Yahari Light Novel, Volume 10 Complete – Happy New Year!

And that about wraps up the year of 2014. Actually with how the volume ended, I’m not sure if it’s a happy way to end the year. Oh well.

So now to reflect back on my progress of 2014.

I completed volumes 6, 6.5 BT, the second half of 7, 8, 9, and 10. Surprisingly, I made some good progress, putting aside the quality of the translations of course. I started translating volume 7 back in May 2013, fast forward to the end of 2014 and we’re caught up on the latest volume. I was really slow at first, since I sucked, but at some point, my speed just blew up somehow. I have no idea how or why, but in retrospect, it’s pretty amazing. My writing has gotten a lot better too though there’s still a lot of headroom to improve. But I didn’t think I’d actually be pumping out a whole LN volume within a month and a half after its release, a wordy LN to boot, translation quality aside.

I remember falling in love with the series after episode 11 of the anime and after some encouragement from some anons on 4chan, I ended up diving deep into translating. Glad I did it and I don’t regret it since this series is really enjoyable. Admittedly, I’ve kind of cast my social life aside to get this all done, but hell, I’m out of college and have a full-time job, it’s totally fine to be a loner now, right!? I should mention I’ve spent an ungodly amount of money on Oregairu merchandise too, oops.

In any case, thanks again for reading my translations. While I get the feeling my translations will be overshadowed whenever Frog-kun catches up, I don’t think I’ll stop until everything is translated with my own hands, just for that sense of completion. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have alternatives on the scene like fansubs of ages past (thanks HorribleSubs!). I’ll only stop unless the series gets licensed and they officially tell me to screw off which I will reluctantly have to do. Damn shame.

Anyway, my plans until the next volume:

Make PDFs of volumes 6-10.
Edit/rewrite volumes 6-10 to be more consistent with my current writing style, especially volumes 7-9 (which may actually warrant retranslations instead).
Do volume 5 in conjunction but at a slow pace.
Hopefully pump out more chapters of the manga.
Do all this before season 2 hits since I’m expecting a surge in readers. By the time I finish volume 5, all main volumes will be translated before season 2. Hopefully.

Damn it, there’s so much to do, so little time.

Without further ado,

Chapter 8


89 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel, Volume 10 Complete – Happy New Year!

  1. Great work dude! I was extremely surprised beings I recently started this series and was catching up on the latest volume tonight, only to find out you completed it whilst I was reading 😀

  2. Hell yeah, you did it!! Thanks for every single of your translations, Spyro) Kind of sad, though, that it have to end already. You did a great job here finishing Vol10 practically in no time! It’s a pity I can’t start reading it right away, but still good to know that there is a new chapters waiting for me))
    Happy New Year! Don’t push yourself too hard, I believe you’re gonna make everything as you’ve planned or even better(^_^)v

  3. And also, even if someone else translates better, you still took tremendous effort. A fast translation is equally good as a good one. So we still appreciate your work and are thankful for it.

    … Just wanted to say.

  4. Many thanks spyro, we all appriciate your hard work, just remember to do this for fun and not as an obligation. You are free to slow down whenever you want. I, at least, will stick around for a long time.

  5. thanks for your hardwork!!,,

    ..btw,, can you consider doing the rest of vol6.5?,, im very curious on what will be the conclusion with the final face-off with the clown Sagami… that is if you have time..

    thanks again and happy new year..

  6. Brilliant! I can’t believe that vol 10 is finished this fast. Thanks for your hardwork!!

    Btw, could you back to edit vol 7 please! I’ve been waiting for that volume since November :'(.

  7. You’re awesome! Well, of course, only second to Hachiman… Still, you’re awesome… What a great way to end the year… Please take care of us this new year as well…

  8. I have been stalking the blog from some time ago, and can’t find words others than “thank you” for translate this LN.

    Happy new year from Mexico.

  9. one doubt
    sagami ,orimoto,miura,yukino,hayama,ebina,tobe,meguri senpai, all acknowledge and understand hikki’s doing but why all hate him or not acknowledging him as friend?
    all above girls want to be just hayama’s lovey dovey(except yukino i hope).why cold treatment for our hero ?

    • Quit spamming the same comment on multiple pages.

      You don’t have to like someone just because you acknowledge what they do. There’s a thing called values and morals or whatever you want to call it. You should be able to solve the rest.

  10. Otskaresamadeshta… 🙂 Happy new years men! Just so you know, translating stuff makes you smarter, so even if it all gets taken out, you’ll have gained in brain matter 🙂

  11. Happy New Year guys! Just joining the greetings bandwagon so as not to feel too lonely myself. Cheers to us Oregairu fans and may an event-filled, good ending (not gonna die yet) year come to all of us (^o^)/ Wooooo!!!

