Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! 2015 – Oregairu wins the second year, Hachiman takes first again, Yukino dethrones Mikoto!

81z+PjkPiCLSuddenly 2chan pictures. Also, Hachiman and Yukino confirmed for placing 1st in the male/female rankings? Yes, yes. Good things come out of Japan sometimes.

And Oregairu wins its second year in a row! Well deserved. Ponkan8 gets first place too!

Also, it looks like that teaser image was for this cover. That’s one mystery solved. Pretty sure that’s an original character and not someone related in the Oregairu universe.

Now we wait for the character rankings… Crossing fingers for Hachiman and Yukino.


29 thoughts on “Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! 2015 – Oregairu wins the second year, Hachiman takes first again, Yukino dethrones Mikoto!

  1. That is not Sagami?

    Well, it’s very probable that Hikki get the first place but I guess Yukino should get around Top 3 or 5, there are too many heroines sweethearts by the public but I will cheer for them.

  2. Kars (jojo) once said “at the summit, there can only be one!”, and thus (appropriately) loners are the only ones qualified to take the top.

    Oh, speaking of, what place was Ponkan last year? I can’t remember and I’m not quick finding that stuff….

  3. Is it 100% confirmed that Hachiman and Yukino won or is it just speculation/probability? I like both Mikoto and Yukino and simply wanted to know.
    I prefer Yukino with long hair.

    • The girl on the magazine over isn’t Yukino. Anyway, it looks real to me. Unless we got some guru Photoshop artists over there in Japan that can design a sash for the novels.

  4. I have nothing against Yukino but seeing how people react without knowing for sure that she won makes me really cheer for Mikoto to be number 1 again even if she didn’t do much this year. Seriously, the amount of antimikoto comments suggest that people don’t really like Yukino but as long as she is the biggest contender to dethrone Mikoto they will love her for the time being.

    • You know, most of the people bashing Yukino are mostly people who haven’t read the novels, but only watched the anime, right? That’s pretty much the impression I got from most of them.

      I really don’t see anything wrong with Yukino being up there, even if she happens to be the fan favorite to topple Mikoto. The source material is strong enough to justify her being #1 regardless.

  5. I honestly haven’t seen many (if any) comments bashing Yukino in the context of Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi best character choice. Surprisingly (or not) I haven’t seen that much of a praise either, most of them seem to be antimikoto rather than praising Yukino. It is like: “anyone but Mikoto”, “somebody dethrone her already”, “I will vote 5 times so that she won’t win”, “kick Mikoto off her high horse” etc.

    I would be perfectly fine with anyone being number 1 – be it Yukino, Misaki, Shinon or whoever. It is just that the amount of flame towards Mikoto seriously makes it look wrong. People go “I am gonna vote for Yukino not because I like her or think she is a great character but only so that Mikoto wouldn’t win”. If there was a poll for the best (most liked) and the worst (most hated) character this year I would bet 100$ that Mikoto would win both considering all the bashing she gets for no reason.

    Don’t you think it is stupid that the best character poll turned into the best character to topple Mikoto?

    • Well, there was already something wrong from the start when a single character wins the poll five years in a row. How do you even justify that? But I wouldn’t take these polls seriously outside of “hurray, finally my favorite x finally won!” Though, I am glad Yahari’s getting more exposure, ignoring the negative side effects that accompanies popularity boosts.

  6. The sun comes before the rain. Meaning that if this goes too well (which is good yet bad) oregairu will get licensed for official tanslation (like yen press) and the translations will take sometime and publication would take forever

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