Yahari Light Novel Volume 10, Chapter 7 – Merry Christmas!


45 pages in two days, funny. At least I made it for Christmas, in my timezone anyway! But spending Christmas translating… At least it’s like I’m spending time with Yukino or something, right? Pathetic.


  1. Hachiman asking Totsuka for help, nice.

  2. Hachiman hitting a lot of points that came up in the second memorandum. Clearly the second memorandum isn’t his.

  3. Start of the marathon: Isshiki being indirect with her cheers for Hachiman, same with Yui. Yukino’s silent cheer for him was deliciously cute.

  4. Zaimokuza best bro.

  5. Hayama and Hachiman’s confrontation. There’s quite a lot going on between these two. Also, opening declaring that he hates Hachiman. Ouch. Second memorandum to be Hayama’s confirmed? I’d say yes.

  6. Hachiman still clearly bothered by the rumor and apparently Hayama finds this interesting (a hint about Hachiman’s feelings regarding Yukino? Who knows.) Hachiman falling  over by tripping on himself, shameful display.

  7. Interestingly enough, both Hachiman and Yukino are alone respectively during the ceremony. It’s both fitting and kind of depressing in a way. Thank god for what follows, right?

  8. Infirmary scene, medical treatment. Delicious Yukino dere. Yukino forcibly giving treatment to Hachiman was a real treat, get it? Their banter is fun too, I want Yukino to treat me like bacteria too! Hachiman and Yukino’s face being nearly close to each other, to the point touching. Also, another paragraph of him describing her features. Isn’t this infatuation at this point? Yukino not freaking out, but just embarassed, yes kuuderes. Yukino’s playful side by tying the little ribbon. P-Please. Also, Hachiman thinking it’s cute, smiling from it, and feeling better.

  9. Hachiman asking something personal for the first time and Yukino answering honestly. Also, her smile about being together still. Yukino still doing her awkward waves, but she’s doing it pretty much all the time now. So she’s completely warmed up to him. Also, Yukino mentioning she wasn’t bored when Hachiman was with her. I guess this confirms that whenever she’s with him, she really enjoys their time together, even if she’s teasing him or bantering with. Oh, you.

  10. The downer of this chapter? Yui. Yuibros, I feel you.

Anyway, here’s the chapter. It’s kind of rushed but I think it turned out pretty well despite my speed. Will continue editing.

Volume 10, Chapter 7


49 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10, Chapter 7 – Merry Christmas!

  1. dude somehow i had a feeling you’d do something like dis…. i’ve never celebrated christmas, but this is the best gift. Thanks a ton! Feliz Natal!! have a gryt day mahn 🙂

  2. OOh my god ! You’re freaking awesome spyro sama!
    And I’m freaking happy ! Nice summary as ever
    Thank you, thanks a lot! lol
    Wish you the best holiday! And happy new year.
    Now lets begin the read

  3. Volume 10 and just stil “little” piece of romcom
    Good job watari wataru hahaha
    I hope this novel wil end on volume 11 hahaha.. :v /slapped

  4. You’re extremely awesome…
    do you think you can finish this before new year…
    I mean… it just has been 2 days after you release chap6…
    Merry Christmas…
    Thank you as always…

  5. Omg, I wasn’t expecting it at all, I just decided to casually look to the comments of last chap and saw this gift. Ty based Spyro-sama! Now I will look this site everyday, u never know

  6. Spyro, I’m not gay, but I love you, man! Marry me, pls!

    hahahahaha Joking.

    But Seriously, you just made the Christmas of someone who is spending it alone in a different country (away from love and family, for studies), and has no other thing to do than Reading this Awesome LN, happier.

    I Seriously want to give you a Xmas gift, Although I think you deserve a lot more than that, for you hard work!

    Again, Thank you for your hard work!
    And Merry Christmas for you!

  7. Well surfing through Yahari animesuki-forum, read Excorsism’s post “It’s not Christmas yet! And I know the perfect thing to give on Christmas”, switched tab, pressed F5 and then boom….. It’s Merry Christmas. With Yukinoshita waiting for me.

  8. “… At least it’s like I’m spending time with Yukino or something, right? Pathetic” . Spyro, you are not alone!! Merry Christmas!

  9. My dearest translator, Spyro.
    Thank the Emperor and the God of romance. lolol

  10. I got what I wished on christmas, thank you so much.
    You are not alone! Giving love like this you are in everyones heart!
    And sharing gifts on christmas makes you a saint.

  11. Given the increasing popularity of the series, do you think that there’s a fairly good chance Oregairu might be licensed in the near future?
    And if it is, would you continue translating (similar to Tap, who took down the older translations, but kept the most recent ones and continues to translate), or would you retire to the manga, or find another series entirely?

    • My plan is to translate every volume, even the ones already done by NanoDesu. Unless I get some sort of legal notice, I won’t be stopping any time soon.

    • A’ight, thanks for the quick response. Was just curious, because Frog-kun (over at NanoDesu) has said that he’d stop if it got licensed.
      Loved the chapter as usual, and thanks for translating so quickly.

    • Hahaha no need for the jk. Because we all know you meant it and most of us here probably feel the same way. : p

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