Oregairu Season 2 Information – Staff Change, Spring 2015

The dreadful staff change.

Oregairu Information

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come ha Machigatteiru. Cont
2015 Spring TBS, BS-TBS Broadcast Confirmed!!

The extremely popular series that has broken past 3 million prints is in steady progress towards the season season of the TV anime!! Look forward to the show from here on!!

Original Work: Watari Wataru (Shogakukan [Gagaga Bunko])
Original Character Design: Ponkan8
Director: Oikawa Kei (Outbreak Company’s Director)
Series Composition: Suga Shoutaro (Oregairu Season 1’s Director)
Character Design: Tanaka Yuichi (Index and Railgun’s Designer)
Music Director: Motoyama Satoshi
Studio: feel.
Production: Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come ha Machigatteiru Production Committee
© Wataru Watari、Shogakukan/This production committee is wrong as I expected. Cont.


Hikigaya Hachiman: Takuya Eguchi
Yukinoshita Yukino: Hayami Saori
Yuigahama Yui: Touyama Nao
Totsuka Saika: Mikako Komatsu
Zaimokuza Yoshiteru: Hiyama Nobuyuki
Hikigaya Komachi: Yuuki Aoi
Hiratsuka Shizuka: Yuzuki Ryoka
Yukinoshita Haruno: Nakahara Mai
Hayama Hayato: Kondo Takashi

My thoughts? Well, studio feel is something to be concerned with, but they did do Locodol which wasn’t half bad. I never watched Outbreak Company so I can’t confirm. Glad we got some news though.


23 thoughts on “Oregairu Season 2 Information – Staff Change, Spring 2015

  1. I saw the trailer of Outbreak Company and the animation wasn’t half bad IMO, graphically not that outstanding but the animation did look really smooth. Really hope they deliver the necessary to convey what’s on the LN.

  2. If they change the designs, I will kill them.
    The show had QUALITY moments, but Yukinon, Yui, blond bitch, sensei, komachi and black panties looked perfect.

    • Yeah Yukino was definitely on point. Though I wouldn’t mind if they made their designs closer to Ponkan8’s, if that’s even possible.

    • Tanaka Yuichi doesn’t have a track record of looking too closely to the base designs when directing, though. At least his track record seems quite impressive.

      The Music director was the same, right? I don’t want them to let go of that music that appears when Yukinon teases Hikki (☞゚∀゚)☞

  3. Thanks for the translations!

    I was just wondering if it was just me or does anyone else feel that some passages in the novel are abstract and lacking in substance. An example would be Hachiman’s teacher lecturing him by the beach (In the ninth volume).

    I don’t know whether I zoned out and couldn’t follow it, but for some reason, I couldn’t understand what Shizuka – Sensei wanted to say.

    Maybe that fact that English isn’t my mother- younger factored in, but I just wanted to know what you guys thought of this (I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this :p).

    • It could’ve been written better, yes. I’ll get around to redoing volume 9 so it flows better so I’d suggest rereading then. But until then, I can try clarifying some things you didn’t understand.

    • It’d be great if you could summarise the aforementioned passage. 🙂 That conversation seems to have changed the way in which Hachiman approached the situation.

    • Do you remember how Haruno mentioned Hachiman was a monster of logic/reasoning? The thing about Hachiman he tends to think about things logically, arguable going too far sometimes. But it’s because he can do this that he can see why people do what they do, hence his ability to interpret and understand the people around him.

      The only problem is this isn’t helping him at all when it comes to Yukino and Yui and to some extent, the people that brings in requests to the Service Club. He understands logic, but he doesn’t understand anything that goes against it; that being, feelings, emotions, and all that snazz. Hiratsuka-sensei’s basically telling him to exhaust every option when looking for a solution. If he can’t derive a solution logically, then he has to try the opposite of that; he has to be illogical, start looking at things on an emotional level. What he wants from Yukino and Yui is something beyond logic. It’s on a sentimental level that logic can’t explain.

      Or something like that. I get the feeling I didn’t explain this good enough but let me know if you still don’t understand.

    • I get it now. I read those two chapters again and found out that they were on a bridge. :p

      So, the talk basically makes Hachiman reassess the situation and ask Yui and Yukikoshria for something genuine, a conclusion he wouldn’t have arrived at if would’ve thought ‘logically’.

      Thanks for the clarification! I’m looking forward to the tenth volume. I hope there will be a minimal amount of purple passages in it. :L

  4. I think that one day, before the 2nd season begins, you should try to watch Outbreak Company. I personally think it was very good and even tough it could not be your cup of tea, I assure you that you’ll be surprised. It was a lot better than people thought it would be. The director did a good work and the art/animation done by studio feel was great too (IMO, of course).
    We can never be too sure but I’m not that worried. You should check this anime out to get your own opinion and see for yourself if you should worry. 🙂

    BTW the designer of Railgun/Index will be working on this? I’m excited to see if the designs will change. At least I’d want them to look … smoother?

  5. Outbreak Company is good, Locodol made by studio feels seems fine too,
    but the truth about studio feels make Ushinawareta Mirai this season make me worried, I hope they take Oregairu adaptation very seriously

    anyways it’s very glad they give more detail about S2, so many scene I wanted to see especially Volume 9

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