Current Progress and Stuff

B7MtpjMCAAAZWar.jpg origI’m getting a lot of “Where are muh PDFs comments?” I’m working on the PDF for volume 6 now and I imagine it’ll be near the end of the month just kidding, maybe mid-February by the time I get it out. Volume 7 is next, but I’ll be working on volume 5 at the same time. I’ll aim to get it done at the same time as volume 4 over at NanoDesu and we’ll be all caught up (6.5 not included) before season 2. Some other people already made their own PDFs so try looking around for them in my other posts. Also kind of hooked on Ciel Nosurge for the Vita right now, so uh, yeah. Anyway, that’s my progress report for now and likely the next couple months until season 2 and volume 11. Picture is courtesy of Aki no Sora. P.S. This isn’t a post where you’re free to insult people.


38 thoughts on “Current Progress and Stuff

  1. why no volume 6.5 , why..? i am so sad i could cry, i want to know about sagami’s change, yui and yukino’s jealousy of meguri getting close to hachiman

    • Will 1-5 ever be translated? because i really would like to start reading it from the beginning before i read 6-10.. I see you are doing 5 but wil 1-3 ever be done? Also will 4 and whoever translates 1-4 be hosted on this site? ill be checking here for the other books when they are done.

    • Ah well I went there too and well honestly it was a bit confusing. I’m still a beginner and just 1 month into Learning Japanese and Just have a rather mediocre reading ability of the kana but I still dont understand any meaning behind whatever I read whatsoever. So if Its allright with u, could u mail me the ebook? My mail is

  2. I just have one question. You will translate the last drama CD that is left, “We will… We will rock “you”!!”? Since Frog-kun translated the “Birthday Song for you” with volume 3 I thought he would translate that also when he would translating the volume 6 but he will stop after volume 4. I guess it was out with the volume volume 7 and the story takes place shortly after the anime’s end (well, ep 12), so I’m quite curious about this.

    • I made some for my own use on Calibre (BT Full Text – Save Page As… Web Page, HTML Only – load saved file onto Calibre – convert to desired format) since I prefer to read LN’s on my Kindle instead of the computer. Anyway, it’s a couple of orders of magnitude simpler than making a pdf, since all the choices from font and font size to wrapping etc. are made by the reader instead of being included in the file.

  3. Wah wah…. Exco… Deletion of the comment wasn’t necessary. Take it cool man. Also, I didn’t insult anybody. What do you expect me to do, huh? Add a sama or what? People may praise you. You are worthy of praise definitely. I read your translations and not froggie’s, alright? The day I read his, I shall give him the respect he deserves. But right now… Don’t get so worked up over it. Learn to chill bro…

  4. Might as well repost the link on this post for those who wanted it in epub format:

    Contains several volumes. Volume 7 and 8 can be downloaded on baka-tsuki. 1 and 2 can be downloaded from Nanodesu.

    Now to patiently wait for the new volume 7 and the remaining untranslated 2 volumes 😀

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