Yahari Light Novel Volume 6.5 – Illustrations

Here are the illustrations for the newest volume, 6.5  I took it upon myself to scan the pictures so there are better quality ones out there. That said, I tried to clean it and do all the annoying stuff but I don’t think they came out nicely. Unfortunately, the printing press isn’t so kind to Ponkan8’s work which kind of sucks but we gotta make do with what we got. But if you happen to be a good cleaner and want to provide better images and the like, contact me and I’ll give you the bigger scans for the images so you can try your hand at it. I would love it too if I could get better cleaned pictures myself.

Also, it turns out that the bonus track at the end of the volume takes place immediately after volume 9, the Christmas event so to speak. So that means I’ll be doing this bonus track as soon as I finish volume 7.5 which should be in the next week or two. Like 7.5, I will typeset the bonus track again for 6.5.

Without further ado, here are the illustrations.


7 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 6.5 – Illustrations

  1. A drama CD for that Christmas party sounds extremely interesting, we might even get to hear the voice of the POSITIVE THINKING guy and get a glimpse of RumiRumi’s new found riajuu life.

    • Unfortunately, we won’t see those two in the bonus track. It’s extremely, extremely cute though.

  2. Ponkan8’s illustrations never cease to amaze me, everytime a new volume comes out they just keep on getting more and more gorgeous, thanks for bringing this to us Spyro.

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