Yahari Light Novel Volume 6 – Chapter 9

ByOP7BuCEAELD-Q.jpg orig

Here’s the “Batman” chapter. It was pretty hard this time around.

But we’re almost there. One last chapter (which by the way is already translated, it’s just in editing hell). I’m pretty much ready for volume 10 now. Also, it’s a shame narration will never be adapted properly in the anime. Though I’d say the anime did a decent job (aside from skipping  some of the heavy internal narration parts). It’s also pretty nice when there are no references. Saves me from suffering.

Chapter 1 of @comic is being completed steadily. I was hoping to get chapter 1 done by the end of this weekend, but I guess not. Maybe volume 6 at least. I also think I’ve gotten a solid idea of how I want to start writing now.

In any case, let’s Mambo!

Volume 6, Chapter 9


5 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 6 – Chapter 9

  1. First time leaving a comment but long time lurker and I just can’t take it anymore so I’ll say this. Thanks for the hard work Based Spyro!! Such a shame they did not include those lines in the anime. Looking forward to chapter 10 and volume 10 too.

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