Oregairu Zoku PV trailer (poor quality)

Hype. Twiddling my thumbs so hard I can’t concentrate on translating.
Yukino pouring tea is the image from volume 7. Probably.
Volume 7 and 8 scenes.
Yuigahama “Biribiri” Yui
That back shot of Yukino, yowzers.
More Yukino shots, particularly this scene.
Looks pretty good in motion and those backgrounds. Pray for the roller coaster scene.


71 thoughts on “Oregairu Zoku PV trailer (poor quality)

  1. I’m really surprised! Didn’t like the designs much but in the actual full anime form, wow, it looks pretty good! Faith restored!

  2. It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see them animated and hear the seiyuus.
    (and I also can’t wait for all the C87 goodness)

  3. The art is better than i thought , i can get used to thiss , now the rest is about the story , please Feell , don’t screwd it

  4. Yukino’s hair is shorter for some reason, but otherwise she just awww. Especially that tea-pouring screenshot.

    Also, Hikki is Touma now.

  5. the story’s gonna be real awesome…and is it just me or 8man looks really cool! reminds me of the protag from hyouka

  6. Please explain to me what is “Zoku PV” (Zoku Project Video, I guess…) ? I have been looking around for the meaning…
    Also, does this mean the anime is going to cover vol 7-10?

    • Maybe just volumes 7-9 at most if it’s 13 episodes. There are a lot of events and dialogues ranging from volumes 7 and 8 alone. I could be totally wrong though and they just cut out a lot of stuff.

  7. why is some girl like crying ,i never read anything like that ,
    probably hikki and yui holding hands are from field trip of tobe and ebina request

    • Not going to spoil for you but volume 7 has a turning point event that begins to question Hachiman’s method and beliefs.

  8. LOL the only way to differentiate Yui and Iroha now is the bun on Yui’s head.
    LMAO “biribiri” Yui is the perfect way to call Yui now, since the character design for Railgun and this Yahari is the same guy.

  9. wait, what color are yui’s eyes again? in this page’s background is blue, but in PV orange? (i don’t know about hachiman, since it just a dot 🙂 )

    • It’s blue in the light-novel since she’s dying her hair, but anime’s character designer decided she should be in a one color scheme, Yuigahama is.So they dyed her eyes in orange.

  10. I really hope it ends on volume 9 or later… my heart can’t take it if it ends on something depressing like volumes 7 and 8

  11. Yukinoshita’s design in new pic is more inclined towards old than mature.
    Bit of a contrast when you compare her to the current page’s background.
    If they are playing a 4:3 video on a 16:9 screen then it’s fine(which most likely they are not). AAHHhhh… What’s with this complicated feelings??

  12. I believe the episode going to begin with the paper cup scenes of volume 7 to the gift/replacement mug(yukino and yui gift to hachiman) scene of volume9
    but sadly as usual they won’t be detailed as novel but a cut shot version of anime screenplay
    i agree to the above comment of 45 min each episodes or more than 15 episodes
    wish they take our opinion…………………..

    • Well they have given the anime higher quality, just look how they high quality they designed Yukino, Hachiman, and Yui. And then there’s the staff change and the popularity, so who knows? I just hope its more than 13 episodes and that they can maintain the quality of the animation consistently.

    • yes ,most anime are not properly ended while light novel continue on ,hope this anime will have a proper and HAPPY ENDING

    The way they walked at the end was hilarious! So relieved. All more previous worries about the character designs are gone after seeing the actual animations. It looks a lot better than I expected! Best anime of 2015 is coming up!

  14. yosh,expectation is now high . especially yuighama crying scene amazing.
    isshiki sure acts to be cute ,we can judge from one scene.
    yukino gently smile amazing

  15. If they don’t anime the roller coaster scene I’m going to nOyeniGwlfhelei.
    But seriously, the moment when yukinon asked for help was just perfect.

  16. i read volume 7 and 8 after this pv so excited
    and i have one doubt was Orimoto Kaori a bitch ,she kept on laughing at hikki
    and did she changed her opinion after the double date

  17. YUKINON is more SEXIER now.. “Not that I want that” (Hachiman phrase).. so she’s not a petite now.. okay.. at least Hachiman does not look like GLIGAR in poke’mon now.. n_n

  18. Looks good, can’t wait to see the next few volumes animated. Any confirmation on how far they will get?

    BTW, was anyone else bothered by that bug that’s just hovering there in the video?

  19. the animation looks fu**ing gorgeous!!! now i just have to sit through a season with a handsome Hikki… shudders

  20. lol such an aptly named studio to handle the 2nd season considering the volumes they are going to animate/adapt. That said, having seen this preview I quite like how it looks overall, especially the backgrounds.

  21. Well, judging from this little video, all I can say is it feels way much better than the first season, but only based on the smoothness of animation, details, design and background.

    Still wondering how they would adopt the story. since the hype is feels pretty same as the time MCA got anime adaptation, I hope it wouldn’t turn out like MCA’s anime (Tv) that risen up your hope at first just to destroy it and then make you to buy their BDs for the decent version.

    keep praying to the GOD

  22. oh shiet, it’s airing next season, i thought i would’ve had to wait for a while, still, i highly doubt feel’s “quality”.

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