Urara Meirochou chapter 12


Volume 2 chapter 12: Kokkuri divination and a stinky vixen.

Chapter 12: MEGA  Dynasty

I’m beginning to suspect that Kon may have a special connection to foxes. There are hints here and there.


Urara Meirochou chapter 11


Volume 2 chapter 11, featuring pendulum divination and Nina’s destined soulmate.

Chapter 11: MEGA  Dynasty

Also, the previous chapter had an error on the bonus skirt-flipping page, calling the witch Yuri instead of Marie. My apologies; the post has been updated with the corrected chapter link for download.

Blend S – Volume 1


This took longer than it needed to. Next release will be volume 2 and volume 4 of Castletown Dandelion (hopefully). Urara Meirochou’s in a state of limbo due to the translator, so not sure what’s going on there.

If you haven’t heard, Batoto is going to be dead on the 18th, so I don’t really know where I’ll upload my stuff. But if there’s a new alternative, let me know in the comments.

Volume 1: MEGA