Oregairu Zoku – Episode 1 Preview Shots


So they already have episode 1’s synopsis on the official site. They have most of the characters, too.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll do this every episode, but judging by the screenshots, the first episode might be covering up to chapter 5 of volume 7.


52 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku – Episode 1 Preview Shots

  1. Visuals are good, Hachiman & tobe is more handsome, Yukino is on cute side than cold side, Yui seems more oblivious.
    I wonder if they will have Hachiman and Yui selfie

  2. My ideal (for a 13 episode cour) would be Vol 7 – 3 eps, Vol 8 – 4 eps, and Vol 9 – 6 eps with the 6.5 Bonus Track as an OVA.

  3. Then they might b screwing some important parts if the episode 1 is covering till chapter 5!!!!😔😔😔😠😠 I am waiting!!! Wat ya think, Excorsism???

    • If episode one would consist of 5 chapters,wouldnt that mean that one episode would be 5 chapters(est.) in the LN for the entire season? That might be too shoooooooooort, even with possible flashbacks; and filler episodes might ruin the atmosphere of season 2.

    • Well I think its still good to give them the benefit of doubt because thinking about it., not that many important stuff really happened in the first 4 chapters and it really just gets going at the start of the field trip. They might be doing 1 episode for each of the field trip (which is 3 days). If that’s the case, it would show the important scenes which mostly happened at the end of the volume.

    • And sorry for double posting but seeing the screenshots (of the character profiles like Miura, Zaimokuza, Ebina in the official site), even not so significant scenes are being animated. The anime may just feel its rushing because in the novel they give the full descriptions for the setting or people but those are already explained by the animations without really a need to be spoken and Hachiman’s lengthy monologues are being shorten to keep the anime for being wordy. Well that’s what i think :D. We can speculate more on how they would go with the anime when we actually see it so just 1 more week of patience!

    • I thought so as well…it probably would have been better to make her face look a bit more rounded. Hopefully, she doesn’t look weird like that throughout the whole season.

  4. i’m pretty sure the prescreen is private. also i think zoku will be watchable on crunchyroll but i haven’t found any news to confirm that.

  5. Well, regardless, it looks great. Tottaly. And Yukino looks fine and cute. There isn’t so much cold, but she getting warmer and warmer throughout the story, so her new warm look fits the atmosphere, yeah?

    • I want some cold expression from Yukino towards Hayama and Tobe when they entered the club wid the request….

    • I also want the cold expression towards kaori by Yukino and apathetic expression of yui on the double date episode along with Hayama’s cold expression and Haruno’s snickers

  6. They’ve softened everyone up a bit, specially Yukino and Ebina. Looks good and I hope they do a good job with this adaptation.

  7. does it bother anyone else (as minute a detail as this is) but the tea kettle is different from the LN’s. lol but IMO it seems that the tea kettle serves as a motif for yukino and hachiman.

  8. Hey just wondering if your able to make a full text page on all your translations, as it would help people who want to compile your translations. Thanks!

  9. Once again the old habit of refreshing the page for volume 10.5 is started by me after a long month, how is the progress of translation?

  10. so i dont remember, but were yui’s eyes also brown in the first anime? her eyes seem to be blue in the light novel pictures.

    • Hope some of shots are from another episode. Kyoto arc should have around 2 or 3.
      If these shots are all from episode 1 that’s a bit too rush i think.
      But whatever, we’ll see about that tonight or tomorrow anyway.

    • Wow I’m impressed with how dedicated they are to detail, they even gave Yukino and Yui their orange shirts from the concert. Hopefully they don’t rush the arc. Crosses fingers vehemently

  11. Seeing the tweets from the people watching in Japan right now., looks like they did went up to chapter 6 with the 1st episode. But well they are putting the important scenes in each chapter.

    • and seeing the preview, the next episode might finish the volume as they showed them walking around the bamboo forest.

  12. 5/10. But they really included most of really needed scenes. But putting Zaimokuza for just whatever reason is bad. Sound director’s work is shit. Yahari Oregairu no Zoku wa Machigatteiru.

  13. They’re doing it pretty RUSH. Animation between scenes are cut pretty fast too.
    I can even feel seiyuu are talking faster than usual. Orz
    But overall they get most of the important scenes.
    Maybe they’ll focus on Iroha arc I think?

  14. woow not a single good opinion about episode 1, well what you gonna do ….i just really dont want that the anime cover vol 10, it gonna be such anticlimatic ending

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