Oregairu Season 1 BluRay BOX

Remember how they’re doing a re-release of the first season? Well, take a look! Ponkan8 redrew the final image of volume 5 in his current style.


Ponkan8 Yukino and Hachiman really are the best. Comes out next month. I pray I can get volume 5 done by then. More details on the BOX set itself.



14 thoughts on “Oregairu Season 1 BluRay BOX

    • Don’t need Hachiman to be handsome or cute. He will be like other MC if the author did that ^_^

  1. I’m sorry but I am a bit late. Can I ask what do you mean by re-release of the first season?
    As in the style is going to change and stuff like kanon but same content or a little different, or just additional stuff?

    • It’s basically just the first season compiled into a new package to sell. Think of it as marketing for the second season which airs a month after its release.

    • Will there be any changes in the art of the characters along with picture and audio quality or just the same in a new package.

  2. Nice pic from ponkan, haaha..
    When i look at the picture, think like” time is sure flies” come to my mind.
    Now yukino and hachiman are so much closer than in that time the pic happen.
    Hope the LN will continue longer! Would like to read watari sam new LN too.
    Anyway thanks spyro san.
    And wow..my english suck, sorry guys.

  3. Hi excorcisms! Sorry if this question is off topic or inconvenient, but I really want to pick your brain about the character of Kawasaki. What kind of role do you think she plays in the story and do you think she has a crush on Hachiman? She definitely seems flustered every time they come into contact, but that might just be her antisocial nature at play. Pretty much every primary and secondary character so far has had a pretty relevant role to play, but I feel like Saki’s scenes and her role in the story are kind of inconsequential and unimportant. I like her but she seems like sort of a retread of Yukino (tsundere elements) without adding that much to the plot. Do you predict her playing a role of greater importance in the upcoming volumes? Also, sorry if you’ve already answered the question, but how many volumes of Oregairu do you think are left in the works? I refuse to believe that the story’s going to conclude at vol. 11.Thanks!

  4. It does NOT come with english subs. I am quite devestated becaus it was so expensive. The cheaper blu-ray releases do come with subs.

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