Yahari Season 2 – New PV (Subbed), New Commercial

Oregairu Zoku PV2

Let me know if subs don’t seem to be working. Uh, just a note, don’t try to watch it with MediaFire’s native player. Use MPC-HC or VLC (pls no).

The more I see, the better I feel about Feel working on season 2. If that Tobe scene is any indicator, they’re being very meticulous about the adaptation.


152 thoughts on “Yahari Season 2 – New PV (Subbed), New Commercial

    • Might be when she’s picking up her little sister/brother (can’t remember which) that goes to the school Hachiman & friends were using for free (child) labour?

    • It’s her sister… Btw, she (Kawasaki) might still think that Hachiman loves her (she didn’t realize that “Love you, Kawasaki” was a manner of speech back to the festival and the roof scene) and never have a talk with him about it), that makes some fun, ehehehe

    • The “love you” was not included in the anime series, kawasomething should be the one who tells hachiman about the door to the rooftop (loitering in the classroom corridors, if i’m not mistaken, but instead she was in the concert(?) in the anime.) No kawasaki x 8man moments too. T_T

  1. hmm… i’m just wondering…
    it’s just me or all of you have notice this that Totsuka has never been wearing the uniform all this time in anime nor in LN(maybe?). what do you think?

  2. Yeah, god, yeah, they’ve totally fucked up Yukino’s eyes (now please look at the left side of the page – her original eyes are even bigger). Hell, it’s really disappointing, just dunno what to say. Mattaku…

  3. iam dissappointed in orimotto appearance?
    doen’t like some one hikki might like or love
    Hayama was right hikki has better girls with him in looks and character

  4. HEY HEY HEY!!!!!! Wat the hell is wid dat eyes of Yukinoshita???? Seriously they r minimizing her ‘Ice Queen’ effect there!!😣😣😭😭 I want the old characters!!!!!!!😭😭

    • I don’t know… I never really seen her ‘ice queen’ in season 1, and she looks more mature than before and I think that adds more to that characteristic. And it’s not really ugly either… just different, and different isn’t always bad.

  5. A question excorsism. This may not be the right place but I have been thinking about it for a while now.
    Does ‘Oregairu’ mean ‘I am here’ or something or what?

    • It’s just taking the Ore, ga, and Iru from the title and throwing it together. It’s actually some kind of meme involving Guile from Street Fighter I think.

  6. It’s looking good. There is one thing I can’t stand though. It’s not the character designs, their fine, its the ‘character design looks ugly guys’. Just bloody get over it!! IT LOOKS FINE. Just be glad that we are getting a second season!

  7. Character design changes has some pluses and also some minuses
    Kaori chan looks lot different from light novel,
    Guess we will get use to this new changes in time

    • Sure! Thanks for your translation and scans as always too.
      In my country their translation just complete on vol.2 I can’t bare to wait for them haha.

    • Yes, thank you! …Hmm, well, as some otaku say: “I will watch it as long as there are the same seiyū”… To tell the truth, I think the main task for creators will be to create that thin romance. Since ranobe, obviously, wasn’t suppose to have a real romance in the beginning (the title isn’t just words), the S2 have to have totally another atmosphere, just like the total change in the second part of story (from 7s volume). Protagonist is not a looser any more, he is, well, another person. If he was kinda hikky in the 1st part (he’ve never been a real hikky), in the 2nd he differs. And there is no more insults (err, almost) between him and Yukino. It really looks like Wataru Watari decided to make true complicated relationships (not the funny “No, this is impossible” ones) somewhere in the process. Compare the atmosphere of the 10s and the 1st volumes. It’s like different works at all. Remember the moment when the thought “NONONO DONT TELLME THEYRE ENGAGED NONONONonono!!!….” have rushed through your head. Honestly, I was really afraid of reading the next chapter. Not because engagement is something original or shocking. It’s just the moment when you realize that this story is beginning to be a romantic drama, you just don’t expect it. Maybe you wait for it, but don’t really believe. So, I really just want the creators of the S2 to see that change, to follow the ranobe. Than we will have great almost drama and lightly romantic scenes. And it would be heavenly.

    • Your wishes come true sooner than you think! It’s on the official site now.
      This may be my imagination but I think the animation in PV looks good than expected.

  8. I dont mind the designs as long as they dont mince the show as they did in s1 by removing so much develoupment between our protagonist and our support characters

    • Agree.. many people complain about the desain..but we must aware that oregairu zoku in the new studio .. the new studio has rightfull autthority to change the desain.. respect it.

