Yahari Light Novel Volume 7.5 – Bonus Track

August 3

Completion Progress: COMPLETE


So, I was kind of slow in getting this out and the reason for that is because I moved in to my new place a couple of months ago and am currently sharing a room with my friend at my new place. I’ll be moving into my own room once my fourth roommate is gone which is this week. So basically, I’ve been working with my computer on a make-shift table using a TV stand and it’s not very fun. It sucked the motivation out of me. Fortunately, I should be able to get back half of my translation speed back starting next month (end of the week hopefully). I need to buy my tables and all that stuff so that might take a week or two.

Another reason for why this release was a bit slow was because I was learning how to Aegisub and video files to get subtitles for the drama CD. Needless to say, I have something working but suggestions and ideas would be appreciated for improvement.

The drama CDs will be done in parts because they’re surprisingly time consuming to do. That and they end up causing me to change what’s in my script since it ends up sounding odd when it gets voiced. So for now, you’ll have to do with the first scene track which covers parts 1 and 2. To play them, I’d recommend using Windows Media Player Classic and from there, you can just drag the .ass subtitles in the player. Feel free to combine it into a whatever container if you want, I’m not sure how to do that.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the entire chapter and the link to the first drama CD. I’ll look into getting it on YouTube as well (assuming I don’t get hit by the copyrights). Nevermind.


16 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 7.5 – Bonus Track

  1. I’m amazed by the amount of effort you put into translating this series and delivering it to the fans, wish I could say the same for myself xD, salute!

  2. Great job as usual.

    A little bit of two cents, something I mentioned somewhere else as well. When Yukinon mentioned that she would be 困る over being on a first name basis, the mood they had on that exchange was kinda good; so being I think that “being troubled” over it would fit better as a translation over being “troublesome” (which doesn’t sound that romantic).

    Oh, and when I was arguing about it with a friend, he properly mentioned how Yukinon was never “against” being called by her first name by Hikki, she merely would find it “troubling”….. Good job, Komachi, Good job ♪♪

    • I had the same thought really. I was a little afraid of it being too direct on her part honestly. I’ll see how I can change it to give it more of a HNNG feeling.

      I agree with your friend though. I thought the exact same thing about her not actually being against it, she’d totally be okay with it, tons of blushing involved of course.


  3. Thanks very much! But I’m kinda confused. This Bonus track it’s very similar to the volume 3, (When I downloaded, some scans of volume 3 are the same as this). I thought Oregairu had only two Drama Cd, the 7 and 3, but seems that we have four and a new is coming with Volume 6.5. I’m very grateful for you doing this, but I really need to know, you gonna translate all Drama CDs? I guess you got me hooked on a very dangerous drug now.

  4. Dragging the subtitle file into the player doesn’t seem to enable it, are there more clear instructions or another method?

    • It isn’t working in MPC? To be honest, I’m not too big of an expert on how it works. Check if loading the subtitles manually works.

  5. Thanks Spyro, as always, a great job. Btw, I use KMPlayer and the subs are auto-load, and if not, you drag them and voila

    • Weird, I’ll have to see when I get home.

      Edit: Doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it… Let me know if you still have problems and I can set up something else.

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