Yahari Light Novel Volume 10 – Chapter 2 Complete

ss+(2014-11-22+at+02.35.18)Notes ahead.

Shopping for Yukino’s presents, hurray! Also, I’m still debating if I want to do some of the later chapters in full. Doing them in parts keeps me more sane, so maybe not.

Volume 10, Chapter 2

Keeping yokai as it is because reasons.

Honestly not sure if that spiel about memories made any sense. Will think about it some more.

Also a note, Yukino’s style of speech and her gestures are similar to her mother’s. Just a fun (?) fact.

Hayama’s Freudian slip, Hachiman’s analysis on the mother, Yukino’s tendency to look towards Hachiman for help, Yui and “mature”.

Lots of stuff.


26 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10 – Chapter 2 Complete

  1. Hmmm, depends on how much time you want to invest in one go. Since you are apparently going to do the book in “one go” (aka, not getting other hobbies in the way), better release it on parts, have a small break in between, see the sun.

  2. Is there any way to donate? Just saying “thank you” isn’t enough to show much I appreciate the work you’ve put in.

  3. Dear Spyro,
    truly, I have no idea how to thank you for providing us oregairu fans with your invaluable service. Really.. This is the best gift I have received in a very long time. Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu-Come Wa Machigetteru is to what the ‘pariahs’ of society deem as a reflection of their own lives in some ways or another. Like these unfortunate individuals, I too am one of them and like them, Oregairu has brought about a unique sense of comfort, hurt and self-reflection. For this bittersweet gift of which I am forever grateful for, I thank you and translators like you for being the medium of which I am able to enjoy and contemplate the works of Wataru Watari Sensei.
    Even if we are strangers and even if we would never meet, you have done us all a service I am entirely grateful for.
    Truly, with all my heart thank you.

  4. Hi sorry I wonder if they give me permission to borrow their translations for publication in Spanish.
    Ofcourse that publications do you will have your credit and publicationof URL for conoscan more people.

  5. I don’t get it. Wat does it mean if he calls her chan???? Is it a more affectionate way or something? I really hope the history of therelationship between yukino and hayama is more intimate than it seems,it would put such an interesting twist to the story. I jus don’t see a romantic ending for haa-chan. And thanks a ton spyro-sama, u e realest mvp there is!

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