Yahari Goodies


Just taking a breather from getting the rest of 7.5 done. Here’s a picture or two of the Yahari goods I managed to get my hands on. Don’t ask me how much it cost me.

IMG_0026IMG_0028Back to the chopping board. If you want an idea of the length of the rest of 7.5, then check it.


14 thoughts on “Yahari Goodies

  1. Cool stuff 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m trying to learn Japanese with the help of your translations, which are very helpful. So thank you very much for that!

    Also, where do you usually order the light novels from? Amazon? Or do you happen to live in Japan where you can more easily get the stuff?

    • Amazon’s usually the go-to place for stuff. I use a proxy though because I usually buy x number of copies for however many stores are offering special bonuses.

  2. Man your love for Oregairu is deep. Respect.

    Also, guess you’ll go straight to vol.6.5 after this, right? as a fellow Oregairu fan as always, thanks.

  3. just checked the 1st picture : YUI and YUKINO working somewhere in 1st picture and then with KOMACHI they go to
    picnic ? YUKINO coming out of car with cherry blossom petals falling is quite a beautiful scene.
    also excorsism this is your all time favourite series ? the way you with so much love and passion
    translate it and the way you have collected goods it makes me think that you are completely
    in love with this series .

  4. Where do you get most of your Yahari stuff from? Because there a LOT of merchandise that i need to get from this series.

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