Yahari Season 2 Key Visual

f01Image for ants.


24 thoughts on “Yahari Season 2 Key Visual

  1. Altough the image is so small but the background is so Great!!!
    Irohasu is so cute… btw is there any info about voice actress who’d be fill her voice? (ps: I don’t visit any websites other than kyakka wordpress for update of Oregairu)

  2. Well I preferred the Season 1 characters…. Here i cant see the elegance of Yukinoshita, Rotten attitude of Hikki(which i too have😝), Childish yet matured Yuigahama and Playgirl Iroha!! I miss Yukino’s elegance in this pic a LOT!!!!

  3. Yukino looks really different from 1st season… More gorgeous, more rounded face, more happy expression… And Yui is just a bit more thin… But Iroha comes to be a surprise to me cause I never paid to much atention in LN’s pics. LOL! I thought Iroha would be some kind of small blondie rich tsundere. XD

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