Yahari Light Novel Volume 6 – Chapter 5


There’s way too much anime to watch this season. It’s distracting me! Sento’s Sentos are the best by the way.

Speaking of the released chapter, this was adapted by episode 10 of the anime and also happened to be the episode I fell pretty hard for Yukino. Particularly, the scene where Yukino apologizes after Hachiman’s spiel about helping others when Hayama and Megu Megu try to get Yukino to rely on others. It always made me wonder why there was that focus on her mouth when she apologized and that really struck some chords with me. As noted by Hachiman in the chapter, the apology wasn’t directed at anyone, but it still makes me think, “who was she really apologizing to?” I think there are a lot of people complaining about how she never apologized to Hachiman about the car incident, even though it wasn’t her fault, but I personally think this apology, as indirect as it was, was what that was. Though, the apology wasn’t as emphasized in the novel as it was in the anime, but still, I’m fairly confident she didn’t feel all that good about the incident either.

…And that’s my mini-rant about how Yukino became best, best girl for me (she was best at the start, of course, but +1 best after).

Looks like I might not have enough time to fully rewrite volume 7 before volume 10 gets released. Damn. Still waiting on the cover, Ponkan8!

Anyway, here’s chapter 5.


9 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 6 – Chapter 5

  1. well yukinosta and hachiman’s way of thinking is different than normal people, so thinking logically it was never yukinosta’s fault coz you can’t blame a person sitting in the car for the accident; only the driver is to be blamed, unless ofc it was a situation where the person sitting in the car caused some sort of distraction/panic for the driver. Thanks for the chapter bruh!

  2. i remember that one #jreng #jreng

    btw, i have an aunt just like her (Yukino)
    beautiful woman, rarely smile, cold like ice
    has kind of aura surround her
    she didnt even cry when my granpa passed away
    but she cried when her sister had a surgery, what a shock.
    Even her daughter made a joke to it, “weww, ice is melting now”. Hahahahaha

    to be continued…

    • I am cold as ice, I never cry , I never worry about others nor do I care what they think of anything, I can’t melt since I don’t abide by the laws of thermodinamics

  3. Mini Rant Deserve a comment . when you read Light Novel it suddenly come and not leave much effect . COLD WORDS . Anime portray it quite differently and then add Seiyuu voice and you get other feelings . Still it’s usage at that time is not clear and i am sure some talk about it will happen in volume 10 or volume 11

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