Yahari Light Novel – Volume 5 Complete

wpid-wp-1422893289179.jpegWill get the afterword done at some point. Like when I wake up. Chapter 6. Check out the new PV for season 2 while you’re at it!

Read this volume and then read volume 10. Got to love how much Hachiman and Yukino have changed.

Next stop, volume 10.5.


32 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel – Volume 5 Complete

  1. Exorcism grab a cup of tea and relax…
    I feel like you are way too hyped for now….
    Here, I even got a Pan-san tea cup for you!

  2. Oh, that was sudden. Spyro, you’re really something, thank you. The best thing about yours translations is that they’re not just translated text, the’re translations made with heath and mind. There aren’t any discomfort in reading at all. Way to go!

  3. thx for your hard work in vol 5. & next is 10.5? hugggg you 1 time!!

    gambatte ne. :3

    ps. your blog is the only one that I bookmark in my phone, you knoooow.

  4. Thanks again for your hard work Spyro!! Also, if for some reason you find yourself horrendously bored or something after finishing the translation for volume 10.5 could you possibly translate volume 4? The translator at nanodesu is taking ages and the outdoor recreation arc is my favorite one. It’d be nice to read your rendition of it as well.

    • I’d rather focus on redoing volume 7 and 6.5 after 10.5. I’m sure 4 will be up before I finish 10.5 anyway.

    • I myself really hope that you could redoing volume 7 first. For an English amateur like me reading vol 7 is just too much :'(. And I have been waiting for this since January. But well, if that’s your decision, I will not interfere. Afterall, I’m just an ordinary fan of Oregairu, whatever is fine for me.

    • We’re almost done with vol 4. There are more chapters translated but still on editing process. For now, enjoy the anime PV 😀

  5. Thank you very much for translating this volume 5 completely! 😀
    Looking forward to seeing your next work 🙂 Reading your translation is always full of enjoyment.
    Once again, thank you Spyro, with love for Oregairu!!

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