  9. whoa my eyes r numb after hearing Yukinoshita saying “I hate the way you do things.” And i cried out loud after Yui said “But see, you really need to understand people’s feelings more!” Too many feels to control!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Somehow, it gives me a disappointing feeling that this season will cover half or most of volume 7. 😦 Having a feeling that there will be no ‘roller-coaster’ makes me really worried and anxious.

    • Why so? About all the worries that we all have, yours is unlikely. As we can remember, S1 covers the story from the 1st to the 6th volumes. The season have 13 episodes. So… New season is one jap seasoned as always, yeah? It’s around 3 month, it’s around 12 episodes.The 99% of all anime is advertisement for the original ranobe\manga\game (Oh, Stiens;Gate, 48.5 hours to 100% finish). They goal is to make you go and buy the original stuff, ’cause you wanna know how things really were, without any censure or smthg. So they will show you the basic moments, how good is up to studio. There are really few anime that is not an adaptation. Hmm, Ergo Proxy, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill…

      Anyway, actually, I do think that S2 will cover the story up to the 10th volume, and then (!) we will have another 5 volumes (or about that) and, therefore, the S3. Because the ranobe is known, it makes money, anime will (and did (S1)) too, he’s (author) ending it, so it would be logical to make not, for example, 3 volumes, but 5-6 (it would be enough for the next season). ‘Cause it would be bad for all if there will be 10/13 (or so) of the story in anime, not the whole story. Yes, I think it’ll go this way, so don’t you worry!

  11. For some reason I could feel the pain by watching the characters in PV itself. I don’t know how intense they are going to present the story

  12. 1:25 might be proof that the anime goes up to 9. Komachi hands Hikigaya a lettter and the only letter she hands to Hachiman with the volumes of 7-9 is at the start of vol 9 about what she wanted for Christmas.

    • I think it also makes sense for the anime to at least add on volume 9 since volume 9 resolves the tension that is forming between Hachiman, Yukino and Yui from the student council elections and the field trip.

  13. Excorcism, you got some chapters wrong. For starters, they were on their trip fron the beginning of v7c5 so they couldn’t be in the clubroom. Haya x Hachi river bank talk took it’s plece in v7c8.

    …When I noticed, I was commenting him critically. Oh wait. Isn’t that me…? Or Hikigaya?

    • The Hayama line was taken from chapter 9, although it looks like the scene is from chapter 8. As for the other ones, it looks like I was off by a chapter.

  14. Damn it! We’re almost there! Japan government is closing leach sites such as animeget, gogoanime, kissanime, etc. This is bad. Good for you to have money to watch crunchyroll. They’re also closing sites soon such as mangahere, mangafox, etc.! This is… bad. Well… I do feel bad about piracy.

  15. Hopefully this trailer will get all of the detractors to shut up finally. I’m really digging the animation from what I’ve seen so far and I think it’ll work better for the more dramatic scenes of the season moreso than would season 1’s style. Thanks for the updates! Can’t wait for season 2.

  16. Excorsism, what is yukino’s fathers job some say it is prefectural diet and other say it’s a corporate company which Haruno is going to inherit ,the company for which Hayama’s father is a legal adviser Which of it?

  17. They really, really, powered up the anime quality (even the sound)! Impressive! But I’m a bit worried too… (I liked too much the way it was – the old draw). Well lets see…


    Call me a fanboy but I’m preordering the single now. Hopefully studio feel give us a great opening animation to go with it. Also they gave all the girls little air intakes. I don’t know how to feel about this.

  19. Just sharing, I downloaded the video on android phone and I’m using MX player pro to play the video, I’m able to see the subs.

    • TBS every Thursday night 1:46 – from April 2
      MBS every Tuesday night 3:30 – from April 7
      CBC every Thursday night 2:47 – from April 2
      TUT every Saturday night 1:53 – from April 4
      Every Saturday night 1:00 – from BS-TBS 4 月 11 日
      ※ broadcast date and time are subject to change.

    • The time is weird to us because Japanese people use ‘broadcasting days’ and if show airs at late night on Sunday but the channel airing time wasn’t stopped for night yet Japanese tends to call it Sunday show and write it’s air time as 26:00 instead of calling it Monday show and write 02:00.

  20. The KMPlayer shows it right.

    About issues: there aren’t any subtitles for 1:26 – 1:29. Err, and “But” appears a little late (should be 1:30, right?)

    • Matte, matte, why the hell are you so sure ’bout “up to 9th” part, haa? It may be up to 10th, ya know, it was realised 4 months ago. And volume 10 also is the end of the arc. It would be weird to start the new (talking ’bout 3rd now) season with the end of the last arc, yeah? If there will be the 3rd season, it’ll be about new volumes (from 11th). The question is will there be another 5-6 volumes or just 1-2 final? Who knows…

    • I don’t think you’re right with that. The arc started from 7th and ended with 9th. The 10th volume was kind of the prologue of the next arc.

