“Don’t Be This Guy” Commenting Guidelines

1. Basically, this here.
2. >being this mad Didn’t even notice since it was filtered. What a big bully!
3. Before you ask a question, check the FAQ.

You can call me a petty asshole (not trying to publicly condemn hi– okay, I totally am), but these are the kinds of readers I don’t want to translate for. Muh superior morals and intellect or what have you. I shouldn’t give this guy more attention than he deserves, but that recent post was kind of golden, so I had to share it. Oops, IP. I’m not that mean.



79 thoughts on ““Don’t Be This Guy” Commenting Guidelines

  1. i won’t be able write here anymore because my english is a s… but i respect you so I thank you and will enjoy the discussion without partecipating from outside.

    • Not sure what you mean. If it’s anything pertaining to the chapter, they should be on the pages. Any other unrelated question can be posted on the posts.

  2. I don’t see the problem
    This way the chapter page can have actual discussion going on without dozens of inane OMG thank u so much spyro sama <33333 posts

    • There’s nothing wrong with being thankful, but I get your point. I get where Translator-san is coming from, though.

  3. I will text codes too. Well i okay with it.

    Please show short code for comments

    Well you’re right Excorsism sometimes translation put in comments. I already known the code for quote.

    Thank you for your Hard Work 🙂

    • Please let incredibly humble Translator-san take a break. He even took his Christmas just to give us an extra chapter.

    • hey don’t take my request the wrong way friend , just asking to priorities specific volume after his rest and only during his interest anyway thanks spyro for your consideration

    • Anything will do, as long as it’s oregairu… Just please watch your health… You get to have huge doses of Yukino-chan as you go on translating… You could get hospitalized for that with a creepy look on your face…

    • lol even you display pic is matching wid your response. XD

      Translator-san, well your site, your rules, will b happy to abide by them.

  4. i am sorry, i am confused here , there are two places we can write comment
    one is where you write your notes translator-san ,the other is the chapter itself
    where to write what type of comment?
    if i need clarification of the different volume or chapter where to type?
    and if i need your explanation translator-san where to notify ?

    • I think what Spyro-san meant is that everything regarding the chapter itself which more or less are :
      -discussion about certain scenes
      -typoes and edits
      -guesses or theory of the next chapter

      and for the post itself :
      -thank you(s)
      -inane mumbling
      -talking with spyro(?)

      I think spyro-sama already explained clear enough…?

  5. YES, the chapter page should be free from comment
    its really taxing for mobile user when opening chapter page since 25% of page consisting comment
    (pardon my bad english)

  6. А стена паршивого русского текста без единого намека на знание элементарных правил пунктуации подойдет?

  7. is it true that vol10 will be the last in the series? if so then i can already many pc’s being smashed or hearts crushed.
    please comment

  8. Ummhmm yeah. Happy belated birthday 🎂 😀 23 huh? I imagined you to be older than that. Thanks for the hard work our dear translator. We all love you 🙂

  9. Hi, I don’t mean to be rude but is there any way you can translate volume 6.25. I’ve heard that it was the same volume used for episode 13. I also read that it involves Sagami as well. I really like how Hachiman dealt with her in volume 6 and I really want to see what he does. Damn, I just love to hate Sagami, hehe.

  10. Not sure where to put this comment, but for those who’ve been hitting Reload continually to check for updates to the blog, WordPress actually provides an automatically updated RSS Feed.

    The URL is:


    if you’re interested to subscribe. This way Blog updates will show up in your RSS Reader automatically.

  11. I want to ask a question. How can I subscribe this website for new updates? Yeah, I don’t want to miss any updates on my favourite LN and really want to read them straight away if a new oregairu LN translation is out. Btw, thanks for translating the LN. You are awesome!

  12. umm i dont know what happened between you and that guy but that is reality , we readers do not care about what our neighbour thinks . also i am really surprised you read all the content we write . i wonder if it is a good thing or bad . though my view may be biased but its normal for humans to ignore what is inconvenient to them . he simply couldnt do that with that small amount of pride he has its normal to flare up and you didnt do anything wrong by deleting the comment. well in the end i would like to say ignore him after all every single human has enough experience in it so it shouldnt be a pain. well then again i might be wasting your precious time forgive me and thanks a lot

  13. Haha that guys english is hilarious. Sigh I guess you are bound to meet people like this any community. Anyhow thanks for the translations. よろしくおねがいします

  14. I think ppl need to learn that everything is governed by rules. Next time, just quote the rules and exercise your power. Waste of time arguing over silly matters. Man, those lengthy posts do turn ppl off.

  15. I was about to say that there are people who care about what that guy said, but remembering how I just scrolled through the wall of bullshit, I retracted my statement.

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