Yahari Light Novel Volume 10, Chapter 6 + Second Memorandum (2nd Memorandum Updated 12/23)


Finally done, though I imagine there’s still stuff to check over, but whatever, I’m tired. This was a bit late since I was busy building a new computer. See below for my awesome new build.

It’s almost the end of December. I hope I can finish volume 10 by then. Just one final spurt to go! Chapter 7’s the juicy chapter too, infirmary scene and all.

Anyway, here are my thoughts/notes for this chapter:

1. Hiratsuka-sensei’s one and only appearance in this volume, she helps make things feel peaceful. Her pouting about Hachiman not getting the attention he deserves is cute. Also, the possibility that Hachiman might make a good teacher? Surprisingly, yes. Surprisingly, Hachiman isn’t exactly as adamant anymore about wanting to be a full-time house-husband, growth?

2. The amount of Yukino dere and softness in this chapter is out of this world. Naturally smiling when Hachiman enters the club, waits for someone to come to start pouring tea, and very flexible about helping out with the requests.

3. Ebina, fujoshi, etc. Of course, the important plot point is that Hayama’s the guy who answers to everyone’s expectations. Why? Chooses the option where no one is hurt, we’ve seen this before.

4. Keyword: trust.

5. Komachi freaking the hell out about her exams, Hachiman soothing her with his bizarre philosophy. Why baseball of all things? Supporting two people is definitely no different from supporting one, probably.

6. Isshiki actually doing her job as the president, good girl. Literally, mini-Komachi (well, she’s older though).

7. Yui being a dum-dum as usual.

8. Kawa-who? Just kidding, she’s not Akame. He’s definitely screwing around when it comes to her name though, I feel kind of bad. But that’s okay, he’ll play with Kei-chan again. Kawasaki being obviously transparent when asking Hachiman about his career path, of course he doesn’t realize.

9. Isshiki and Haruno meeting for the first time, surprisingly, not as bad as you’d expect. Haruno’s too overbearing for even Isshiki. But that’s okay, Meguri-senpai is here! Meguriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Would get comfy with her any day. By the way, she’s actually my favorite girl after Yukino. She remembers Hachiman too, +8888 points. Hachiman would agree with me here.

10. Meat of the story here: Yukino tries asking Haruno about Hayama’s career path. Unfortunately, she acts kind of snotty about it and even brings up some hints regarding Yukino, the whole “think for yourself” issue which also hints at stuff in the past. Future plot point? Likely. So there must’ve been something about Yukino being very dependent on others when they were younger or something to that effect. Yukino apparently doesn’t really “talk” to her family as we’d expect, since apparently her mom doesn’t know what she plans to do, nor does Haruno for that matter. Haruno’s attitude towards Yukino is a lot different this time around, not particularly out of love or good will as far as I could see. Hachiman, of course, is stuck in between. He’s also very perceptive of Yukino, what with noticing her looking discouraged.

11. Hayama shows up and Haruno is informed of the rumor by Isshiki. Apparently, it wasn’t a big deal. Confirmation that something similar happened in the past, I’d say. Though possibly it could hint to other things? Perhaps.

12. Yukinon isn’t scary, but really cute! Yui’s definitely bisexual, there’s no doubt about it!

13. It sort of feels like Hachiman’s taking the lead most of the time while Yukino and Yui are following along: Cute, concerning, and nice in various meanings.

14. Hayama’s remark about Haruno being just a childhood friend. Something possibly worth thinking about during the second memorandum.

15. Cat calendars, everyone loves them.

16. Yukino finally opening up to both Yui and Hachiman together, before it was just with Hachiman alone at Destinyland. Remarkable growth on her part.

17. So we have the issue with both families wanting to continue their relationship. There also happens to be other ways to make that happen as indicated by Yukino, but in what way? Marriage? Business parters? Who knows. Marriage was brought up, but that seems out of touch with reality as stated by Hachiman, but again it’s a possibility.

18. So even Yukino thinks Haruno had a big influence on Hayama, which most people suspected. Yukino also mentions how her mother wishes to continue the relationship, in what sense, we don’t know. Consider Hachiman’s narration regarding all this, particularly the part about imagining something nauseating. Wonder what he’s thinking about? Could be about the family issue, could be about what could happen to Yukino, etc. It could be concern for her, but who knows.

19. Yukino’s apology regarding her mom kind of chasing them away. This reminds me of the whole car accident where she couldn’t bring it up, ever. Again, she’s really opening up. Adorable even.

20. Hachiman’s little flowery monologue after Yukino’s bow. If I knew any better, he’s infatuated with her. She’s just bowing, you know? There’s no need to go describing every part of her in detail, okay, maybe I would. Both of them meeting eyes (this is the second time or third time already by the way) and then looking away in a panic, it’s like a romantic comedy or something. Yukino also getting flustered after the fact and using cleaning the tea set as an excuse to leave the room. Muh heart.

21. Hachiman’s final monologue of part 6. Recognizes how awkward, clumsy she is despite being someone normally amazing. Also, him stating that he’ll ask her one day. Ask her what? Who knows. But this is a nice indicator of Hachiman’s feelings regarding Yukino though romantic or not is up to interpretation. Romance doesn’t have to be stupidly blatantly like in shoujo manga to be nice, however.

