Yahari Light Novel Volume 10 – Chapter 3, Complete


Why does Watari have to have so many god damn references? Not to mention Japanese specific puns too. Stop, pls.


1. Hachiman’s thoughts are a bit more emotional this time around or maybe not, your call.

2. Yui and Hachiman’s conversation about Yukino dating people

3. The dreaded tone of things coming to an end

4. Iroha’s a dork

5. Yukino being subtle about wanting Hachiman’s opinion on how she looks with the glasses (cute).

6. The line about the future, the past, and the present, whether if you’re close enough to ask about them. A bit of a parallel with Yukino’s family situation and Hachiman not knowing what’s going on.

7. Eye contact between Hachiman and Yukino followed by averting eyes count: 1


Anyway here are 5 parts. I should probably speed up since it looks like I have some competition (anxious). I feel like there might be more errors, but I don’t now.  Was too occupied with Sylphy in AmaBuri’s episode today, so it can’t be helped.

Volume 10, Chapter 3


17 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10 – Chapter 3, Complete

  1. So you watch amagi too :p
    by the way it’s surprising that Watari watch 49 days. Lol

    Thank you for chapter 3
    ah that iroha really make herself like at home
    just come and eat like that without invitation :s
    She knows about shrine visit too
    just like a spy or maybe stalker 😮

  2. Thank you very much, really. Before I started reading this volume I read since 6 till 9.5 and you can appreciate a lot of things doing it.
    The only problem is now I´m reloading the site a lot and 2 days in a row I have dreamt about volume 10 xD
    Again, thank you very much.

  3. Thank you very much Spyro. Reading these chapters as you post them brightens up my mood (especially when them Yukino moments appear).

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