Yahari Light Novel Volume 7.5 – Short Story 2

Completion Progress: COMPLETE

Hey there, here’s the next chapter of Volume 7.5. It’s rather short so that’s why it’s out pretty quick.

There isn’t much news right now, but I guess I can state my goal for current plans for translating the novels.

The plan is to try to get volume 7.5 by the end of this month (no promises though). After that, I’ll be tackling volume 6 followed by volume 6.5. It seems more logical to get volume 6 done before jumping into volume 6.5.

The next chapter has a drama CD associated with it so I’ll attach that with the chapter when I release it. So you’ll be able to hear voices and read along at the same time!

In any case, enjoy the read here and feel free to point out any mistakes, grammars, awkward sentences, and so forth.



3 thoughts on “Yahari Light Novel Volume 7.5 – Short Story 2

    • Yeah, I’ll get the bonus track on volume 7 after 6.5. Pretty much short stories in between the main novels.

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