Oregairu Season 2 Full Designs



Looks okay, the gradient is kind of weird though.

Also, Eguchi is the strangest person ever. He has quite the personality. I can see why Watari loves the guy so much.

As for chapter 6, it’s in the middle of editing.


113 thoughts on “Oregairu Season 2 Full Designs

    • I think Hachiman could’ve been a lot better than this. The old design was really good and Yukinoshita’s face seem a little off from my perspective… but whatever; it may just be me thinking too much.

    • We all know we like the series not for it’s design or looks. As long as they execute the story properly I don’t have much problem. But I think I liked Yukinoshita (calm, composed, sharp look) from S1.

    • I like the design from S1 much more…
      Or maybe I’m just too used with it…
      anyway… the story might satisfy us more than the designs…

    • I think the same, it’s probably being used to the design of S1 (actually I liked it the hikki from s1), but we have to be happy for having a s2 and we know that the story is good so it would be hard to blow it up xD

    • Well i believe he looks so much better because i telt everyone had better character design than him and his design was lacking so i agree with you

  1. Well i felt that he had bad the worst design last time and that kinda bithered me. Now i feel he looks on par with everyone else and even a bit on the handsome side

  2. I don’t like new proportions. Bodys too slender, legs too long. Too idealised or something. Also faces of Yukino and Iroha too far from Ponkan chardiz.

    • I totally agree, and I think Hachiman and Yukino look worse than before… Hachiman looks a lot more “normal”. Yukino, as someone said earlier, isn’t feminine enough. Isshiki doesn’t look like a kouhai.

  3. something bothering me
    It feels like yukinoshitas face is a little weird / out of proportionality (high & width)
    as for isshiki, Indeed she looks alike with her first appearance on 8th volume, but she looks a little too mature if we consider what will happen next.

    well that’s just what I think, but I hope it’s just an eye illusion because of this overwhelming sleepiness.
    (now is 1:40 pm, on my timezone).

    • Too long or too sharp. Yukinoshita the most beautiful girl in school by LN, the new face is not matching that statement.

    • you’re right, she’s supposed to be the most beautiful but here its just ‘meh’, as for the s1 yukinoshita, although i did not read the LN i instantly knew that she’s supposed to be this most beautiful girl or something but i do love hachiman’s design, he looks handsome 😀 nonetheless, i like how the new design made them look a lil bit more matured and the design is more sophisticated. but hey, maybe its because we’re not use to it yet, maybe we’ll grow fond of it once we watch the s2

    • in my opinion, they all weird, specially yukino and hachiman (and maybe irohasu, but not yui, she’s already normal, so got nothing to say).

      yukino case, yes, her face a bit out of proportional (where’s that cold queen face!?)
      Irohasu, well, i don’t think she’s that high
      And…. i wonder if that really hachiman…. (just not getting the vibe of him)

    • Agreed Hachiman and Yukino look too different I mean it was like Who Are They and
      and Yukino no offense but she was better looking in the First Season and Light Novel

  4. I just wonderd.
    when did isshiki change her haircolor from blond to red-brown? She is introduced with blond hair in vol.8 and after that ponkan8 makes her hair darker.

  5. Great design helps, but thats not really why we love Oregairu is it. Tbh am looking forward to ch 6 more than anything.

    It feels like the story has been gathering steam and we’ll soon get to see it move in a more decisive direction. Particularly hope to see some of the mystery surrounding yukino’s past being resolved. Also hopefully hachiman will have to deal with his own agitated feelings either by confronting them, or in classic Hachiman style, by denying them. Again thanks Spyro, can’t wait.

  6. irohasu has a great design, i thought. but don’t you think her appearance too neat than from LN?

    now in this design yui is taller than before, but too bad her breast become smaller…hiks

    8man shouldn’t he more taller? what do you think?

    as for Yukino…WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO YOU?!
    by any chance, did you take plastic surgery?!
    you should be more cute, more elegant, and more gracefull than this! AHH!!! WHERE DID MY YUKINO GO…!!! (don’t mind me, i’m just quite shocked…)

    btw, thank you very much for the sharing and the translations all this time Spyro…

  7. wow it totally different from first season like it not an improve but just new design, furthermore second season more like the illustration from the LN i personally like it

  8. What happened to their Asics? Traded them in for loafers? Also, they’re all too tall and those skirts are too short. Fuck the fan service bullshit!

