Yahari Light Novel Volume 6.5 – Bonus Track

Spent the entire weekend working on this, doing both 100 pages and 2000 lines for the Drama CD is pretty mentally exhausting. Mistakes galore. There might be some typos, bad timing lines on the drama CD, but whatever, I’m pretty tired. Let me know if you spot them. Pretty sure I missed plenty of references, but >effort. I’ll get around to finding all of them later.

That said, I changed up my writing style a bit, making it a bit more like English literature (>Light Novels). Hopefully, it’s easier to read and flows better. There were some localizations here and there, like the yolo part but they aren’t all that significant.

Anyway, here’s the bonus track of 6.5. This takes place immediately after volume 9, so this should hold you over until volume 10. It’s a great chapter, very cute and hilarious. Apparently nyaa/TT is kill, so I can’t put a torrent up using their trackers so I’ll settle for MediaFire like always. The drama CD is an 1 hour and 12 minutes long with the insert song near the end. I also translated the lyrics to the insert song and added the lyrics in the video. Too lazy to figure out how to make the karaoke look pretty. It’s my first time translating song lyrics too so I wasn’t sure how to do the sentence structure and stuff. It’s a nice song though, even if it’s out of season for us.

With that being said, have fun and make sure to have emergency dial on hand. Volume 6 is next.

I suggest reading before listening to the drama CD, but either way works.

Volume 6.5 Bonus Track

Merry Christmas With You Lyrics by Hayami Saori and Touyama Nao

煌くJingle Bell 特別な季節

そっとChristmas Candleが揺れるその向こう








聖なる夜は なぜか寝れなくて



Merry Christmas 特別なパーティーを君と過ごしたい

サンタクロースじゃなくても 願いを叶えて

本物が欲しいなら ちゃんと見つけに一緒に行こう


考えてる時間も 宝物になってゆくよ



それでもただ 優しいさを君はくれたね

放課後 いつもの場所


偽りなら 脱ぎ捨てて 近づきたい

街路樹に咲く キレイなルミネーション

思い出達を 包み込むように


Merry Christmas 君といるこの景色が嬉しくって


わからないから知りたい それぞれに繰り返して

思いの交差点で 心繋ぎ合えたら


Merry Christmas 特別なパーティーを君と過ごしたい


本物が欲しいなら ちゃんと見つけに一緒に行こう


私からも贈りたい 不器用でも受け止めてね

Merry Christmas to you


24 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 6.5 – Bonus Track

  1. Finally…
    Spyrooooo, thanks a bunch man !
    Thank youuuu…you are my heroo !
    Now time to read, really a good job bro.

  2. Thanks a lot, really Watari’s drama CD material is pretty much self conclusive and very, very good.

    “I can’t help, but find it mysterious how only rubbish conclusions result from someone so imaginative…” <—- Did she casually added one of the best compliments she has given him, amidst her usual sharp tongue? ♪♪

    • She’s actually a lot more attentive to Hachiman than we are led to believe. The coffee, the tea leaves, the part when she calls out to him when Tobe’s around, etc.


  3. when i read the chapters i can’t feel much of romance but when i read peoples comments then i feel like LOVE really exist . amidst all talk there makes the future JOB of Hikigaya Hachiman entry and its all serious there with KOMACHI again completely making statements and securing Hikigaya a favourable position with Yukinoshita and Yuigahama .

  4. Thanks a lot man! Really grateful to you :>
    btw if you are twisting the story in your own way you are certainly doing gryt so far XD

    Hey are you an author of a book? Coz i’d definitely buy and read dat for everything you’ve done so far for us! Good day to you…. Ciaoooo soon exo Tc

  5. That ending was so cute~~ ❤

    btw, what's the rest of 6.5 like? Why not the rest of 6.5 first and then 6? I'd just like to know why you decided to do volume 6 first if you don't mind me asking. And thanks for doing these translations 🙂

  6. Based Spyro. You’re the best! Thanks for all your hard work.
    Just curious, is there a way to get the BGM without the voices? There were some pretty cool tracks in here.

  7. Is there anyway to download the file? It looks like it was already deleted
    I hope you can reupload it again
    anyway thanks for this awesome yahari blog ^^

  8. Omega GJ for this share! (bT▽T)b

    btw… could you guys also do the drama CD about school fest afterparty? I already have the MP3, but after knowing your works… I’m now craving for more… hoping you could sub it just like this this release.

    NB: it feels weird listening to Hachiman saying “Merry Christmas” like that.

  9. I think there is still one more Drama CD we missed, that is the one has been attached with volume 7, “We will rock you” 😦

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