date, search up the release date to make sure, but I think both singles will be released on June 3rd.

  57. dat reason of her at the end brought out the hate back…. damn i do hate her for this silly thing. overall, yep it’s rushed but it’s not loosin out on it’s usual appeal so it’s good wid me 🙂

  58. Nice writeup Spyro, and good to have some actual discussion of the episode to read, rather than whatever the hell is going on elsewhere.

    Based on this first episode, I’d say the rest of the season is very promising. It’s not perfect certainly but choices always have to be made in an adaption after all and so far FEEL seems like they understand the core of the story and characters.

    I was particularly impressed with all of the little gestures, expressions and glances they worked into the character interactions and animation, like Miura’s glance or Yukino’s slightly uncomfortable look during Tobe’s request-betraying that she might not be too knowledgeable about this whole romance business. None of it calls attention to itself and it can be blink and you’ll miss it sort of stuff but it’s all there for the viewer to catch. The stepped up visuals also definitely gave me hope they’ll nail the atmosphere of important scenes down the line like Shizuka and 8man’s dock conversation and everything Destinyland. An expanded Ramen scene would have been nice but, win some lose some, on whole I’m certainly optimistic.

  59. I feel that they didn’t give much importance to Tobe and Hachiman conversation.The former thanking latter and how Tobe has a change of heart of Hachiman was not mentioned but they used Tobe only to show the hatred of the school towards Hachiman. Which is little bit dissapointing

    • Because he succeeded in making himself the villain.
      That’s what Hachiman wanted, making himself the bad guy and Sagami the victim.
      Being Sagami the victim, she would complete her job ( making Hachiman the one who made her screw up things ) and protect her from being judged as the villain.
      Plus, Hayama in the role as the White Knight was a very welcome bonus for his plan. Hayama reacted just like Hachiman predicted and wanted.

  60. I see that people are complaining about how rushed ep1 is…
    From the preview, it seems that ep 2 will finish this arc, which mean that we won’t get that much feel from the confession. ..
    But at least ep1 include most of important points from te whole arc…maybe…
    And I like the OP song

    • Honestly, to me, the confession isn’t NEARLY as important as the implications it causes later on down the road, which I’m pretty sure they’ll most likely play out to much fuller detail. Hachiman goes on one HELL of a ride down the rabbithole that is self-reflection and it’s a big eye-opener as to what happens next. The way I see it, Hina, Hayato and the rest of the gang are just minor roles in the grander scheme of things.

      Not to mention it’s going to be cringe-worthy to watch as the group starts to decay from the inside because of Hina’s and Hayato’s wish. Though Hachiman falls into that same rut.

      I have good feelings about this season.

  61. The Comparing between Season 1 Episode 12 and Season 2 Episode 1 In Cultural Festival Scene Feel done it pretty well

    • Still prefer season 1. It’s simply a more original representation. The directing really does make a difference.

    • Yukino shouldn’t be wearing the cultural T shirt, this is a blunder .Beside the T shirt is for Class 2F alone which can be seen in Hayama back as written

    • @ Anonymous: Wait, then why is Yukino wearing the t-shirt in one of the colored illustrations in the light novel? (Haven’t gotten around to reading it so if its only for Class 2F then that’s pretty interesting)

    • The guitarist took a step to the center as if to get close to that vocalist. The both of them had changed at some point to matching T-shirts, and weaved the song together as if they were supporting each other.

      Ok I checked from Exorcisism’s translation of the volume, Yukino did wear the t-shirt. Season two actually fixed the mistake from season one.

    • @ Dualash, The vocalist is Yui, then that means she switched T shirt with Yukino but yui also wears same t shirt is season2 same as Yukino

    • @Anonymous: Uh, but in the text it says they’re wearing matching t-shirts, meaning they didn’t switch and Yukino just got another shirt to wear into.