    • There isn’t any fanservice in volumes 7-10, but I guess they’ll add in gratuitous shots or something.

    • First – thank you (a million times over) for the translations. My PS skills are rusty, but if you still need cleaners or any other assistance I would be glad to lend a hand.

      Second – I don’t recall much in the first season, but the shorter skirts in these designs makes me worried there will be an increase in the gratuitous shots to try for a “wider” appeal. Leave those for the doujins.

    • Crap, I forgot about Saki’s black lace scene. Aside from that and a few standard high school boy moments, it was a lot lighter on fan service than most other recent shows.

    • Actually, the first volumes contain more fanservice than the later ones. Its like the difference between ecchi and pure romance. Im not good at quoting, but i do remember Hachiman saying to Zaimokuza, that you only need good illustrations to sell a novel.(1. Novel) Then Hachiman added that it doesnt make the novel good.

      Following that logic and applying it on this Light novel series it seems like Watari used the first few volumes to make it sell by papping it up(not to much) cliché fanservice and zynism(which i remember being mentioned as being popular with youth (just dont remember, if it was from the novel or some study.), while setting up the foundations for the latest volumes that deal with the troubles of youth, sozialisation (the process of sozializing) and the search for “something genuine”, to use hachimans words. Fanservice on the other hand gets rarer and rarer.

      This development is visable in almost every character, especially Hachiman, Totsuka and Hayama. Hachiman now takes a more realistic stance on the world now, isnt as “bad to the core” as he was in the earlier volumes and is caring for other people a lot( the last part was hinted at in the earlier novels). Totsuka recently trancended from being a fanservice character in V.10 C.5 (“That’s why, perhaps, I think this was the first time I was able to properly look at the boy named Totsuka Saika; nothing more, nothing less. But by no means did that mean I knew him fully.” Hachiman). And last but not least Hayama isnt a happy goodguy, who lives his “youth to its fullest”, but is a melancolic, person burdened by the responsability, he carries for the people, who adore him. He is also only willing to date a girl, he genually loves.

      And there are still more and maybe even better examples.

      The novel seems to grow up and become more mature at the same time as Hachiman and the others do.(Which is not surprising because Hachiman is telling the story) Watari-sensei use of tools correlates with with this. From less serious events in the first novels and more fanservice (Yuigahamas cleavage and Hachimans reaction,Tennis Clubroom(vol.1), black laces)) the story has more serious developments (breakdown of Hayamas peer-group(Vol.7,10) and breakdown of the service club (Vol.8-9)) and almost no fanserivce. Same goes for ponkan8’s
      illustrations (http://oregairuthetranslation.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/1-17.png?w=774 Sai-Chan Vol.1(Nanodesu) to https://kyakka.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/oregairu_v10_2111.png Sai-Chan Vol.10 (You better know the page you’re at))

      And while that itself is not as sensational as I want it to be, as the story intensifies all along, most of you will agree that everything began changing rapidly in Volume 7, where Hachiman dicisions were disapproved by everyone (Ebina should not count because she was the one, who had the biggest advantage from it). Most of the stylistic changes of the novel started there.

      And that good like that. Im happy that Yaharis- story progresses unlike most Harem and Romance-Manga/Light Novels/Anime, which enter a stasis for months and free themselves from it for a single day, just to fall into deep slumber for another year.

      Thanks to Yaharis development post Novel 6 and Wataris great work of picturing it, we know characters, who seem more real and without the sexual innuendo. This is probably the reason why some people (including myself) here are surprised, that the girls wearing short skirts and are drawn with long legs for the Second Season. They seem out of place, thinking about the events post Vol. 7 that are more serious than the volumes covered by season 1 (First comment to the actuall post)

      I wanted to write this since Vol.10 Chp.5 or even before and now its finally done. Hope we can get a great discussion.

      I hope this is the longest comment on this page Exorcism/Spyro.

  9. hmm… just wondering…
    is there anyone know about who does do anime character design each in this second season and the previous one?

    • it’s Shindou Yuu (persona 4GA chars design) for seasons 1, and Tanaka Yuichi (Railgun) for 2nd season

  10. so hachiman, has beem gone to korea? And yukino ,what happen with your face? Yui you seem better ? At last so is that Wairoha

  11. Thx for the designs. Liked Hachiman and Yui, they look better than last season. As for Yukino… well, let’s wait and see how she will look like when animated.

