Yahari Light Novel Volume 10.5 – Release 3/18

2015-01-19_17-28-56Looks like the next volume is a .5 volume. Strange. Guess we won’t get 11 for another half a year.


28 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10.5 – Release 3/18

  1. This news isn’t too surprising given that he is involved with the Qualidea project and the upcoming Season 2 Anime.

    I guess needing to release something in March leads to the decision to do a 10.5 instead of leaving readers hanging for too long.

  2. ehhh, then i gues this .5 have yukinon’s party in it? like with yui’s birthday, they went out!(like karaoke and such) I hope it’ll really have!! please!! :3 want more yukinon!! XD

    • in case you didn’t know in anime world after high school there is nothing left no reason to live and and considering Hachiman is already a 3rd yeah it will definitely end maybe we get an extra OVA but that’s it no more , i wish they took the step and show us Hachiman life in colleague so that more Animes takes this route and drop the milked high school genre already

    • really ! i for sure thought he was third year from the start of volume 7 , does that mean Oregairu will end when 8-man starts his 3rd year ?

  3. I agreed with the fellow above… Anything’s fine… Also, the .5 chapters it’s a good oportunity to other characters appears. I’m crossing my fingers to Kawasaki Saki! LOL!

  4. Playing Hachiman’s role here, but it could be that the reason for a .5 is so that the main story doesn’t progress. With one anime out and another coming soon, drawing out the story a little could even be advice from his editors. Sell while there is interest, don’t wrap things up until sales start declining, that sort of thing. I would bet against this being writer’s block since Watari seems to have fairly firm direction in his story, and since he writes a protagonist as calculating as Hikigaya, I can see this as a calculated move.
    Side stories aren’t bad by default or anything, they can be entertaining and give more exploration of characters. Just stating my thoughts.

    • I agree. If this covers valentine’s day, then maybe volume 11 will be the final year of their high school career.

  5. i’m sure i read somewhere that volume 11 will be the last. i don’t ask something like hachiman and yukino will end up together (i do ship them though) but at least the author reveal more about haruno. i mean that girl true intentions are still mystery for me.

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