Yahari Light Novel Volume 10.5 Illustrations

Oregairu_v10-5_003-005Me in the middle translating your shit. (Kinda cleaned).

Volume 10.5 Illustrations.Oregairu_v10-5_006-008Also, hot pants.


39 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10.5 Illustrations

    • Oh, that’s lovely… Then when are you planning to publish the whole 5s? (To think about it: you’re probably the only one on the whole net who’s translating it… It’s kinda solid, my respect)

  1. Nah, post’s dead now, so I gotta repeat:

    Btw, did you guys notice how the new studio changed characters’ eyes in the Season 2 PV? It looks reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally questionable will it work or no. I mean, they’re (eyes) too small, especially Yukino’s. It definitely differs from Ponkan8’s pictures. And I think not following the LN illustrator is really bad. The whole animation level is higher, which is great (Yui looks kinda strange though), but Yukino’s eyes from S1 are better, just like Ponkan’s. Aaaaaaaah, it really worries me, I hate to think that S2 could be just terrifying (well, for me at least) only because of the eyes’ drawing. What do you guys think about this? Spyro, maybe you would say yours thinking?

    I can’t remember Yui’s crying and touching Hachiman in the scene . Don’t tell me the studio sees things in it’s own, unlike Wataru Watari’s way…

    • Count me in. I have my doubts since first chardiz leaks. Hikki got another generic appearance, rotten fish eyes no more. Yukinon lost her Ice Queen aura and got dumb moe feel. Hope it’s only my imagination.

    • I actually like the new designs. I mean, yes it does differ a little from Ponkan’s designs but I think they still capture the same concept (Kind of like how comparing Ponkan’s designs for the Shirobako characters, they look different at first to the anime, but they still capture the main features in Ponkan’s designs); for me the studio did a great job, from the looks of the trailer, on the scenes and atmosphere of the story and as long as they don’t try to skip the important scenes (and hopefully have enough time) I think they’ll be able to portray the story really well.

      In regards to your post script, Yui does cry and she did tug on Hachiman’s sleeve in that scene. It happens when Yui and Hachiman walk back to their hotel but Yui grabs Hachiman’s sleeve from behind and tries to admonish his techniques to dealing with particular situations, similar to how Hiratsuka advised him during their cultural festival. Although I can’t say it dispels all my questions and worries, I feel Studio Feel (lol) is going to do a great job adapting this season of Yahari Ore no Seishun…

    • I think that was after 8man and Yukino’s fallout after Tobe’s confession to Ebina (I’m assuming you’re talking about trailer).

    • Watch the first episode and I got to say as of now, I don’t see anything particular wrong with the character designs. I mean Hikigaya does look better than the first season. In improvement if you ask me while Yukinon to me seen more “girly”. That will probably make the season more interesting but honesty, I’ll just continue watching and pick out the faults I discovery or things I have an issues with as the episodes roll out.

  2. well, illustrations are full of irohasu & irohasu…where is our yukino? dont tell me the story also has more interaction with iroha than yukino???… well, i am still happy though… & many many thanks for the vol 5 translation….

    • nooooo… i want more yukinon…
      & irohasu not only got many normal B/W illustrations but got the fucking cover page….
      i am not disappointed though..but i expected she deserved more as a main heroine…
      but mannnn…. those thighs…..

    • just deal with it, you could find more yukinon if you look at past volume and satisfied your desire.

  3. fufufu
    based on the illustrations, i can expect:
    1. more service club activities with hachiman being the main work force despite him always saying “i dont want to work”
    2. sly yuigahama earning some hachi points (a total of 8pts)
    3. annoying guy zaimo-something being ignored as usual
    4. bonding time with kouhai iroha, fufufu cant wait for it!
    5. the usual service club dialouge, i can imagine it as something like;
    HIKKI: to work is to lose! i am not wrong, the society is wrong! i will not change! i dont want to work! i will not work!!
    6. totsuka sulking? cuuute!!
    7. heart-warming hikigaya sibling moments, komachi is the best little sister!

    • Number 5 looks more like 8man is telling Yui and Yukino what he and Iroha were doing. You can see some dark rings around his eyes (likely because hanging out with Iroha exhausted him), and in number 4 you can see him sleeping while she’s talking to him. Not 100% sure on that, but the flabbergasted looks on the girls’ faces sells it to me.

  4. Looks like this whole volume centers around Irohasu! Many people are starting to like Irohasu more and more after reading this volume! (well based on reviews from amazon)

  5. I don’t know who you guys are, but thank you for your hard work, translating those volumes for us who don’t know Japanise…
    F****** can’t wait for volume 10.5 and season 2

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