Yahari Light Novel Volume 10 – Chapter 5


This chapter was surprisingly painful to translate and I have no idea why. It’s probably because of the info dump on Japanese education. It’s fairly readable, but I’m not very satisfied with the chapter translation at all. Figured I’d release it though since it’s somewhat readable. Translating Tobe and Zaimokuza’s always a pain, too. And also the absurd amount of references, Watari pls. I’ll be editing some more before I start on chapter 6 I think which by the way, is 70~ pages long. I also changed humanities to liberal arts since it’s more general and encompasses the term better. Will fix in earlier chapters eventually.

In other news, about 130~ pages left of the novel.


  1. Totsuka, Totsuka, Totsuka

  2. Tobe’s a cool guy, annoying though

  3. Hachiman’s mention of “trust” (very important in the later chapters, trust me) regarding Tobe and Hayama

  4. The initial “Y” of the person Hayama likes that came up in volume 4 during the summer camp trip. Candidates: Miura, Zaimokuza, Yamato, Wairoha

  5. Hachiman’s transparent omitting of Yukino and Yui as possible candidates

  6. Hachiman’s reminder that he’s ignoring the rumor

  7. Totsuka’s surprise that Hachiman would ask about him about his career path (kind of important) and his observation that Hachiman seems interested in specific things

  8. Hachiman relying on Totsuka (friendzoning the trap)

  9. Taking that step forward in relying on people for help

  10. Hachiman’s monologue at the end about the relationship beginning with insults which refers to Yukino. Thanks for the notice, Kyrukk.

Volume 10, Chapter 5
Not too much to note in this chapter. Have a Kazuki Yukino in her comfy sweater.



84 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10 – Chapter 5

  1. I Cant express my Graditude in Words. I wanted to read Oregairu so Much that I had resorted to trying to learn Japanese. But then I found Your website and You translate it and everything. Thanks again
    Now this may sound weird but are u a girl?

  2. The initial “Y” of the person Hayama likes that came up in volume 4 during the summer camp trip. Candidates: Miura, Zaimokuza, Yamato, Wairoha

    lol, I like the fact that you ignored Yui and Yukino there. It seems that Yroha and Yoshiteru are the best candidates lol.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  3. Well isshiki has been put into the same level as komachi. Thank you for your hard work Spyro. May i know whats he title if the next chapter?

  4. Ah, the version here is perfectly readable. I hope the LN stops giving you so much translation troubles. Thank you so much for your work.

  5. Is that pan-san is the pan-san which yukino got from 8man, or the one which she bought it herself ??
    source : vol 3
    (because there’s no illustration for it)

  6. Maybe I’ll put myself on hold. The link breaks because we’ve to wait for a new chapter everytime. It isn’t a big deal but when I am into it, I want to see it through the end. Thanks for the translations…. When are you gonna finish volume 10?

  7. Hey, first of all thanks a lot for the translation 🙂 I know how hard work it is to translate and edit (and for free none the less). Really appreciated Exorcism 🙂

    Now, I just want to give you a small editing tip for translations that will make them much better.

    I don’t know how Japanese text is structured, but the translation of dialogue seems to have few speaker attributions, which tells us at the end of the dialogue who said what. Now, I understand the author may try to give speaker attributions in the previous text or next text. As in;

    ‘Tostuka waved at me;

    “Hey…. Hachiman, what’s up?”

    “Nothing much”‘


    ‘”Hikki, I don’t like when you do that.”

    Yuigahama was looking down on me and I was slightly saddened.”‘

    And it’s alright when it’s like that, but sometimes either the dialogue is really long, making it hard to follow who’s talking, or the text that came before or after the dialogue really isn’t really obvious, leaving us wondering what character said the dialogue. Probably reads better in japanese, so it’s not translator’s fault 😉

    Also, Hachiman will go on his tangents and mess up the dialogue dynamics making us having to reread the whole thing to figure out who said what

    The solution for all of that would be to add more small speaker attributions, like “Yukinoshita said.” or “I said” in the case of Hachiman at the end of some dialogues. That would improve the English-text translation by a factor of a thousand (Mind you, I’m not suggesting adding verbs like “Yukinoshita said angrily”. i’m just suggesting adding quite more speaker attributions for clarity’s sake, for example. (marking my edits with **))

    “Totsuka placed his chopsticks down and looked up at the sky. In the time he appeared to be thinking, the cold wind blew by and rustled Totsuka’s bangs.

