Yahari Light Novel Volume 6 – Chapter 1

If you read Yahari backwards, it’s about a happy loner turning into a depressing, sad loner. I could use an Accelerator image here.

Also, it’s like I’m reading volume 8 and the beginning of volume 9 all over again! That said, the writing’s actually quite different from the later volumes, so that’s something interest to note. Also, started playing the Yahari VN Vita game, can never have enough Yukino. Bless the Vita TV.

Anyway, enjoy.

Let me know if you spot any typos, grammatical mistakes, etc.

Volume 6, Chapter 1


12 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 6 – Chapter 1

  1. Thaaaanks 😀
    I’m reading its over and over again too. Your translation is really good.
    Eh,.is not the opposite? The sad loner became happy loner?
    Well,. I like hikki personality, he doesnt need care about all thing just need to care the thing he dear.

  2. i’ll wait for entire volume 6 to complete before reading otherwise i’ll be tempted to read volumes 7, 8, and 9 again for the nth time! XD

    btw, would everything be separated from baka tsuki for the entire volume 6? or will it be available there as well. just asking because baka tsuki have an epub converter and was planning to read that version instead. thanks!

    • I have a template made for pdf so I’ll be making pdfs of all my completed releases. I’ll have to look into epub stuff though.

    • That’s great news! pdf should be fine. That can be converted easily to epub using many tools (calibre included). Do you have one for the volume 7.5? 🙂

  3. I wish I could play the VN… Are you thinking about translating it? Then again, translating video games is apparently a lot harder than translating manga or light novels.

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