Yahari Light Novel Volume 10.5 – Chapter 1

Oregairu_v10-5_000Hachiman says it somewhere. Happy April Fools.

These chapters are way too long. I just give up on editing 15 pages in.

wud31024Oh hey, anime’s just around the corner, too.

Final chapter here.


47 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10.5 – Chapter 1

  1. It is quite amazing how the author or perhaps the translation can create genuine feelings of annoyance towards Zaimokuza! Every time his name is brought up, I grit my teeth in exasperation.

  2. Just when we find out at were 3 volume till the end, yen press will prolly license this, calling ii…especially if Zoku does really well.

  3. And in the end of last volume Rumi will be thinking after desperate loner Hachiman making the scene: Someone take him already, for god’s sake. Otherwise, I might just take him myself out of pity.

  4. HEY HEY “http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-04-01/yen-press-licenses-my-teen-romantic-comedy-snafu-highschool-dxd-heavy-object-date-a-live-light-novels” is this real?

  5. Shit, I’ve been believing this joke for almost the whole day! Jesus, I’ve totally forgot it is the 1st of the April today. Spyro, great joke, seriously, bhahahahah!

  6. Oh really … A fool, huh?
    Anyway, due to his posting on 31rd March which appears on my PC, I totally believed in it, without thinking about the 1st April’s Fool Day … Volume 13, if only this could be true, then we would definitely be so happy 🙂

  7. To @Excorsist:

    Senpai, you should post this article in 1st April, not 30th March (it’s not April Fool day), you knooow.

    Thx for this chapter. I will train table tennis skill to play with my Senpai (you know who) in next chapter, so laterrr.

  8. Vol 10 I think the stories are boring because only talk about Hayama and Miura and them future. If I become Hachi i didnt want to meddlesome this matter.
    My hope Hachiman be better with Kawasaki Saki. I think Saki perfect match to Hachiman and I want saki much more participate in next three volume. It is much better than Hayama and Miura.

    • Volume 10 is boring? Man, I don’t have words. The most intriguing volume, these catchy memorandums, meeting with Yukinoshita mother, characters development, infirmary scene, Haruno malicious words…

    • We have a live one here…… Kawasaki Saki shipper confirmed….. Good luck with that for neglecting the potential of our young hero (ahem 8man – is a hero — he has man on the second part of his name 🙂 )

  9. I have a question, In volume 10, in infirmary scene , Yukino tells Hachiman that it was the first time Hachiman asked about her personal life . But in volume 4 when Yukino was gazing the stars, Hachiman question’s why she might have not come to the camp but she never answered?.

  10. No way condor! you must have read the wrong volume 10 coz in my opinion it was incredible. the memoranda were a stroke of genius by watari and haruno and hayama owned the volume bringing all sorts of twists to it. I agree though, I like kawasaki saki better than most of the girls, except for isshiki! Isshiki is a live wire, you just cant help but fall for her.

  11. now i’m worried about Yen shit, the like to license things then just leave them rot without any updates, and community can’t touch them because license.
    i really hope if Yen abandon a LN, they should revoke the License (at least for the rest of volume that they left untouched), so community can work on them.

    • Less likely you would need a super hit to get those . Assuming that this won’t get too popular and gets licensed

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