  12. Hooray! No longer “Anonymous”! Do LNs usually have so many short paragraphs? There seem to be areas that are needlessly separated into different paragraphs in LNs, but I never really questioned them until now. (Also, they’re not indented.) I’m not referring to Oregairu specifically, but LNs in general. There seems to be lots of sentence fragments too. (But I don’t remember if I’ve seen them in your work. Sorry, my memory is terrible. I may look everything over again though.) One final question: when do you expect the pdfs to be released? I’d like to read the edited pdf versions of the previous volumes before season 2, if possible, but I’ll stick with the ones already uploaded if they’re not released before season 2. This is so that I understand everything before hopping on to the hype train and getting overly excited. Happy New Year!

    • I’m not so sure about real Japanese novels, but light novels in general tend to have a lot of paragraphs for simple thoughts. They don’t use indents either. Sentence fragments appear in the original text, but I tend to make use of it myself when I translate. I think it helps emphasize certain things better. I’ve been tinkering around with the prose of my translations, but I’m trying to stay faithful to the structure of the light novels as much as possible. It’s just the nature of the medium I suppose.

      As for the PDFs, I can’t give any estimates but the goal’s to get what I have translated rewritten/retranslated and made into PDFs for public consumption before season 2 hits. Don’t know if that’s a realistic goal though.

    • Hi Excor,

      I’d just like to reiterate that I like your translation style though you’ve tweaked it a bit since I last commented.
      I still appreciate the fact that you didn’t deviate too far from the original structure and choice of words to convey the meaning.

      This does not mean that I do not enjoy reading Froggy-kun’s translations on Nano Desu, but it does feel quite different.

      I hope you have a good 2015 and all the best!

  13. Are you going to update in baka-tsuki?

    This was a surprise attack, i am going to sleep after exhausting all the firecrackers and dang!

    Thank you very much!
    And happy new year!

  14. Wow, the Volume was completed already. Best regards to the one translating this for that was hard work. Could I have a question to the person translating this?

    To you, who likely will be the one Hachiman will share romantic feelings with?

    hope the translator answers

    • Thanks! I appreciate your effort, I prefer ePubs myself.

      However, I did find that the pic of Iroha does not display properly in iBooks:

      1. On iPad (iOS 8.1), it is a cropped picture only of her face (but it displays ok)
      2. On Mac (OSX Yosemite), the picture is a blurry mess.

      Not sure why that is happening. It renders properly in FBReader (Linux).

  15. ” Edit/rewrite volumes 6-10 to be more
    consistent with my current writing
    style, especially volumes 7-9 (which
    may actually warrant retranslations

    Back then I’ve finished reading volume 6-9 without so much problem. And then I’m continuing to read the tenth volume.
    But recently, since there’s any request to translating this novel, so that I reread volume 6-9, but somehow, this time I need to force my brain harder to get a good grasp about it.

    The point is, I feel sorry but, Indeed your translation on volume 7-9 is rather sucks at least if we consider it with volume 10.
    So that, if we consider about your objectives to finish all volumes before the second seasons of anime is starting, and now you’re still working on volume 7-9, it looks like a dream.
    Aside from the easy task on volume 7-9 that just correcting it, you still have six volumes to translate. If we recall that you finish volume 10 in one month, then that means to translate six volumes you would need six month, but the anime will start only In three months from today.

    Well, I have no intention to criticizing you since I have no rights to do so, I just want to say what I think.
    Just remember what your aim is, and do things based on it’s priority.
    (If we mix your translation with nanodesu’s, then your top priority should be volume 5, after it is volume 6.5, then starts over form volume 1 until 4. You could do the recorrecting volume 7-9 in the meantime, that’s the best way I could think)

    Sorry if my very existence just give you more hindrance.

    Once again, sorry, and…

    Best regards.

  16. Thank you! 😊 this is my 2nd LN after utsuro no hako, i finished reading this morning and rewatch the anime just a few hours ago, and i’m currently reading it again + the manga (multi tasking 😀) thank you again.

  17. Wow… What a coincidence. Everbody who wants to read another awesome LN here’s the link


    This LN is a little confusing at first, but trust me, by the time you finish volume 1 you’ll definitely fall in love with it. The female lead Maria Otonashi is at the level of Yukinoshita Yukino. The next one that is volume 7 will be the last. Please please I request you exco try this LN if you haven’t and promote it. Everybody all I ask you is to bear through volume 1 IF you find it boring. Though I bet you won’t. Exco, you’ll fall in love with it too. I need your help. Why I am doing this? Just to get this LN what it deserves.

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