Yahari Light Novel Volume 6 – Chapter 10 (Complete minus the afterword)


And that wraps up the Cultural Festival arc.

I’m ready for volume 10. In the meantime, volume 6 will be going through editing hell so I can make a PDF. @comic will be on hold, dang.

Anime skipped the conversation between Yukino and Haciman after the Sagami rooftop scene. A shame since it really does foreshadow the events in volume 7 and beyond.

Also it looks like NanoDesu is back in action on volume 3 so go check that out. It looks like all the volumes will be translated by the time the season 2 hits, yay.

Anyway, enjoy and thanks for reading. Just the afterword left.

Volume 6, Chapter 10


19 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 6 – Chapter 10 (Complete minus the afterword)

  1. Thank you very much!
    Also, I don’t mean to add more to your work, but are you going to upload the high quality illustrations for Volume 8 eventually?

  2. Can dump me ask a question about that certain conversation – exactly which line(s) we are talking about? About saving others in general (put aside Sagami)? If that’s so, than is this foreshadowing is about Hachiman’s willingness to sacrifice his well-being, and there is no actual connection to the reason of girl’s reaction? I mean, why would they.
    I’m asking about all this just because I’m not sure enough I got that reason in a right way, so I’m simply looking for any hints.

  3. I like this series alot and I am thinking of starting a collection(of books). I dont know japanese but I will just think of it as supporting the author and the series. Where(or which site) would be best to buy from? I live in south-east asia by the way.

    • Hmm. I had similar thoughts. If you know how to read Chinese there is a translated version available but AFAIK they’ve not caught up with the latest volume yet. If you have Kinokuniya (book store) in your country they would probably carry the original Japanese versions.

  4. Love it, the anime is very good but the light novel is even better, a masterpiece among light novels! Thanks for doing this! 🙂

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