Yahari Blog Is a Go!


Hello, in case you don’t know who I am (which is very likely), I’m the recent translator who translated volumes 7-9 of the Yahari, also known as OregaIru and home to our favorite SoL batman, light novel series. I’ve been going by Spyro on 4chan and various other places, but my typical name is Excorsism/Excor/Jiraiza.

Up until now I’ve been putting my translations on BakaTsuki, but at some point, I’ve been wanting to put up a blog or something of the sort to host my translations. Makes it easier to contact me as well.

My goal is pretty much to translate almost anything Yahari (I’m also collecting a bunch of the Yahari merchandise too) related which is why I plan on doing all of the light novel volumes. Yes, even the beginning volumes. I know NanoDesu is doing them, but as a fan, I’d like to do all of them myself eventually. I won’t feel hurt if you choose to read theirs over mine, I’m just translating as a hobby, improving my Japanese, and as a fan. Eventually, I’ll pick up another light novel but I don’t see that being any time soon.

Obviously I’m still in the middle of working out how I should go about putting the translations on WordPress but that shouldn’t take too long hopefully.

Anyway, without further ado, I hope you’ll enjoy my translations and feel free to comment on grammars, mistakes, wrong interpretations, etc. I’m open to feedback.


33 thoughts on “Yahari Blog Is a Go!

  1. thanks for the translation! btw how do you translate? i mean you have to be pretty good at both the languages n i’m definitely have a tough time thinking how you fit the right vocabulary at the right time. Pls email me if you could 🙂

    • I’m not really sure how to explain the process. I guess doing literal translations first and then making them more liberal is how the typical process would go. Maybe.

    • hmm…. i get it, u suck at explaining the thing you mentioned as hobbie 😛 😀
      well if you could get to explain it someday please do 🙂 n as a thanks for your hard work i’ll follow your blog.

  2. I’d rather read your work here than on BT , the font size suits me more and it works better on my phone.
    Keep it up !

  3. This is the first time I’m commenting since I found out about Oregairu (I’m not on Animesuki though I’ve been following the discussions there).

    I do admire your tenacity and dedication to translating the LN, without which many of us won’t have been able to enjoy the wit and wisdom of Watari-san (regrettably I am not able to read Japanese).

    I’ve read the NanoDesu translations of Vol. 1 & 2 Chap. 1, as well as those you’ve done, and though they are all done well, I feel that your style of translation is probably more Japanese in flavor, which I appreciate.

    NanoDesu’s translation reads a little better as English prose, but somewhat loses the little details such as the Japanese way of thinking and speaking that gives the story its charm and reminds us (the readers) that it is a different culture we’re dealing with and hence we shouldn’t expect the same norms as someone from (or familiar with) an English speaking culture would adopt.

    Sometimes I have to reread a paragraph to try and understand what was said, but I suppose that is probably influenced by the ambiguities of the Japanese way of speaking and writing.

    Thanks again and looking forward to your future updates!

    • Thanks!

      But I do like the work Frog-kun and Wintermance have done based on the snippets I read so you can’t go wrong if you read theirs.

  4. First i want to thank you for your hardwork on vol 8& 9 and I’m really looking forward to your translation for the earlier volumes

  5. I am glad you made this blog, so I can tell you: You are realy awesome guy and personaly admire both your speed and interpretation of your volumes, and I can say I am not only one who does know who you are and how much you done 😀

  6. Thanks Spyro for your excellent work, In your process of translating I waited everyday till 3AM for your updates (the time you normally did it),
    Btw, you will always be “spyro” for me, not Excorsism/Excor/Jiraiza. xD
    Thanks again, I will visit daily your blog.

  7. I agree with all the other commentators on your excellent work, many thanks for your tremendous and quick contribution to Oregairu Fans all over the world! You would be surprised if you knew how far your work has spread in the world, this thank-you-blog-entry coming from the depths of Germany for example ^^. On the behalf of the international community : thanks a bunch, Spyro/Excorsism 😉

  8. Not to sound demanding or anything but are you going to start from the mini volumes or are you taking a fresh start from the first?

    As dictated by pretty much everyone else here, thanks a whole bunch for your work in providing us in (imo) the better media to enjoy the series.

    • I’m working backwards. I’m hitting 7.5, 6-6.75, and so forth. I also need to do the bonus track at the end of volume 7 as well.

  9. Thank you for your working. It’s possible for me to enjoy Yahari because of you. I’m really waiting translations of other volumes!!! Have a nice weekend:)

  10. Hi, I really like the Yahari series, however I can’t seem to find a translated volume 3-5 😐 would you know where I could find it? thanks!

    • As far as i know there aren’t one. volume 3 is being translated by ND. Just visit baka-tsuki for the link.

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