Qualidea of Scum and A Gold Coin – Characters


Just bored while editing volume 6. A rough translation of the character introductions. Basically, sibling switch for our notHachiman and notYukino except they seem nice. Here’s the official website. Also, that English title. Japanese and their weird titles.

As for news, I won’t be translating this, but Frog-kun will. I’ll be following it though, so maybe I’ll do summaries or something.

There’s also another series I’m a bit interested in which got a pretty quick manga adaption. There’s only one volume of it out, so maybe? Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Comedy

Back to the grinder…


41 thoughts on “Qualidea of Scum and A Gold Coin – Characters

  1. Hmm, it doesn’t look too promising for me. Nice beaty and may be generic anto-social MC. Hope I am terribly wrong about my premonitions.

  2. Shouldn’t “whose” be “who is” or “who’s”? It’s too bad Spyro isn’t translating this… I hope Frog-kun does it at a decent speed at least… but anyway, more things to look forward too!

  3. Just a quick note for anyone here reading this. I won’t begin working on this series until March, at least. Oregairu volume 4 takes priority over at Nano Desu.

  4. Spyro pls do Monku no Tsukeyo!!! The general premise is way too interesting. I just dont seem to be finding raws tho….-_-

  5. Awww. I was hoping you’d translate it. In my opinion, your TLNs, speed, and quality are superior. You understand Watari’s sense of humour very well, and it’s always an enjoyable read.

    When I read bad or even decent translations, I mentally edit it in my head to improve it. I very rarely do that with your translations. Thanks for all the translations so far, and the effort you put into it is very easy to notice.

  6. Personally I think both Frog-kun and Spyro do great jobs.

    Frog-kun has the advantage of an editor, but that does slow the process down a bit.

    Obviously I’m grateful to both for their selfless, uncompensated efforts for the benefit of total strangers.

  7. Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Comedy is a really interesting read. I was hooked in thr chap. 1 of the manga, now I want to read the translated LN (which I hope is more interesting, most novels are like this anyway). Are you interested on translating it? Would be glad if this is a good read

  8. who’s doing the art for the LN? it looks waaaaaaay more anime-esque than any other LN I’ve seen…
    the girl looks like a not irritating version of Iroha, by the way. And her sister appears to be a unmischievous version of Komachi, the teacher appears to be a politer version of sensei… i get it !!! this is a AU where the cast of Oregairu is actually nice to most people. 🙂
    jokes aside, of course I’ll check it out.

  9. well I think it’s OOT, but since I doubtful about there won’t be any answer if I ask on it’s own post so that I asked it here.

    Does anybody have raw novel (soft copy) of Qualidea ?? I’ve search it through Google but there’s none of it


  10. Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Comedy…

    Ah, I read the first chapter of that. It was really interesting. I hope you translate the novel. ^.^

  11. This light novel seems interesting, i loved “Yahari Ore” so I need to read this one too!
    Do you mind telling me where can I find raw of kuzu to kinka no quolidea? i’ve searched everywhere but without result. Thank you in advance!

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