Yahari Light Novel Volume 6.5 – Bonus Track Sneak Peek

Figured I’d do the first part which was pretty short for a sneak peek. I’ll probably release the entire thing like I did with 7.5 so it might be a week or two. May be longer what with the drama CD to typeset and stuff. But wait, labor day is coming up soon, so who knows!

Anyway, this bonus track takes place immediately after volume 9. So the Service Club’s relationship is more intimate than ever at this point in the story!

So let’s get this started.

Part 1


15 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 6.5 – Bonus Track Sneak Peek

  1. thank you SYPRO . ohh and so its TOTSUKA . at 1st i couldn’t identify Totsuka but later got it and rest of confirmation came with name written . 1 week wait can be done .

  2. Do you know if they will continue making the oregairu manga,spyro?

    Could you also explain to me why there are in between volumes(example 6.5 and 7.5), and what are drama CDs?

    • The manga’s just about at the Culture Festival arc so who knows.

      The in between volumes are collection of side stories, usually. Drama CDs are chapters that are acted out by voice actors, usually the official ones.

    • It definitely seems like its big enough to warrant a subreddit. Currently there’s no comprehensive place for the oregairu community to go to talk about or discuss oregairu. There are so many benefits of an oregairu subreddit… I was going to create the subreddit(created reddit account pretty much for that purpose) then I realized you are much more appropriate for that task.

    • You should make it, just to see how it goes. I tend to browse 4chan more but I can check out reddit here and there.

    • I am really new to reddit though… Still don’t know much about it and how things work but I guess I will try to make a subreddit. I have heard of 4chan before but I know virtually nothing about it, is it like reddit?

    • It’s an imageboard, I won’t delve any further if you don’t know about it though. It’s not the nicest place to be.

  3. so this is where TOTSUKA come up with Christmas santa clothes .

    but reindeer horns wore by Yukinoshita and Yuigahama not appeared .

    ahh there were few mistakes or maybe i thought so with words/sentence that requires modification .

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