22. Hachiman walking Haruno to the station. We learn that Hachiman has read books from Dazai before. Probably important when thinking about the memorandums. Haruno asking Hachiman if he heard anything from Yukino regarding her career path, of course nothing. She then asks him to ask her when he can.

23. Now for Hayama. Expectations? What expectations? Something that’ll find him? Wut? Second memorandum go. Also, Haruno also alludes to the fact that it’s not just Hayama with expectations. So… Yukino as well? Remember when Yukino talked to Hachiman about him and Haruno having things she didn’t? Could this be related? That she wanted to find something she could do too? Someone she could save? Or maybe Haruno also has expectations of someone? What a tough nut to crack.

24. “Checking answers”? Either Haruno knows more than she lets on or something else. A mystery as always.

25. Second memorandum: the person reads books as an excuse to find himself, reinforce himself? No Longer Human and Run, Melos! comes up. Both by Dazai. What was this person expecting? Who was the person he wanted to look at him? Also, the point out “finding himself” which came up in chapter 6. So is this monologue by Hayama? I’d say likely. In any case, he had expectations of someone. Who? Possibly, Haruno, possibly Yukino. But who was more sensitive to the wickedness of others? Likely Haruno, since she’s someone who could “see through” people. It’s hard to say if Yukino had any of these qualities when they were younger. Perhaps, he’s referring to Hachiman as well? He sees right through everything, the things around Hayama, but when it came to Hayama alone, he would arbitrarily assume Hayama’s a certain way. This kind of makes sense too. It’s along the lines of why can you understand everything else, but not me? How can you assume that only I was a specific way? The question is how recent is this memorandum?

26. Some extras: We know Haruno, Hachiman, and Hayama are famliiar with Dazai’s works. I imagine Yukino is too. So I think that’s important to consider when reading the memorandums.

27. Also, notice I changed International Cultivation class to International Liberal arts course. So keep that in mind about Yukino.

Anyway, that’s about it. I’m sure I could get more notes, but this is getting in my way of actually releasing the chapter. Plenty of subtleties going around, so keep in mind various things as you go along. Though I should probably check things over. Hayama’s a pretty mysterious guy, to say the least, if the second memorandum is anything to go by. As is Haruno. Makes you wonder what Yukino had to go through too. But that’s okay, Yui and Hachiman are there for her now.

Without further ado:

Volume 10, Chapter 6 + Second Memorandum

Here’s a picture of my computer just because:

IMG_0034Those interested in my specs:

i7-5820K (half-off thanks to my bestie, kind of)
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750W EVGA SuperNova PSU
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Fractal R4 Mid-Tower Case


61 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10, Chapter 6 + Second Memorandum (2nd Memorandum Updated 12/23)

  1. That’s….. a lot of…..notes….
    But cool! and nice release! Cant wait to read this…. imma read the chapter first before reading your notes! Oh nice build there. We got some same parts! At least the gtx will look closer later! Salute!

  2. Thanks for the translation. Please take some rest time to time.We don’t want you get sick Seriously!
    Happy seasonal holidays.

  3. Thanks a lot! Great job 🙂

    Re: the second memorandum, I got the feeling that he was waiting for Hachiman though – same as Yuki is, from what Haruno says. He had even tried to spell it out, saying that he’s not the good guy Hachiman thinks he is, in a previous volume. That’s his ‘expectation’, to be looked at and to be ‘found’… beyond the shallow looks from the general society. And regarding what’s there to be found… who knows, plot point I suppose.

  4. i’ll refrain from posting my cpu pic T^T
    thanks a lot for the chapter! i guess dis pretty much leaves you with less dan 60-70 pages in dis volume.

  5. Thank you very much….
    It feels like my christmas present comes 2 days sooner…
    Have a nice holiday and I expect the next chapters ASAP…

  6. Read the chapter but what do you mean here ” Kawasaki being obviously transparent when asking Hachiman about his career path, of course he doesn’t realize.”

  7. “Not at all, Haru-san-senpai, you’re just, like, so cool! I really admire you! I want to be just like Haru-san-senpai, too… or something.” “Thanks you!”

  8. Haruno-san removed her gaze from me and ahead towards the main street of the station that began to come into view.
    Missing word between ‘and ahead’

    • Seems fine to me. Also, if you want to point out every single thing, keep it to one comment instead of spamming every new one you come across.

  9. By the way… can I know what volume has the RAW LN reached…
    Do you think you can finish this volume by the end of this year?
    It’s ok even if you can’t though. ..

  10. i think yuighama going to win the battle royal e and going to use the winner possession to unite or ship hikkiXyukino
    sacrificing her feelings because of her love,admiration and care for both of them

  11. i have a doubt in volume 6 the story of cultural festival
    hayama enquirer hachiman about his responsibilities to which he replies asst.historian . hayama then says that “suits you”
    which angers hachiman
    was there any in-jokes in that line ,i don’t get it?

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