    “Oh okay… Maybe I’ll do that too…” Totsuka said. (it wasn’t 100% clear that it was Totsuka)

    “Ohh, yeah…!” I said. “Then again, are you sure you should be choosing like that?”.

    Or another one;

    “I thought I’d voice my complaint to Zaimokuza, but he wasn’t listening to me at all. As a matter of fact, he started off on a tangent.

    “Hold it. The instructor most certainly did say to form a pair with someone you like,” Zaimokuza said.(added because of long dialogue) “but that is not the reason why I came to the likes of you… S-So, don’t misunderstand me, you hear?”

    “Man, don’t blush and look away, that’s really creepy…” i said.

    Last thing, the speaker attributions would be especially necesary if there are more than 2 people in the scene or if the dialogue has little text in between. Anyways, if you want to read more about it check the dialogue mechanics chapter in this book (“Self editing for fiction writers.”) which will explain what I said a lot better.


    Regardless of my suggestions, your translation is great and the whole English speaking community is thankful, keep up the good work. 🙂


    • As a non-native English speaker, i find your advise very useful.Sometimes I found very difficult to understand who was talking expecially in long conversations.

      by the way .Thanks Spyro,your work is really appreciated

    • Japanese prose (at least LN prose) isn’t structured like your typical English book, so the dialogue tags or lack of is representative of what’s in the book now. In Japanese prose, the speakers are usually indicated by the narration before the dialogue or after, so I guess it doesn’t translate well over to English. Speakers are easy to identify in Japanese due to how different they speak and that also doesn’t translate well into English, so we have to settle for weird English accents or the like to differentiate the characters (and apparently, I’m not being too successful at that).

      Personally, I don’t like the excessive use of dialogue tags so I tried to keep it to action tags instead. I do like the long dialogue break with the tag though so I’ll keep that in mind.

      But I do have the freedom to do what I want, since this is just a hobby. I’ll look through the book and see if I can write these books in a more English-y book style. That’s my aim anyway.

    • Sweet, thanks for considering my suggestions. 🙂

      The thing about dialogue tags atributions with said are purely a mechanical devise, almost like a punctuation mark, just for clarity. (page 88 of the book) And while I don’t mean you need to put the tag on every dialogue, being quite generous with them will pay off. (I f you want check for example TFiOS, which is greatly edited.)

      Now, about the story, My predictions.

      If we consider than Hayama and Hachiman are foils, and Hachiman is awesome at liberal arts then Hayama will inevitably go to the (spoiler) and If we consider Hayato’s personality. (He is sweet, honest, very considering of others and very, very nice.) Then from the three girls, (Yui, Yukino and Yumiko) it is quite obvious that the one who is most similar, and probably who Hayato has a crush on is (spoiler, lol) but doesn’t want to confess because he doesn’t want his clique to dissapear.

      Are my predictions right? We’ll see… lol

    • I get this kind of feeling that Hayama is going to end up playing the villain and be hated by Hachiman, Yukinoshita &co. to settle things right with their group, just like Hikky did on Volume 6. For his anthitesis, it’s the perfect reversal of roles. We’ll see.

    • Spyro, your dedication to this series is amazing. We are all very thankful for your translations. I gotta agree with Frank here on the speaker tags though because sometimes, in previous volumes (in this one, so far it’s been fairly easy to figure out who’s talking), I had trouble understanding who was saying what. This is especially true in areas with multiple lines of repeating dialogue with no indication regarding the speaker. Do you read through all the comments? You answer fairly frequently, and I have to say, that really helps brighten up the mood. For me at least, it feels very satisfying knowing that the translator is not only doing things at an extremely quick pace, but also participating in the discussions and considering others’ feedback.

    • It was only starting volume 6 I started writing the translations like an actual English book, so that’s understandable. I do plan on fixing them all up before season 2 so a reread will definitely be a good idea.