  62. I think it’s like Haganai 2nd Season when earlier episode feel kinda rush pace. Hope next episode will be better…..

  63. I Have a question in LN it was mentioned Hachiman carefully choose words which were not the one which Sagami wanted to hear? why did he do that, wouldn’t it be easier if he just say what sagami wanted to hear, no one will get hurt right?Sagami might return to Closing ceremony and give her speech etc

    • He said it himself that he didn’t have it in him to say those words. The actual reason being that in saying those words, Hachiman would be lying, thus turning himself into a hypocrite. If he did that, he couldn’t stand to live with himself afterwards, because the things he hates the most are precisely lies and hypocrites. But the problem still remained that he needed to get Sagami back and make her stint as a chairwoman be considered a success. So in the end, he chose to do things his way.

    • Then why did he lie by confessing to Ebina?, now he became one of the Hypocrites, why not do it in cultural festival itself?
      Is yukino and Yui are angry and Hayama pitied him,after the confession because he lied?

    • Well, in order to understand it, you have to know what hypocrisy actually is. Lying to Ebina is different from lying to Sagami because of the implications involving Hachiman’s beliefs.In Ebina’s case he can’t be called an hypocrite, because he didn’t lie to get her to do something he wanted her to do and it didn’t contrast his beliefs. The lie in that case was the best possible scenario for Ebina to express her feelings without directly rejecting Tobe’s. In Sagami’s case, if Hachiman chose to lie by saying words that Sagami wanted to hear, but didn’t deserve (at least from Hachiman’s point of view), then that would turn him into a hypocrite, because he believes that Sagami doesn’t deserve sympathy since she was acting like a drama queen (in other words a hypocrite).

    • Hachiman didn’t lie to Sagami. He just expressed all of his/our thoughts in a very amplified way.
      He couldn’t lie to himself, by praising Sagami, by saying something he did not think.. He also understood that a “mister nobody” could not make Sagami feel better. Only her white Knight could have. But the time was short, and Hachiman had to make it quick.

      Hachiman always says that he “lies all the time”, meaning that saying “i love you” to Ebina wasn’t a big deal, if it were to resolve the matter.
      I also suspect that Hachiman understood exactly what Ebina wanted and subtly suggested. Hachiman is incredibly good at reading people’s intentions, as Hiratsuka-sensei said.

      The world where no one is hurt is a world where only Hachiman takes the pain. Making him the kindest person in the world.

    • Part of the reason why is that by making her a victim of an vicious attack people who overlook the fact that she did horrible things. That’s what humans do after all, if you see someone who is considered a victim you’d overlook any previous trangression they’ve made. The same theory applies here. Therefore he created a world where no one was hurt. Or so he says.

    • It’s not about lying or telling the truth. It’s about efficiency and the way he does things. What he did on the rooftop is similar to what he did during the Cultural Festival committee meeting where he made that remark that made him look bad. He looked like a villain so others could gather around a common enemy (Haruno noticed and said it).

      In the Ebina’s case he tried fulfilling conflicting requests and the Hachiman’s solution was to lie. What’s connecting both of those? He did’t care about consequences on his status or how others see him, or getting hurt in the process – only about the most efficient way that he could do. However, Hikki didn’t understand that those ways are hurting people caring about him or account for feelings of others (that’s the point of the Sensei’s talks in Vol.6 and Vol. 9) and without those Hachiman couldn’t really solve anything when he did genuinely want to help someone.

      And he will lie again.

    • Isn’t the reason why he did not speak the words sagamin wanted to hear is that she wanted to hear it from someone popular no a loner like 8Man, so saying those words would not have had any effect

  64. He didn’t say those words to Sagami, not because he didn’t want to lie (he lies all the time), but because they would be meaningless coming from him. He needed a Hayama-type person to say those comforting words.

    It’s got nothing to do with hypocrisy, Yukinoshita was upset over the Ebina confession because he acted without considering Yuigahama’s feelings. It’s the same complaint that everyone has with Hachiman, and he realizes it himself as the story goes on.

    The Ebina situation was forced on Hikigaya’s shoulders, because no one else had a working plan, so Hikigaya had to “sacrifice” himself by damaging his relationships or everyone’s impressions. Hayama has to carry everyone’s expectations on his shoulders, and can empathize with Hikigaya.

