Yahari Light Novel Volume 10 – Chapter 4, Complete


Steady progress… I was hoping to get more than half of the book done these past two weeks, but I guess not. Damn. Anyway, I think there should be some Miura fans after this chapter.


  1. Yukino wearing cat mittens, Ponkan8 please.

  2. Yukino tugging Hachiman’s sleeve again

  3. More Yukino smiles and slight banter (?)

  4. Hachiman still thinking about the rumor and Yukino’s position

  5. Some hostility between Hachiman and Hayama

  6. Hachiman’s increasingly noticeable irritation when listening to the rumor

  7. Yukino’s cold jealousy after Iroha’s little appeal stunt

  8. Yui and especially Yukino being interested in Hachiman’s thoughts on a good place to hang out

  9. Yukino being very roundabout when asking Hachiman about his thoughts on Iroha’s matter

  10. Yukino’s reveal that she’s been subjected to similar treatment as what Miura tried to do though Miura gets bonus points for not being a coward

  11. Hachiman’s sudden comparison of Yukino’s coldhearted smile to Haruno and how he didn’t want to see her smile that way for very long. Your face when you realize this is x number of less than 10 times that Hachiman and Yukino ever had physical contact, what kind of romantic comedy is this? No fanservice these past few volumes either, what about muh otaku pandering?

  12. Yukino rubbing her hand the second time, clearly she liked Hachiman’s touch.

  13. Hachiman’s constant concern about whether he should meddle in someone’s (Yukino’s) business (is he close enough to the person (her), does he have that right? etc)

  14. The parallel between Miura and Hayama’s situation and Hachiman and Yukino’s situation. (I want to understand/know more about the other.)

  15. Hachiman’s a real problem solver now, so reliable!

  16. Last, Miura a qt3.14 and HayamaxMiura OTP

  17. I think I kinda rushed this, but we’ll see when I look at it again. Chapter releases really are mentally draining.

  18. I couldn’t think of anything better for the death two times joke, so if you have something in mind, let me know.

 Volume 10, Chapter 4


57 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10 – Chapter 4, Complete

    • look, I only watched season one of the anime so I’m no expert, but if iroha is one of those chicks who star in hachiman’s (un)painful flashbacks (the ‘un’ thing was a joke, they are painful (sarcasm))about his middle school life, screw you man- you freakin masochist.
      P.s. dickhead.

  1. Thanks as always for the hard work Spyro! I’m kind of glad you’re not done more than half the book already since that means there is still quite a bit left to read xD. Btw, does this mean that there are about 8 chapters in total?

  2. I have no intentions to rush you… I just want to ask how many chapters that volume 10 has… and how long until you can finish this volume?

    • agreed, im not hating on yui but she dont belong. also hikki’s ideal life will not be accomplished with yui.

  3. Well I am still waiting for Hibari to bite Hayato and Miura to death. I seriously seriously yeah like totally hate those sonuvabitches. Every single word spoken by two gets on my nerves. Seriously someone kill them.

  4. Looks like he didn’t decide that what he needed to do was “set in stone” this time around. Character development?

  5. I probably should have mentioned this before, but I really like the notes that you write. They grab my attention and curiosity before reading the chapter and help point out things idiots like me may have missed.

  6. For the death joke, you can take liberties and “localize” it to something else. For example, DEFinitely can be DEAFinitely instead, making it a joke about Hachiman’s ability to listen. The response would be much easier to write, like “did you think I wouldn’t hear that?”

    • I thought about taking liberties, but I always get so conflicted when I do. I like your idea though so I’ll put into consideration when I make a PDF release for the volume.

    • If you’re worried about things lost in translation when taking liberties, you can always include the original Japanese joke in the footnotes.

  7. “I believe it began during my final years of elementary school. Ever since then….” Yukinoshita’s expression was different from what it was just previously. It was a little melancholy.
    That’s a line from vol 1, I think soon we will discover what happend :DD

  8. Honestly, I really dont want fan service in this series, Their image is from high school and should remain and reflect regular high school days with no such thing. Plus, for me, it ruins their image i have for them.

    • It’s something interesting to note. Warari’s quite wholesome with his characters. Second season should be good I hope.

    • Yeah I want to see that scen when Hachiman yells “But I still want something genuine”. Damn Am I getting tooooooo excited?!!

  9. I’m really tempted to say yes just to troll. But as Spyro and others have repeated MANY TIMES, no vol 10 isn’t the last one.

  10. Yukino’s mom didn’t ask about 8man because she had already met him when he got in an accident for which her car was responsible , right??? And ,it is just a hypothesis, but could it be that the sibling cold war and Yukino’s phobia of dogs were caused by that accident?!

  11. Yukinoshita’s phobia of dogs coming from that incident makes sense. Although I doubt the sibling cold war and Yukino living in alone is due to that. She had probably moved to a place of her own prior to that. Possibly just before starting high school.

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