Yahari Light Novel Volume 10 Information – Iroha Alternate Cover, Second Color Image

Main Cover

November 13

Gamers alternate cover, Iroha edition. Just the preview image for now and this is presumably the other colored image. All three special bonuses from three stores up.

Old News

November 7

Special edition cover from Toranoana. Typically based on a color illustration, so there we go. Hachiman sporting that /fa/.

November 4

Bigger cover. Also, page counts seem to be jumping up and up: 266 -> 328 -> 344 -> 366? What. Reminder that this ISN’T the last volume.

B0NsxOQCQAAObyz.jpg largeキタァァァァァΣ(*゚д゚ノ)ノァァァァァ!!

October 31


The new cover…! But who? Just kidding.

Also, it’s been bugging me, but people need to stop spreading misinformation. Volume 10 isn’t the last. They usually announce what the last volume is, so stop it!

Thanks to the anon who extracted the somewhat bigger image. Will keep in mind.

October 22

Synopsis 2




A new year, new relationships, and new feelings.

Winter. The relaxing Eve of New Year and the beginning of the new year. Hachiman makes an unexpected outing to a shrine for the New Year to pray for successful exams and meets, in the city of the New Year, Yukinoshita Haruno, Hayama Hayato, and… They thought they were able to know more about each other from the time they had spent in class, club, and together. But there are much more things about each other that they had yet to know; both this moment and from here on.

With the end of winter break, their time as second years is just about up. A “rumor” of a certain individual runs rampant in the clamorous classes of the new year. Regardless of their wishes, the time that they spend together in the same place continues to diminish, moment by moment. That atmosphere brings a certain request to the Service Club… And that request brings to light another side of them all that they’ve never known about before. The things that you want to do, the things that the other party wishes for, the desire to convey your true feelings, the person that someone knew, or what that person is actually like; it doesn’t have to be any one of these. The more you wish to treasure the present, the more cowardly you become. Just thinking won’t find you an answer nor would running ahead lead you to your goal. For them comes a new season and new relationships.

October 18

Possible volume 10 cover? Perhaps.

October 9




A few days passed since the Christmas event and Hachiman welcomes the peaceful new year. Komachi’s tests, hatsumode (visit to a shrine on New Year’s), and the new school semester… In the brief seasonal transition, a “certain rumor” that can’t be overlooked spreads in class…?

The volume will be 264 pages as indicated on several websites.

 September 17


Haha, it’s time!

Watari announced on Twitter that volume 10 will be getting released on November 17 (date subject to change) this year. No cover illustration of volume 10 yet, but I imagine we’ll get it next month.

Luckily, this release date happens to be a week before Thanksgiving. It’s also on Monday so I’ll be able to get the book before the weekend and get started early.

So now that’s been announced, I have exactly two months to get volume 6 and maybe volume 6.5 done by then. Also, I’m hoping I can get volume 7 redone as well so I can make a PDF of it.

Anyway, I’m excited.


58 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 10 Information – Iroha Alternate Cover, Second Color Image

  1. that’s great news…. we all are waiting for vol 10… but I personally want to read volume 6 first.. anime only roughly cover volume 6.. so no pressure. do your best…

  2. Super awesome ! Ahahaha.. nice !
    After they announced korra book 4 will be airing this october not next year, now gagaga will release oregairu vol 10 in november.
    To many good thing happend in same time. I hope everthing gonna be okay !

  3. if anyone wish i can look for editors as well as proofreaders . long ago i was in contact of many scanlation groups.
    it would be quite good where it is distinctly shown who is speaking and specific dialogue is thought .
    also there exist groups who are willing to scanlate if translator is available . good series must be done via hq scanlation
    ahh so there exist the possibility of october release

    • Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t do editors and proofreaders, at least not right now.

      I can scan the book myself since I’m getting multiple copies anyway.

      Dialogue tags aren’t needed for every spoken sentence, because most of it should be obvious from context alone. I’ve been putting them where necessary based on the original text, and I don’t plan on deviating from the source by adding extra tags just for clarity’s sake.

  4. sure i’m always ready to help if it falls into my authority and by all means i respect your confidence and passion/love/hardwork for this series .

    ohh mostly is always clear on some occssions confusion do occur about who spoke the sentence and i meant by following the PLAY style where its evident who is into action .

  5. I think people will be patient enough for you to focus on one volume at a time, so you don’t have to overwork yourself all that much.

    Thanks for the news and keep up the good work.

  6. yeah! time to get excited 😀 once 6 is finished i’ll reread everything from 6-10 again! 😀
    btw, there’s an ebook version of volume 7 in baka tsuki. you could probably use that or somethinig.

  7. YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!! But 2 months?! For a special series like Oregairu, that’s quite a long wait… I sure I hope I’ll be able to find something to do in the meantime…

    • The rumours better be about Yukino&Hachiman! Or maybe it was Tobe you spread the word, maybe he forgot details of him meeting Hachiman, Yukino and Yui in 6.5 in the mall and thought that they where dating. So maybe the rumour is that he is a two timing asshole.

  8. bruh, just asking…how long would it take you to complete the translation of this volume once you get hands on it O.o

  9. The character is 8man dressed as a girl. He got contact lenses to remove eyes and dyed his hair to be more like Totsuka

    Calling it now.

    • I haven’t really had the time to check over the volumes. I’ll be going through the older volumes after I finish volume 10 and start doing the PDFs.

  10. Does this mean that Oregairu will end next year after the publication of the 11th, or the 12th volume?

    Wataru said that he’ll be finishing the series soon in the afterword to the 9th volume. It must surely be a challenge to manage two series at once.

  11. By the way, it’s the first time when character on the cover have not-gray eyes. And even among all other illustrations, which have only blue-gray in addition, this one is unique.

    • If the anime is 2-3 cour that would be OK but we all know that’s not possible and adapting too much material in one cour could lead into a disaster.

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