    Hayama pitied him because he knew that was the only way Hikigaya knew how to resolve things, and yet he along with everyone else forced the problem on to Hikigaya. He certainly didn’t think it was fair. Hikigaya was angry about that look because it was denying the fact that Hikigaya had a choice in the matter. Hikigaya deliberately chose that course of action, sympathy was the last thing he wanted. Yet at the same time, of course he wants to be understood and comforted. Hiratsuka understands this even if Hikigaya denies it.

    There it is, all spelled out for you. I didn’t think the writing was that subtle, but I’m sure I’ve missed a few things too.

    • I can agree on most things, except for something, Yukino upset because of Yuigahama? that’s absolutely wrong, remember the infirmary scene on vol. 10? that scene only is proof that both Yui and Yukino know next to nothing about each other when it comes to Hachiman.

      Plus the reason she was so upset with Hachiman (just like he was when he discovered she lied to him) was because…


      She actually admires him greatly (vol.9), and when he betrayed their mutual hate of false pretenses to save Hayama’s group she felt stabbed in the back, not only that, but also the fact that he told them nothing about his plans, further adding fuel to the fire.

    • @Heat066: I think you can also use what Hiratsuka-sensei says to Hachiman

      “…Even if you’re used to the pain as well. You need to realize already that there are people who will find it painful to see you hurt like this.”

      Yukino and Yuigahama couldn’t bear to see Hachiman hurt himself just so that everyone could be happy; like Yuigahama talking to Hachiman despite the tense atmosphere in the class, or when Yukino poured a cup for him, they’ve shown that they care about him as a member of the Service Club. But when they witnessed Hikigaya sacrificing himself they couldn’t bear seeing him intentionally get hurt (and from what you said, going behind their backs without telling them of his plan) so that others wouldn’t get hurt. It shows how much they care about him and their strong bond together.

    • I agree with u on the sagamin matter but I don’t think ur reason for upset nature of Yukinon is right
      I hvn’t read volume so I can’t really comment what the right reason is but ur reason feels wrong
      After anime will complete volume 7 I will try to answer the question y Yukinon was upset
      Also, Sorry if I offended u

    • Disagreeing with me would never offend me. But I wonder if the anime will differ from the LN. They may try to wrap up the story in this season. There may be things that work on the screen that wouldn’t work in a book.

  65. Well, that seems likely. But there’s still a conversation that Yui and Yukino had at Yukino’s apartment that the readers are not privy too. There’s a lot of communication between the characters that is never written, because we can only know what Hachiman knows.

    • As for his hate of false pretenses and superficial relationships. He changed his mind, because he began to see value in such things.

    • But in the end that’s nothing but speculation, did you read vol. 10? if what you’re saying were true then Yuigahama wouldn’t have felt like she did on the infirmary scene.

      Also, he began to see value in false pretenses!?? the thing that started the fall of the club?? he hated how things turned because of this and you’re telling me he valued it?

      Are we reading the same novel?

    • He start to value the fact that other people value it. And them start to use it until Yukino ultimatum

  66. The opening theme is more like searching for genuine things. With that being, it would be great if the ending was volume 10 with Haruno showing her true face and saying that Yukino is not genuine with Hachiman ending with a question mark.

    I surely waiting for the episode where Hachiman going tear eyed saying he want genuine things.

    • I’d like that ending IF AND ONLY IF the third season is already confirmed.
      I totally hate when something is left on a cliffhanger with no real ending and the series get canceled.
      It gives a reaaaaaaally bad aftertaste. When you start something, you need a proper ending. Period U_U

    • ’cause Hayama Hayato can’t betray expectation. He’s the perfect guy, he doesn’t hurt anyone so he can’t give Tobe such a delusion.
      Hayama wanted Hachiman to take the problem on his behalf, so Hachiman can stop Tobe without Hayama losing his “mask”.

      Basically, he can’t do bad things, so he asks Hachiman to do it for him.
      That’s why i can’t stand Hayama.

