Yahari Goods, November Haul


I just like posting pictures. For your info, this is bonus stuff from Gamers, Toranoana, and Animate.

As for chapter 5, TL is done, just editing now (which really means TLing the chapter again).


36 thoughts on “Yahari Goods, November Haul

  1. why anime goods really hard to get outside of japan!?
    i know there are some, but most of the choice, quality, or price really bad.

    if anyone know good places please let me know, that can ship around asia

  2. Yukinon in a Santa outfit….That really earns a lot of Komachi points.

    Thanks for quenching our Yahari thirst. Appreciate your hard work.

  3. Nice haul! Anyways Excor, I was wondering whether you could release your translations in versions. Like Ver.Beta being the one after the first round of TLing without edits. And a Ver.Release being the one after reTLing and edits.

    Could help soothe the incessant refreshing we readers (incl me) have.

    Just a suggestion. Thanks for the hard work!

  4. Oh man the refreshing… Still just wanted to say thanks man, the last few chapters got me through a vicious exam week.

  5. growing really impatient ==”
    damn dat previous chapter!! not able to keep myself from refreshing this page.
    hey could you give us a expected release date of next chapters if it’s not a problem?
    Good day to you.

    • Just be happy that he even bothers to translate this for us. He didn’t owe anyone anything.

      I am sure everyone here wants to know what happens next chapter too. Just be patient.

    • i know dat mahn, if i don’t appreciate what he’z doing for us i wouldn’t be here in the first place. you are misunderstanding.

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