If you’re a cleaner (you know, the guys who make images look pretty)…


Not one for begging, but if you’re a cleaner with spare time (and love Oregairu as much as I do) or you know anyone that can clean (with the previous requirement), leave a comment. I’m looking to start up a big project in regards to all the illustrations in all the novels and get them in high quality (art books too), maybe 3000-6000px high. I will be providing the scans and will redraw stuff that I’m able to. Of course, this is after we determine whether the print quality of GaGaGa Bunko books is good enough to make it worth investing the effort.

Uhh, as for benefits… Yukino pictures? And maybe first-hand access to my translations as I go (which are bad as first/second/third drafts, fair warning). And we can be friends, genuine ones.


7 thoughts on “If you’re a cleaner (you know, the guys who make images look pretty)…

  1. I wish I could. But sorry,I know nothing.
    I would like to be genuine friend, shit, I really do. But cant help you on this.
    Somebodyyyy…..please help this man.

  2. I could clean the illustrations, but how’s the quality of Ga Ga Bunko?
    I think 6000px is way too inconsiderate, 4K should be enough.

    • Well, actually I scanned the images at 600 DPI, so we can’t really get that size, but I can rescan them. How should we coordinate this? I can invite you to my Dropbox, but I don’t want you putting your e-mail out to the public. I also have the Ponkan8 artbook which you could work on instead too.

    • After an enormous amount of time wasted on how to coordinate this, I have an Idea.
      I’ll make a throwaway email and I’ll give you my real email after I received an email from you.
      How’s that sound?

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