Yahari Light Novel Volume 10.5 – Synopsis + Cover + Alt Cover

CAWfFZ3UkAA1V7N.jpg orig

Yes. And no, I don’t have the book yet.


Tora no Ana


A collection of short stories published right before the airing of season 2 of their winter days!

The winter of Sobu High. As opposed to the cold weather outside, the Service Club is enveloped in a tranquil atmosphere. The usual members of the Service Club, Yukino, Yui, and Hachiman are visited by numerous students. A certain boy brings a request to them that exhausts them, Iroha strings them along with her selfishness, and they have to write a manuscript with a deadline right on their tails…!? With how distant the future feels in the present moment, the holidays which are spent with another and the Service Club from this point on…The irreplaceable days called every day life full of ongoing worries, troubles, excitement, and anxiety. A collection of short stories of Hachiman’s frantic winter days.

Dem shorts and dat fashion, I’ll take 50. Yukino taking good care of the glasses Hachiman gave her, I see.

New synopsis. As for volume 5’s progress: >50%. Also, Iroha’s either getting the new cover or another color illustration (probably).


63 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10.5 – Synopsis + Cover + Alt Cover

  1. Thanks :). I was more worried that you were going too fast before though hahaha but it seems we have the same work ethics work in super large chunks of time not doing anything else.

  2. gets pushed around by Iroha’s selfishness

    Irohasu too cute….
    I might want those oregairu LNs too bad shipping cost will most likely kill me…

    • If you think about it, it’s defintely after 10. Seeing as the gap between the end of 9 and the start of 10 is only several days (Christmas to New Years), which in addition is a holiday period in Japan hence if you take the premise of getting requests and being with the Service Club into account it must take place at after Ten. Plus premise talks of the service club being comforting hence it doesn’t take place before 6 nor at 8 and 9.

    • I doubt it. Vol.10 have a cliffhanger so… And the stories can be short enough to take 1 day each. Look at Vol.7.5!

  3. well on a side topic, who do u think has the highest probability of ending with 8man-yukino or yuigahama or no one at all? i belong to the yukino faction but dunno y, i get the feeling that the author might go with yui…or worse case no one at all ending in a ambigous note. What are ur thoughts?

    • I vote for no one at all. I don’t think a genuine conclusion needs to come packaged with “partnership”.
      It has always puzzled me as to why we are mostly able to compartmentalize our circles to suit the corresponding activity,
      yet the one activity that the majority considers absurd to isolate, is partnership.

      One of the reasons I like this series so much is because it seems to me that it is moving towards a direction of few pretenses
      (at least around the service club) and I would be perfectly happy if the series halts at a resolution of the above.

    • Yukinonnn, but I kinda want him to end up with kawasaki.hahahahahahhaah. but idk, if he ends up with no one at all I’m gonna be dissapointed but thats okay I guess cause at least he’s happy now and has friends. Plus,he’s flanked by cute and pretty girls as well like yukinon,yui,isshiki

  4. I thought totsuka was his eternal love…….Anyway, who ever he ends up with, the light novel is heading in a great direction. And great story build up until now, ore happy happy:)

    • No. I’m sure you’ll be able to taste my tears in my translations though.

      Then again, I don’t know if I’m actually a good enough writer to get that across in English.

  5. A thousand thank yous for translating this wonderful Light Novel! T-T ❤ For those of us who can’t read Japanese, we really appreciate you guys very much.

  6. spyro san..i am glad to know that u won’t rage quit but please be gentle to us readers. If u make it too tear jerking(in case of yukixhachi fail) u might scar us…for life that is

  7. Hi! I’m new to your blog and translations so I’ve never experienced your update/posting schedules before. Do you plan on posting volume 5 by chapter or are you going to finish the whole thing before you release it all at once? I was under the impression from the chapter comments that you posted them episodically. Thanks!

    • I’ll be done with the volume this weekend but editing might take a while. So if it takes too long , I’ll release chapter by chapter.

    • But don’t you think her face looks a little disproportioned? Perhaps because the color gradient is a little off?

  8. Sorry if someone already asked this but when the Volume 10.5 will be released you will translate as soon or you will keep the list Oregairu stuff for do and just add one more?

  9. Whoa, Yukinoshita!!! She looks cool!!! Thanks to Hikki, Yukinoshita is looking more elegant than i imagined!! >_<

  10. Ah, this is off-topic technically for this post, but I don’t think I can reply to the other. Excor, do you have programming experience too or something? I was curious because you used (!=) for not equals in the post you made in your last update referring to comments. lol

    Sorry for being off topic!

  11. Btw, did you guys notice how the new studio changed characters’ eyes in the Season 2 PV? It looks reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally questionable will it work or no. I mean, they’re (eyes) too small, especially Yukino’s. It definitely differs from Ponkan8’s pictures. And I think not following the LN illustrator is really bad. The whole animation level is higher, which is great (Yui looks kinda strange though), but Yukino’s eyes from S1 are better, just like Ponkan’s. Aaaaaaaah, it really worries me, I hate to think that S2 could be just terrifying (well, for me at least) only because of the eyes’ drawing. What do you guys think about this? Spyro, maybe you would say yours thinking?

    I can’t remember Yui’s crying and touching Hachiman in the scene . Don’t tell me the studio sees things in it’s own, unlike Wataru Watari’s way…

    • if I remember correctly she did touch Hachiman in that scene, after Yukinon leaves in a very bad mood, for now the only thing the studio is doing wrong is not following the art of S1, also Hachiman looks weird but not in a good way, were are the dead fish eyes?!?!

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