    • For the most part, I can tell who’s saying what. Of course, it’s easier to tell in Japanese with all the different pronouns, particle usage, and other stuff that differ between people, but you’ve done a pretty good job differentiating how the characters speak. It also helps that one person generally doesn’t (never?) gets two consecutive quotes/lines, so you can trace the conversation forward/back from a point where you know who said what.

  8. I’m curious since it could really go either way: are Christmas holidays going to slow down or speed up your translation?

    • I believe the whole volume itself is simply a side story. The volumes with “.5” in them are not essential to the plot. Spyro will probably correct me if I’m wrong…

  9. Is there a mistake in the page count? I mean, if there are 130~ pages remaining in total and Chapter 6 is 70~ pages long, that would mean it’s longer than Chapter 7, 8, 9 and the 2 Memorandums combined.

  10. Hey guys, have any of you watched the Oregairu anime? The soundtrack is superb, especially the piano tracks. I’m considering learning them by ear if I ever get the time to. I listen to these tracks while I do schoolwork or wait for the next chapter release. But honestly, I’m usually too busy with school to even wait.

    • Yeah, I’ve already learned the Animenz version of “Hello Alone”. It’s the other ones that aren’t transcribed that are the problem. I’ve got a decent ear, but I have no experience playing songs by ear only. It’s gonna be a challenge.

  11. Excorsism , what do you think about hayama hayato character and
    Is hachiman hikigaya is been looked down because of his look or his poor social ability, it was never mentioned about his looks in LN but it is mentioned that hayato is handsome in LN

  12. I know we in volume 10 now, but can someone please explain to me something thats been nagging me from volume 6. In the final paragraph of the last chapter, volume 6, hikki says something about how people lie in order to protect the things they cherish, but then his final line, “but the biggest liar of all was me”. What exactly is he reffering to, i mean what did he lie about and what was he tryinh to protect???? I bring this up coz well, i can never really decipher most of hikkis monologues and this one seemed very important becoz it came right after the relationships in the club got shattered. Plus on a slightly unrelated topic, im really starting to like hayama hayato with this new volume!!!

    • I think because he’s lying to himself.
      like when he think about his ideal yukinoshita which actually different with the actual yukinoshita.
      what he says is different with what he does

    • both yukino and hikki believed in one thing that is faacade to protect something is pointless
      but hikki confessed to ebina without any feelings for her in-order to save the hayato clique’s status quo
      thus destroying the only base line with yukino and himself
      that is what he meant when he said every one is liars but i am the biggest liar

  13. hey i have a similar doubt in previous volume please some one clarify it for me

    “But to think someone’s boring might’ve been a problem with the person who thought so, huh?” what does this lines mean
    is Orimoto regreting rejecting hikigaya

    • Yeah I think Orimoto may have realized that thinking Hachiman is boring was a fault of her own by not trying to find out more about Hachiman.

    • It’s from Volume 6.5
      You can tell from the illustrations of Meguri-senpai, Zaimokuza and Ebina, and the one where Hachiman and Yukinoshita high five each other.

  14. So umm while we still(barely)patiently waiting on spyro-sama to work his magic, I gotta ask another questn bwt past volumes. By the way h kim and anonymous,very much appreciated ur responses guys.

    Now in volume 9 chapter 5 I think, the chapter bfre hikki spills his guts, he has a heart wrenchin convo with yukino. Yukinon tells him he should stop coming to the club because he’s being considerate. “You’ve been being considerate…ever since that time, always…”. So obviously my question is what on earth is she referring to??? Ever since what time??? How is hikki being considerate??? I’ve read it ova and ova guyz but I jus dnt gt it…so pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz enlighten me!

    • I’m guessing from the top of My head but I think it’s the reference to how Hikki has been helping Iroha without telling the club directly.

    • hikigaya always worried about everyone sagami,tobe etc and was careful in case of not letting any harm reaching them. ever taking their blame and expect nothing in return . even since the car accident .he was considerate even for the dog which he never met

  15. hikigaya always worried about everyone sagami,tobe etc and was careful in case of not letting any harm reaching them. ever taking their blame and expect nothing in return . even since the car accident .he was considerate even for the dog which he never met

    • Oookayyy!! Well that actually makes sense, but I find it strange that yukino should be angry with him for simply being considerate, especially considering the fact that she didn’t have a problem with it when he did it for her back in season 1!! Well makes more sense to me now.

