Yahari Light Novel Volume 6 – Chapter 3


So much for getting chapter 4 out this weekend too… Damn you distractions!

But maybe those distractions weren’t so bad because I managed to get really good copies of the light novel’s illustrations (ignoring the fact that I spent an entire night trying to figure out how to get rid of Amazon’s DRM, Kindle quality sucks)! From honto! Thanks honto! Except I’m spending another good 60 bucks buying all the digital copies from their store just so I can get these images. The things I do for this series. But hot damn, if I can get Ponkan8’s illustrations in its almost original form, then I will spend the money! The only disappointing thing to all of this is that the color images are still pretty bad. Oh well.

I’m actually getting a little worried I won’t finish volume 6 and volume 7 by the time volume 10 comes out. What to do…

Still working on volume 7, kind of.

Anyway, it’s time to get to reading along with better quality illustrations (finally).

Volume 6 Illustrations (delicious)

Volume 6, Chapter 3


16 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 6 – Chapter 3

  1. Wow.. @cyul right. You really are too good, and we really thankful to you.
    Wish you good thing. 😀
    And take it easy for translating, although I check your blog every day, but still, we will wait patiently and nicely.

  2. Lots of love…
    I think you should finish or try to concentrate in translating chapter 6 first. Chapter 7 is already translated, only have the words different, so you can put it aside for now, because people already understand most of the chapter 7 content. When vol 10 is out, you can stop vol 6 to dive in for 10, and only start doing vol 6 – vol 7 again when you done vol 10. However, don’t let the translation consume your life D: ! We love you!
    This is just an opinion from me for your problem. I really looking forward everyday to see you translation. My life is much better with your hard works.
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Man, you really are something else, don’t feel bad to take a rest now and then…as always thanks for your translations.

    Wish you the best. 🙂

  4. just focus on volume 6 for now and then redo 7 if you still have time before volume 10 comes out. thanks for the new chapter 🙂 now time to add these to my ebooks.. 🙂

  5. Ah, The Kindle DRM are a hassle indeed. Looks like I am not the only one dropping 60 bucks for digital copies so I can read them everywhere 😛
    Also, I love your translations even though I mostly read the japanese one. Superb translations 🙂

    • My urge to fix up volume 7 so readers don’t get scared away from bad translations is a bit higher than wanting to translate 6.5 at the moment. I’ll definitely get to it after volume 10 though.

  6. this volume have the best illustration!!
    I wanted to buy this volume when I was in Tokyo, but I felt wrong if not the volume 1.

    oh God, need more money here 😥

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