Happy Birthday Yukino!



Yes, Yukino gets her own birthday post and there’s nothing you can do about it! Post Yukinon pictures here, etc. By the way, I think she’s 18 in the actual series now. Or 17. One of them. Basically marriageable age. Also, her birthday is 1/3, not 1/2. You should be able to solve this.


81 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Yukino!

  1. “Yukinoshita-senpai, so your birthday was on January 3rd, huh? By the way, my birthday is on April 16th, senpai.”

    Will there be an Iroha birthday post?

    • sypro-chan you are rude ,just because she act like a bitch doesn’t mean she is a hatable character, beside you yourself said she changed in volume 6.25

    • I think that maybe iroha likes 8man -as in a crush or perhaps as an older brother? What do u think?

    • man……girls are really hard….i am not even related and its bugging me out. If iroha likes(?) 8man then y the hell did she go and confess hayama?and even in 10 its apparent that she is after hayama. so is 8man like a substitute or something?(like tobe) and y does yui and yukino get shellshocked everytime he does somthing for her(like carrying the snacks and then the bags in vol10). they do know that the poor bloke’s got no chance. I mean what exactly are they thinking?……honestly its frustrating

    • if she wouldn’t be interested in him then she wouldn’t have suggested that he becomes and editing director after learning how much they earn.

    • That’s wrong iirc. Since the Japanese education starts during spring i.e April, and they are of the same year, that makes 8man older, since anyone born from January to March of the next year will join the majority that are born on the previous year.

  2. I have a question: ¿Will you translate the rest of the volume 6.5?, again thanks you for your translations, this is the only light novel i follow.

    • I feel like I’ve answered this question a lot of times already. My plan is to do every novel, so I’ll get around to it eventually.

    • the specific reason for everyone asking is to learn the end of sagami arc,which is left incomplete in both anime and translated light novel
      and also because of yukino and hikki’s high five along with kawasaki and hikki’s blushing scenes

    • seems like every-one is interested in seeing yukino and hikki high five
      perhaps sagami’s change as she is said to be athletic committee chairman

    • so if she is a Hachiman-obsessed type of girl then we will never remember her birthday? Oh okay.
      -grabs gun and shoots bystanders outside the house-

  3. Yukino thrown away her childhood friend (hayama), when he failed to protect her from bullying?, In that case what will happen, when hikigaya hachiman fails her ? is she really genuine?

    • She did not throw it away. It’s like when you have a dog and it strayed away from you and you don’t wanna find your stray dog anymore.
      I think Hachiman’s different from what she sees. See the Panda Yukinon is holding on the left side of this page? That’s an allusion of HACHIMAN (speculations) 🙂

    • hikki is different from hayama, he doesn’t care about his social standing and willing to do anything to save everyone even sagami,yumiko,orimotto,etc
      he even jumped in front of a car to save yui’s dog before he even knew her,that kind of person hikki is, so don’t think he will fail,

      Nor is yukino a type of girls mentioned above, she is kind, gentle,understand other’s situation, and a perfect role-model besides even yumiko who hated her at the beginning started liking her,don’t compare her to the bitches like sagami,orimotto

      So please stop commenting rubbish

    • You sir just shed light to the one’s misunderstanding the novel. (シ_ )シ(シ )シ(シ )シ(シ _)シ
      Hachiman -> Misunderstood Saviour
      Yukinon -> Eccentric Considerate Woman
      Yui -> Definitely Moe

      And So His and Her and Her Youth Romantic Comedy Continue Going Wrong as Expected

      *Still rooting for Saika becoming a girl (PLOT TWIST make it happen) *

    • or they embrace the greek route and decide that true love is only possible between guys 🙂

  4. Pls Wataru Watari, if for some coincidence of the life u end up reading this post, pls don’t let hiratsuka-sensei end alone.

  5. can someone please delete my identical spam comments above and the OreGaiRu Project KILIG Chapter 1 – Sweetness A Place to Belong | EijiToh says: comment. They are both mine but posted wrongly.
    Very sorry for disorganized posting. I hope mr./ms. Exorcism doesn;t mind if it could be deleted pronto. And I’ll make sure to not make it happen again.

  6. Bear with me a second:

    Assuming vol. 10 narrates events that already happened, and that it’s set in 2014, and knowing that she’s a 2nd year high school student in vol. 9 (which includes her birthday), that means this is her 18th, I think.

    Anyway, happy birthday, Yukino, and may this one not be ruined by overbearing relatives.

  7. 17, 2nd year h.s students should celebrate their 17th birthday within the school year (April to March, i think). She was born January of the next year after 8-man was… If she’d been born later in April , she would have been 8-man’s kouhai…

  8. People seriously don’t understand simple commands like dump Yukino pics here 🙂


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