    • The storyline about Hayama has ended in 10th volume. And another Yukino’s and Hachiman’s relationships question too. Do we have any firm clue about next volume’s content? Nope. We have only our guesses. So the 10th volume definitely not starts the new arc. It finishes the one.

    • Volume 10 wasn’t just about Hayama, it also served as a parallel to Hachiman’s position towards Yukino, and other things, but those two being the most prominent to me.

      And while it did conclude one arc of Hayama, there’s still plenty of room left to explore his character, particularly his past with Yukino. And volume 10 is definitely a set-up volume since it’s segueing into the supposed last arc, Yukino and her family. Cramming it in season 2 would leave a bitter taste and wouldn’t make for a good season finale.

      But if they’re aiming for a season 3 or hey, even a movie, they could top off season 2 with the ominous end of volume 10. But 4 volumes is too much material to cover in 12-13 episodes, at least, faithfully anyway.

    • Volume 10 had a distinct pace. You sad it yourself, vol 9 is the peak of the largest, at least till now, arc and likely the novel so far. It would be weird to put there dere Yukino for only like 2-3 episodes right after everything occurred.
      Although, you undoubtedly know that.

    • Yes, volume 9 is the major turning point in the story for Hachiman and Yukino, but regardless, it’s still the best volume to end season 2 on. Hachiman realizes what he wants, Yukino finally opens up to him and now has a goal to achieve (his request), they resolve Isshiki’s request, and the volume ends with Yukino intending to see through Hachiman’s request all the way to completion and them giving Hachiman his own teacup. It ends the season on a happy note with the three of them on extremely good terms and it also allows for easy transitioning to volume 10 if they decide to do a season 3/string of OVAs/or a movie.

      There’s also the 6.5 bonus track but I’m not sure if they’ll actually adapt since it has a drama CD. It’d be perfect, though.

      But anime production committees are fickle so it’s all speculation in the end.

    • Also, that intent, huh. +1 point to your ending bet. Keeping in mind Watari’s coherence and him not wasting words, it’s really fitting end. And wonderful one.

  21. Just wondering how they could adapt this in a 1 cour season if they are that meticulous in putting not so important scenes in the anime because the 8th and 9th volume are pretty long. But still if they do make it work then that’s good news!

    • Well, the 1st season contents 6 volumes. And the only part that they missed is the card game part, as far as I can see. So I think it’s gonna be okey.

    • Well they did that by skimming through many stuffs from vol. 3-5. They might not be as important but they do have a connection to the scenes in the future volumes as it allows them to make sense.

    • Hmm, you’re right here, off course, but they don’t have a lot of time. Actually, I didn’t really like the S1 as adaptation because they made a really though guy from Hachiman from start, but he was the one who almost cries many times. Now he’s tough, but he wasn’t in the beginning. Talking about character growth here.

      As Excorsism, they do cares about following the book in details. And that gives us hope =)

    • Yeah. Hoping they make this a GREAT adaptation, with all or even at least most of the scenes included (a lot of Hachiman monologues) because it portrayed Hachiman’s thoughts in his current situation which created the atmosphere of the entire arc. Crossing my fingers for these adaptation as this 3 volume (7-9) is what made me an avid of Oregairu.

    • Crossing my fingers for this adaptation as these 3 volume (7-9) is what made me an avid fan of Oregairu.*

  22. Hum, wait, in the new commercial, at 0:05, is that Hiratsuka sensei? Her clothes are just like the ones she was using at the ramen scene at volume 5… Maybe, just maybe since it wasn’t shown at the first season, they’re gonna mix this scene with the one at volume 9 ?

    • Nope, she had fully black attire back then. Here we have a glimpse of something light blue, and with this go to 1:14 of the upper one.
      Eye color kinda different from 0:04 though, most likely angle.

    • That scene is about Yukino being lured by Pan-san, btw. Just few seconds further and we would have some nice moment.

  23. Any actual Vol 9 scenes, anyone? It’s sure in unlikely, but I’m worried about us getting two certain scenes during this season anyway.
    Maybe Komashi’s letter or Kawasaki piking up her lil sis?

  24. For those who’s interested, in TVCM Hachiman says ‘Rebellious loner’s youth is rushing into it’s second phase. Yahari etc. Broadcasting starts in April’. First episode will start at 01:51 (Thursday) and other episodes will start at 01:46.

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