      Now ur opinions on one more thing guys, in the same volume after yukino and hikki ride that ferris wheel,she says she wanted something different from hikki and haruno. “I thought to myself if I had it then I could save something”. What do you guys think it is she is trying to save???

  16. please clear my doubt from old volume why did haruno set hikigaya in a double date. why did did hayama scolded those girls was it part of his plan ?

    • The double date from what I remember involved Hikki cuz Hayama had to go cuz the girls wanted to see him (Hayama). Then Hayama kinda asked Hikki to go too at school.

      Later on, the girls insulted either Yukiboshita and Yui or they insulted Hikki. Hayama did his forced smile and said something

    • not clear bro, please explain in steps 1.why haruno forced hiki to a double date she was the one who invited hayama to meet the girls?

    • Just skimmed the chapter. Realized there’s gonna be a lot of reading in between the lines. Gonna try my best.

      Bad explanation before so let me try again.

      “1.why haruno forced hiki to a double date she was the one who invited hayama to meet the girls?”
      “please clear my doubt from old volume why did haruno set hikigaya in a double date. why did did hayama scolded those girls was it part of his plan ?”

      Haruno is sadistic. Remember that.

      Orimoto told Haruno that Hikki confessed to her when he was younger and Orimoto also told Haruno that she would like to see Hayama. Haruno sets up the date between all four of them (Hayama, Hikki, Orimoto, female friend of Orimoto).

      Then you notice that Haruno says that it might be fun this time (the date).

      Hayama puts up a facade and pretends that he was having fun. Just like he should.
      But during this date, we possibly
      1) see another side of Hayama or
      2) a facade he was putting up.
      Because at the end of the date, the four people were sitting for dinner. Orimoto and her friend were laughing at Hikki and suddenly Hayama told them they were not good and that HIkki wasn’t what they thought he was. This is Hayama doing HIkki’s method of social suicide and Haruno giving that girl hope to be with an attractive guy then ruining her dream (Notice how Haruno was calling Hikki her brother-in-law and wanted to hear Hikki’s past love stories from Orimoto). This is possibly Haruno “punishinig” Orimoto.

      It’s clear Hayama wanted to be a good person and that Haruno probably told him about Orimoto’s attitude so that Hayama acts accordingly. This particular volume though delves deeper about Hayama.

      Hayama in the past volumes was superficial at best but later on, it reveals that he too has an eye about the social situations he’s in. He’s aware of Hikki, not necessarily because they are similar but they are both in and out of the social circles (where they can peer inside what is happening and watch from the outside as the results unfold).

      That being said, HIkki was also forced to go to the date because, whether he realizes it or not, he affects Yukinon’s and Haruno’s decision. Hayama states that Haruno has interest in Hikki.

      The twist of the date comes at the end when Yukinon and Yui come in where Hayama’s date was held (just like he/Haruno planned). They were meeting to discuss Hayama as the canidate BUT Hayama is already busy. So why would he even consider running as canidate? He couldn’t say no so he had to bring in someone who could provoke Yukinon into reconsidering her plans. Haruno would do it.

      Hayama’s social suicide was revealed to figure out HIkki even more. He tried to understand Hikki, trying to see through Hikki’s eyes. At one point, he thought HIkki did the social suicides because he wanted to be saved by someone else. Hayama also mentioned he tried to figure out how to “recover things that were destroyed.” (The past I’m guessing where Yukinon was bullied and Hayama didn’t do anything or something)
      The dialogue between Hayama and HIkki alluded to the confession scene in Volume 7.
      Here’s the big reveal:
      Hayama didn’t like how Hikki doesn’t talk to the club anymore after that. He asked Hikki to solve the problem of the Tobe crushing on Ebina and hated seeing Hikki sacrificing himself for the sake of Hayama’s group. Hayama wanted Hikki to realize that Hikki’s actions hurt those that cared about him and that he has worth. (That’s why Hayama went so far as bowing his head, begging, HIkki to come to the date also to witness what Hayama had planned.)

      I really hope this helps you man.

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