  12. RIP dead fish eyes 2013-2015 also what’s up with this yukinon face, so strange. If someone’s find Komachi design post here plss!!!!

  13. Whew 8man i have not seen you for a year and my have you aged some
    Well iroha does gives me a komachi version 0.5 feel (komachi is ver.1)
    Yui looks the same.(looks similar to iroha too or maybe it’s just me)
    Yukinon well.. She lost her coolness in her

  14. Could you please make a button to turn background images off? I’m reading Oregairu at work and it became embarassing since you don’t put all new translations to Baka-Tsuki.

  15. the following lines show how much hikki went through to be like this

    volume 2 chapter 5 ” I hate nice girls”

    I’ve already lived through it all once. A practiced loner is once bitten, twice shy. Confessions of love as penalty for losing at rock-paper-scissors, fake love letters written by boys who copy down what girls dictate to them – I want nothing to do with them. I’m a veteran of war. There’s no one better at losing than I am.

    volume 1 chapter 2

    I remember being made to stand in front of the blackboard alone as the rest of the class encircled me while chanting ‘Apo-lo-gize! Apo-lo-gize!’ in a loud voice as they clapped their hands. It would be a scenario similar to that hellish experience.

    …That was seriously a tough experience. It was the first and last time I have ever cried at school.

    But I’m all good now.

    Frankly, having been exposed to feelings of disgust from the opposite sex for a little over sixteen years now, I could never comprehend it. Having not even received Valentine’s Day chocolates from my own mother, it was a world I couldn’t understand. It just seems like she’s one of those people who are gleeful cause they’re winning at life. Isn’t she just making me listen to her fucking brag?

    volume 1 chapter 3

    There’s no way this is going to end well. That incident was the reason why girls started to hate me even more. The boys made fun of me by giving the nickname ‘Narugaya’ and…well I guess it doesn’t matter.3 I tried to get a grip on my feelings and continued talking.

    volume 2 chapter 3

    . This was how I dealt with those occasions when we had to split into groups. At these times it was vital not to make a single move. I was waiting for the winds of fortune to shift and for the homeroom teacher to say, “Yes, yes, I know you all hate Hikigaya-kun, but it’s not good to leave him out! Not good!”

    (…that’s what my fourth grade homeroom teacher said. I’ll never forgive that old hag Isehara.)

    volume 7 chapter 2

    “On the next day after your confession, everyone in class will definitely know about it. It’s fine if they only know about it. But… you’ll be able to hear it every now and then.”

    『Yesterday, apparently Hikigaya confessed to Kaori.』

    『Uuugh, that sucks for Kaori…』 What do you mean ‘that sucks’…

    『I heard he did it by text too.』

    『Say what, that’s so scary. Then again, isn’t that just, like, unbelievable to confess by text?』


    『I’m glad I didn’t give him my number.』

    『He won’t confess to you, don’t worry (lol).』

    “『Hey, that’s totally mean, you know (lol)』 or so how the pleasant chatty jokes would go and it just so happened that I overheard it and it hurt a little.”

    This was truly the final blow. While you’re stricken with grief over your broken heart, society tries to kill you off as a bonus.

    “Another one of Hikki’s stories…”

  16. I just got a little think, after I read the novel so far somehow it feels like 8man and yukinoshita were had meet before (when they’re still a kid).

    • You mean other than her limo mowing him down the first day of high school and her lacking the guts to say anything to the kid she helped put in the hospital? Not likely.

    • She didn’t hit him on purpose, Einstein. Rather, it wasn’t even her fault. Not sure why you’re trying to place blame on her here.

    • well that’s what I think. Source :
      – yukinoshita’s responses on hiratsuka notion about yukinoshita being old friend with 8man (vol 1 , chap 8-2)
      -episode 7&8 anime (still waiting for 4th volume translation).
      – yukinoshita’s response when komachi tell about 8man past (vol 7.5 drama cd)
      – and some little unimportant detail on some volume

  17. I won’t notice the difference until i watch S2. And generally designs doesn’t differ much from previous season. Also the best way in which Hikki is depicted is in Anime version.

  18. is it true that vol10 will be the last in the series? if so then i can already many pc’s being smashed or hearts crushed.
    please comment

  19. Never liked Hachiman’s hair in season 1, now it fits him, I understand the eyes. And he’s more handsome than before!

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