New Light Novel Series – Kuzu to Kinka no Quolidia (?)


I have no idea what this is, but my first thought was Hachiman-lite and Yukino-lite.

Looks like a collaboration between the author of Henneko and Watari, so it might be worth checking out. I can’t say no to long black hair and thigh-highs. Now she’s just missing ribbons in her hair and the white stripe at the top of her so–oh wait, that’s just Yukino.

Release date is January 23, 2015.




49 thoughts on “New Light Novel Series – Kuzu to Kinka no Quolidia (?)

    • At first, I had no idea what you were talking about since my image of Hachiman is from the anime, but then I saw his pic in the light novel. Does look pretty similar lol

  1. Hm, I had this feeling that Watari was gonna start coughing up more than one “series” in one go, though if it stops at one volume we can’t call it series, now; can we?

  2. Yahari meets Persona 3 and 4?

    “Debris and gold of Kuoridia (dash X paperback) / Sagara total / travel (Speakeasy) / cactus
    ! In the project Kuoridia starting end go everyday, and perverse youth is now, out around -. High school students, grass OkaHaru polish of perverse person, meet in the wake and girls-thousand species night wings like the exact opposite of his “angel”, the term incident. Plausibly rumored is urban legend “random crossroads”. If you walk the midnight of the city in the men and women Futari, T-junction with Mishi~tsu is imperceptibly become crossroads. Which can not tell the real road. If you select the wrong way, … and that it will not be coming back again. The Tour of the missing girls, HareMigaku and Yoruhane that supposed to follow the incident in the course. During, and witnessing the ridiculous secret that was hidden in the wings night, cactus Mr. HareMigaku is the popular writer but of … !? two confused sparked a whirlwind to first appearance !! further coterie boundaries dash X paperback but Do not miss the challenge !! starting of new generation projects in light novel first illustrations!”

    Thanks Google Translate!

    • hey…. don’t hate it before taste it

      i know cheerful is not really suited for a figure like that (cool-beauty like), but well, just wait for the real story to begin…

  3. Excorsism, please translate it before passing any judgement. Even if it is not appealing at start.. Who knows? It might improve with time, right? And if it does we’ll be left behind. But yeah give oregairu your first priority cuz we don’t wanna compromise. Anyways… You’re as brilliant as ever. Keep it up and good luck for future translations:D

  4. she wears such a short skirt, from his position he definitely gets a peek at her PANTSU… lol~

    btw, the illustrator is a hentai manga artist, isn’t he? CMIIW

  5. Girls with long black hair are irresistible. I hope the story is good too. But more than anything I hope Watari finishes Oreimo first before devoting his time to something else.

    • Ah that would be a bit of a disapointment, don’t get me wrong i really like hikigaya but i was hoping that watari would show a different angle of the society rather then the ‘outside looking in’ stuff hikigaya preaches. Maybe we can hope for a different kind of anti-hero? Like batman? I hope it’s batman.

    • Well, that would be the day.
      So batman in a highschool setting where his oath not to kill will pushed to the limits. I want it already.

  6. well that’s what I think from the title, kuzu = trash = abandoned = outer circle

    But yeah, for now all we can do is just wait for someone to translate it or make some summary about it. so that we can know what stuff is it.

  7. she looks somewhat like the girl in that anime(can’t recall it’s name but it’s also about school club, mc is pretty smart)

  8. I see the resemblance.

    but otherwise I’m not going to start assuming this is yahari 2.0 with hachiman v2 and yukinon-lite. I just don’t really like making comparisons when I know next to nothing about it.

  9. Frog-kun translated the summary:

    “Kuzu to Kinka no Quoridia (Quoridia from Trash and Gold)
    Project Quoridia begins!
    Told through two perspectives, this is a tale about a world about to end and a dazzling time of youth–
    Kusaoka Haruma (sp?), a student from a low-end high school, and the angelic senpai Chigusa Yohane (sp?). Two people who should never have been on the same level end up meeting as a result of a fateful incident. Abnormal weather, abnormal phenomena, abnormal actions. Their ordinary life that falls off the rails little by little and a bizarre urban legend.
    According to “The Random Crossroad” — at midnight, if you come to the end of the T-juncture and choose the wrong path, you can never come back.
    As they chase after a girl whose whereabouts are unknown as a result of these events, could what they find exceed Haruma and Yohane’s wildest expectations…?!
    The first appearance of two hugely popular authors in Dash X Bunko! The masters who took the doujin world by storm enter the light novel world with a vengeance!!
    Don’t miss this revolutionary project!”

    Sounds pretty interesting to me, plus I don’t get the ‘oregairu’ feeling from it so it’ll be fun to see how it will turn out.

    • Sounds cool though if Frog-kun ends up translating it, I may have to pass. Don’t really want to double the work, Oregairu is the only exception to the rule.

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