Yahari Light Novel Light Novel Volume 6 Prologue + Illustrations


Starting off with the prologue of volume 6 which is just Ebina’s terrible outline of the play she has in mind for the Culture Festival. Short update, but whatever. Also, illustrations are also up with a half-assed cleaning/leveling effort on them. Also, you can check out the character bios for Sagami, Haruno, and Meguri. Afternoon naps!

Volume 6 Illustrations

Volume 6 Prologue


9 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Light Novel Volume 6 Prologue + Illustrations

  1. I thought you would translate the others side volumes like you make with 7.5
    Besides the others illustrations of Volume 6.5 are the side volumes too, right? I recognize some that I seen in anime but not the penultimate that is Yukino and Hikki very close. Where is? You already translated? I’m sorry if I’m confusing things.

  2. Thinking about it, back in the day I thought that with the whole school hating him, and having the people related to the service club understanding him; I thought that Hiki’s “friendship” with those around him was “capped”. Watari sure proved me wrong.

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