Yahari Season 1 Blu-ray Box

IMG_0038 IMG_0037Nothing particularly exciting, was actually hoping for a card of the volume 5 illustration so I could make it my wallpaper or something. That Blu-ray logo is in the way! I might scan the book later, it’s basically character profiles and episode summaries. Also, a gallery of the BD covers in the first round. Also, >2 sets of BDs


7 thoughts on “Yahari Season 1 Blu-ray Box

  1. that bluray box logo messed up that pic of hachiman and yukino. is there a pic somewhere without that logo? XD

  2. want me to redraw the image? It’s a while from my last redraw with color but if you send me a good image i will try my best

  3. Sorry for the double comment but i find the image scanned in high quality so you don’t need to scan it. I will try, seems pretty easy (if i remember hot to use photoshop after 2 year 😀 ).

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