    • well Hayama knows that the way he handle things is cruel, he even say it in volume 9 that he is not a good guy, i find interesting that both hayama and hachiman have the same wish for a time, they don’t want anyone to get hurt, in volume 10 he find the determination to go on with his choices, but the thing is a world where no one gets hurt is impossible, hachiman is gonna be the one telling him that i think.
      For me the tree more interesting characters are hachiman, because yeah…hachiman, hayato and haruno(this girl is a enigma)

  67. Excuse me. Just wondering if your able to make something like a full text page for your completed translated novels/volumes. As it would make it easier for people to just view that or save just that page as a pdf with the print option. Thank you

  68. i hope they do the monologues at the last part in volume 7. it contributes to the mood for the next episode,in my opinion

    • I’m not sure about that… i believe that Hayama invited Hachiman just because Hachiman knows Orimoto, hoping to keep her at bay just a bit.

    • Rahul Kumar:
      You’ll see about Orimoto quite soon. It’s a character that has, however , already appeared by name since the first season.

  69. I read the infirmary scene again, and all I got from it was there is a pretty good chance Yui was watching Yukino and Hachiman, before Hachiman opened the door.

    So Yui might have some suspicions about Yukino’s feelings towards Hachiman, whether she has them or not!

    • Also, Iroha might start making it blatantly obvious that Hachiman is her backup plan. Hachiman will find her hard to resist because of his weakness to little-sister types. That damn sis-con.

    • i’m pretty sure that both Yui and Yukino are aware of each other’s feelings for Hachiman.
      Yui is totally obvious, and probably even Hachiman got that. Maybe Hachiman is just trying to avoid the situation cause he’s afraid he has misunderstood Yui’s kindness with love interest.

      Even Yukino has showed interest in Hachiman from time to time, and i doubt that Yui didn’t get that.
      They are both competing with mutual respect, since they both care a lot for each other.

  70. Funny how a lot of people are assuming from this episode alone that this series will go down the generic route with constant misunderstandings, love triangles and moe (with a beach ending). Non-LN readers might be in for some suprise for what’s stored in the next episode :\ .

    • Yeah, you can actually REALLY enjoy the anime if you red the LN.
      Even if not animated, you can actually enjoy knowing all the details from it from the LN.
      The anime might have been cut in many scenes, but it doesn’t mean that all the cut scenes never happened in the first place.
      After all, you cant’ justify any action the characters take in the anime if you don’t know all the details from the LN.

    • Well I hv only read LN till volume 6 and is hoping to read it in sync with anime like I said but because of comments of u guys in volume 5 and 6 I hv gotten spoiled nad vaguely knows what is going to come in next episode (8Man going to confess to Ebina right ? right) and I can pretty much guess why he did so even though I don’t know

  71. I, too was extremely disappointed by the lack if the triple date to the ramen place. That was what I was most excited to see after seeing where the story resumed from. 😦

  72. HAHA! I’m out here spoiling my self! I’m just glad that they showed the WalkHome scene moe :3

  73. Hey guys I just finished reading volume 6 of Light Novel, should I read further volumes or wait for anime and enjoy the desperation of not knowing what is going to happen
    Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • well, if you want to enjoy the second season better wait until the anime finish airing, then continue the LN for further details on the story.The anime cuts a lot of story from LN, well, at least that what happened in eps 1.

  74. The main draw of the anime is the voice acting and the art. The story doesn’t matter so much so go ahead and read the LN translations.

  75. How about it I will read LN in sync with episodes when specific volume will be completed in anime, I will read it, this will also help me to corelate them, how does it sounds???????????????????

  76. The initial events that go down in volume 7 of the light novel aren’t thought-provoking in comparison to its sequels. Episode 1 seems rushed with lots of scenes cut off yet it pretty much gives a satisfying adaptation of the chapters IMO. So you can skip the chapters adapted by the anime and pick up from ch 7 to get a better gist of the story. Besides, it’s only a 30 minute-read.

  77. Thank u Anonymous but I think I will read volume 7 and 8 together after tomorrow’s episode and sorry but I will not skip any chapter because that will be reading it half heartly and I don’t want to do it

    • I think it means “too” or something along those lines…. I’ve seen it somewhere, but i don’t remember where.

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